Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prom and College

I'm staring at my calendar and noticing that there are literally 2 weeks or so left of school! I have this week which is packed with awards + ceremonies at night and senior skip day on Friday. The following Monday, I have a trip followed by another potential skip day and then that Saturday is prom!! The fact that prom is coming up so soon scares me especially since I have little planned out! Not only do I not have much ideas of what I will be doing with my hair, I also have very little clue of where and who I will be with prior to prom! It's quite stressful to think about, but I hope that whatever I choose to do, it'll be a lot of fun and a great way to wrap up my senior year!

not too sure why my screen is a bit green here.. but the back os just BEAUTIFUL
Sexy Long One Shoulder Dress by Atria
Excuse the mirror!
So I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to share a picture of my dress with my body in it. Last week, I had a picture of a snippet of the dress on the hanger. Well I actually can't resist and I've decided to post a *semi low quality* photo taken on my phone. This dress literally fits me like a glove.. (thanks gosh because taking it to get altered wasn't an option for me..) and I love the way it looks.
The dress is a rich red color. It's pretty simple in the front, but the back is what sold the dress to me. It's backless and has two strands of crystals going across. The neckline is very unique as well. It's so different in fact that it took me ~10 minutes and the help of my sister to figure out how to put it in correctly! You bascially have to put your arm and head through a weird hole and then wrap the sleeve across you back haha! The final result is beautiful though! 

Kenneth Cole reaction Prom

For the shoes for prom, I've decided to reuse a pair of heels that I had worn before. In fact, I actually wore this pair to my junior prom last year! I honestly haven't worn them again since then except for maybe one or two occasions so they are pretty new still. The interesting thing here though is that I just tried the heels on and it feels that either the heels have gotten bigger or my feet have gotten smaller? I have a tendency to have swollen feet so maybe my feet were swollen when I got them last year ! 

Pure Ice Bare It All

I think I've already decided on my makeup which will be a gold smokey eye and possibly false lashes or lots of mascara? For my lips, I think I'm going to go with a nude or light pink lip. I thought about a red lip, but I decided against it since I didn't want to overpower my dress. Plus I find red lips to not look so flattering on me. I'm still lost on jewelry and bags, but I do plan to stick along with the gold theme and get a gold clutch and some gold earrings probably. 
For my nails, I've already got a polish ready! It's a color called "Bare it all" from Pure Ice. Originally I was going to use a metallic gold color on my nails, but when I tested this color out on my nails, I feel in love. The color is gold, but it also has lots of pieces of glitter in it!! 

Iphone 5c case

This next item is a bit random, but I am very excited to have gotten it! You may know that I got an iphone a while back and I have been looking for a case for it for the longest time! I was limited by phone color choice and ended up choosing a blue phone though I secretly wanted a pink one. I knew that I would be able to get a pink case for it so that is why I went through with the blue. 
The phone I got was an iphone 5c and you do not understand how hard it is to find a case for the 5c!!! Everything in the stores was for the 4, 5, or 5s and those do not fit a 5c. I was going to get a pink outterbox for it, but I just didn't like the way it looked. It was a struggle to find a case so when I saw this case, I was super excited! This case is 100% me!! 

Uconn drawstring bag

It's hard to believe that I will be a college student soon, but it's starting to feel a lot more real after orientation! Orientation itself was a bit boring with all the speeches, but it did give me a better feel of what college life is like compared to high school.
I was able to set up my own schedule and it seems that I have a lot of "holes" in my day where I don't have classes. Another plus is that my first class usually starts at 9am (I have one at 8am), but anything is better than having to wake up at 5! Picking the classes themselves was also a bit hard for me since I am slightly undecided of what I want to do. I have a few things that I'm interested in, but I keep seeming to switch back and forth which makes things hard. I told my group one thing, but inside I'm still very on the edge. haha. 
It's hard because I feel like I keep getting told that I need to major in something science or math related to increase my chances of finding a job, where as I have little interest in most of those majors, but at the same time, I realize I can't major in something "useless" and come out with no job at all...
Basically what I'm just trying to do now is get my gen eds out of the way and hopefully figure out my plan of study for sure before the start of sophomore year.

Uconn water bottle

Uconn T-shirt

So I couldn't leave orientation without some college gear! I picked up water bottle as a "prize" for participating in the morning fun run. I signed up for it thinking that it would be a great time to make friends. Well, I actually regretted signing up, but there was no turning back since the staff came around and woke me up around 5:30! I was a bit tired, but the run was fun and getting the water bottles was a plus!
The pink t-shirt I got at the co-op and it's actually my first uconn clothing piece! I was about to get just a regular t-shirt, but then I saw shirts in various colors! The shirt was made for kids.. so it had a slightly odd fit on me, but I could not resist the pink!! Therefore, I picked up the shirt in a light pink size XL haha.

When it came to picking your majors, how did you make your final decision? Did you go for one that was safe or a major that you loved?
What is your current phone case?
Any ideas for hair and jewelry to match my prom dress? =)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Light Pink Lace~

This week has been so atypical for me, but I loved it! I only had school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday since on Thursday, I was off to college orientation! It was an overnight orientation and you would not believe how nervous I was to sleep overnight there.
Well good news, it actually wasn't that hard to sleep since I was exhausted by nighttime! I didn't sleep much the nights prior to the orientation and with all the events that happened during orientation (including karaoke!), all my energy was zapped. I went to bed around 1-ish and woke up around 5! I don't know why, but I agreed to sign up for a morning fun run at 6am.. I was probably thinking it would be a great way to make friends. Well the staff came to get me at 5:45 and there were only 2 other kids running! hehe no one wakes up this early! On the bright side, I got my exercise in for the day and I got a pretty awesome water bottle out of it. lol

I'll be writing a bit more about my orientation plus other things later this week (I feel like I could ramble on forever but I won't haha!)

Summer outfit of the day

Summer outfit of the day

Since getting my contacts, I have been growing to love them so much more than glasses! The only thing that I think I did wrong with them is maybe not keeping them clean enough (maybe) and wearing for too long since I woke up one morning with red itchy eyes! ekk.. I still chose to wear my contacts, but it was no makeup for me since I did not want to risk more irritation. The weather was very nice today so I decided to go outside into my garden with my photos!

Pink Lace tank top

Pink Lace tank top

The top that I am wearing today is one that I have recently fallen in love with again! It's a light pink lacy tank top that I got a while back. The tank top is quite light and has a loose fit on me. It's perfect for the warmer weathers. I love the color pink, especially a light baby pink like this one. I actually feel that this light pink looks very nice against my hair! It's been a year and a half since I've attempted to dye my whole head blond and after letting my mistake grow out for a while, it's looking pretty now! To go along with my pink top, I chose to wear some dark gray shorts. These shorts are made of soft material making them extremely comfortable.

Forever 21 Jewlery

Summer flip flops

My jewelry for this outfit was a set of gold bangles and a ring. I find that gold colored pieces look better with this outfit. In fact, I think I've been wearing more gold colored jewelry now than before.. including my prom outfit. I'm set on wearing gold jewelry to match my red dress! For shoes, I chose to wear a pair of cute flip flops!

Summer tank top

Summer Outfit Of the day
It felt soo good to just sit in the grass and relax!
Senior year is coming to a close!! This week I have a lot going on including two events at night at my school! I have no school on Monday and Senior Skip day this Friday. The following Monday, we have are senior class trip followed by prom on Saturday! After prom, I have 3 days of classes and then it's over for me since I have no finals!! Ahhh... graduation... it's right in front of me!!

Shirt- Forever 21
Shorts- Wet Seal
Shoes- Similar @ Kohls
Bracelets- Forever 21
Ring- Similar @ Forever 21

What do you think of my summer tank top?
What kind of things do you like to wear on beautiful days like this?
Did you feel that your senior year flew by like mine!?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flashforward and Flashback

So last week, I finally went online and ordered my prom dress! I was not about to wait till last minute this time since I know something could go wrong and that would just be unfortunate for me!
The shipping for the dress was so quick! I ordered it Tuesday night and the dress was at my mailbox by Thursday afternoon!!

Promgirl review

Promgirl review

I was shocked that it came so fast, but I'm not complaining here! I was just hoping that everything would fit so I was afraid to put it on. I knew that if it didn't fit, I had to make it fit somehow. According to the measurements on the site, the dress would fit me everywhere except my chest. Well, that is exactly how it worked!! The dress fit me like a glove everywhere except for my chest which was anticipated!!
It's not that loose up top so I'm debating whether to get it fixed or to try and increase my chest size somehow haha. I'm looking into those stick on+strapless+backless push up bras from Aerie right now. The reviews for them have all been positive so I might end up getting it.

Sexy Long One Shoulder Dress by Atria
I couldn't resist!!
Sexy Long One Shoulder Dress by Atria

I originally wasn't going to post a picture of my dress until after prom, but I honestly cannot resist! The dress is just so perfect, so I'm just going to show a few sneak peeks. As you can tell, the dress is red! I've actually always wanted to wear a red dress, but each time I've had the chance to, I've shyed away and worn a more neutral/not as bold color. Red is such a daring color and in my opinion, wearing a red dress like this takes a lot of confidence to pull off! It's also got a mermaid shape to the bottom which I personally find flattering on me =)

The front of the dress is a bit plain, but I like it! The top is a one shoulder type thing and when I first got the dress.. it took me ~10 minutes and an extra hand to figure out how to put it on properly. I just could not figure out which hole to put my head into and which arm went into which slot!
The back of the dress is my favorite part!! It's an open back and the jewels that you see actually wrap around my back! I honestly brought the dress because of the back!!

Bio True Healthy Start Kit Review

Contact Lenses Supplies

I got my contact lenses last Wednesday! (Though it feels like it's been way longer..) Well now that it's been a week, I have to say that I am getting used to them pretty quickly!! It was really bad the first few times I tried to get them into my eye. I was at the doctor's for an hour and a half just practicing. haha I think taking them out is sooo much easier than putting them in!
The next day, I really wanted to wear my contacts to school instead of glasses so I woke up half an hour early to try to put them in and I failed!! I could not wear them to school that day and it was soo sad haha. So I came home and I tried again to get them in and after about 2 hours of standing in front of the mirror, I freaked out and gave up.
 I decided to give it one more shot at night after I had given myself some time to calm down and after about 30 minutes, I got the contacts in!! I felt so accomplished.. too bad I had to take them right out since I needed to shower after lol. The good news now is that I can easily get my contacts in my eye in under 10 minutes and I can take them out in less than 5!!! I'm so proud!!

Letter To myself Elementary School

So I just got this little letter in the mail this week. At first when I saw the envelope, I was confused as to what it was. I saw the name of the sender and saw that it came from a teacher that I used to have.. I got curious as to what could have been in the envelope so I immediately opened it. As I took out the contents of the letter, my heart skipped a beat as I realized that inside was the letter that I had written to myself when I was in 3rd grade!!
When I was in elementary school, a few of our teachers took on this project where they had us write a letter to our "grown up selfs." Then the teacher would keep the letters and when we graduate high school, they would mail it to us... well here is my letter along with a letter from my teacher! Looking back on this letter, I cannot believe that it has been ~9 years already! It doesn't feel like it's been that long at all and it's just wild how fast it all feels. I still remember myself as a little 3rd grader and now I'm about to head off to college!!  ahhh it's such an odd feeling that I have right now!

Hamster Sleeping Cute

I'm going to end my post today with a super adorable picture I took of my hamster, Cream. It's actually the morning here, but Cream always sleeps in the morning and by 8 at night, she is up and running on her wheel! She has grown so much since I've gotten her last year! You can't really tell from this photo, but when her body is stretched, she is longer than my hand. It's crazy how fast they grow =)
Ahh my orientation is literally tomorrow! It's overnight and that is just crazy! I'm getting my first taste of college life hehe! So I'm actually pretty excited and nervous for staying overnight... I'm obviouisly excited to meet new people and to get my classes, but I'm so nervous since I don't know what it will be like!
Plus the whole showering at school thing is really making me anxious haha... I'm trying to figure out how I can get around this issue because I need to get over it if I want to live a normal life in college lol!

Have you ever written a letter to your future self before?
Do you guys still remember your childhood times?
hmm... I wonder if any of you have any makeup or hair ideas that match my prom dress? The theme for my prom is "The Great Gatsby" and I was thinking of going for maybe a half up/half down hairdo and possibly gold eyeshadow or smokey eye?  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunny Spring

Whoo! I got my contacts finally and they are in!! It took a while, but I'm wearing them and I love them so much more than glasses! It is a bit of a hassle to put in and to take out, but it's worth it because during the day, I feel so free! I think my eyes are still adjusting to the contacts a bit as of now. I'm able to see far away, but things up close (specifically the computer) give me a bit of a headache. I'm hoping it's just my eyes adjusting, but in any case, I'll be back at the eye doctor in less than 2 weeks to have a check in. I'll talk more about my experience with my contacts in a later post! =)

For my outfit today, I kept things casual and comfy! It was such a nice day out. There was an abundant amount of sun and surprisingly a great deal of wind. I love the wind for when I'm outside and exercising, but for photos, it can be kinda hard. haha. My hair always seems to have a mind of it's own!

Spring Outfit of the Day

Spring Outfit of the Day

Usually on days like this, I just love to toss on a pair of shorts and a comfy tee such as this one and I just sit outside soaking in the weather. I'm not big on purposely lying there and "tanning" though. It makes me a bit uncomfortable knowing that the sun is burning me while I lie there, especially since I rarely wear sunscreen. I've been making it a goal this summer though to take better care of my skin since I'm outside so much. Throughout elementary and middle school, I always spent time outside in the summer though it was a healthy amount.
Once I started high school and picked up running and tennis, my summers have constantly consisted of 20+ hours outside. In those 20+ hours, I almost never wore sunscreen which is just sooo bad! I haven't noticed any damage to my skin besides a few spots, but I realize I should probably be more careful! I won't be outside that much this summer, but I'm going to my best to wear sunscreen whenever I'm out and not working out. (I honestly hate sweating and having sunscreen!)

Spring Outfit of the Day

Spring Outfit of the Day

The shirt that I am wearing today, I actually got last summer I think. It's a soft white tee shirt was the most colorful floral design on the front. The flowers have such a beautiful mix of colors that are just perfect for spring time! The shirt is a bit see through so I had to wear a black cami underneathe. For my shorts, I wore a pair of my blue colored shorts.
When it comes to shorts, I'm much more adventurous with colors than I am with jeans. I think it's much easier to play around with colors on shorts since I don't have to worry so much about whether or not the color would be flattering on me!

Wet and Wild T-shimmer Review

Speaking of trying out new colors, now that I have contacts, I've been having a bit of fun with my makeup. I haven't worn any of my "fun looks" out yet since I'm working on perfecting them hehe. One thing I tried this week was playing around with colored eyeliner. I typically wear either black or plum liner, but I got this awesome blue/teal colored eyeliner and I wanted to test it out.
It actually looks pretty good on me I have to say! It's not too noticeable because of my eye lids, but when I blink or look down you can see it! =) I might give some more colors a try to see what works well for me!

Spring outfit of the day

For my shoes and jewelry, I wore a pair of jeweled flip flops and a simple ring! Flip flops are my favorite shoes to wear in the summer since they are so comfy. Either that or just going barefoot depending on what I'm doing hehe!

Spring outfit of the day

So I'm going to be pretty busy from this week all the way up to prom! I've put everything on a calendar and it looks like I have several award, cermonies, and event things to attend at my school as well as appointments with the dentist, eye, and doctor and an overnight orientation this week! (beyond excited and nervous!). I actually think I've doubled booked myself once or twice so I'm going to have to fix that soon!

Shirt- Similar @ Forever 21
Shorts- Wet Seal
Ring- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Forever 21

Do you find yourselves to be more comfortable in shorts rather than jeans? (I do!)
What eyeliner color have you experimented with and found to love before?
What is your go to outfit for a comfy spring day?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Prom, Flowers, Hamsters.. Life!

My week so far has been a mix of relaxation and stress and I love it haha! My school work load has decreased significantly which is a great thing, but I'm feeling senioritis setting in hard! I feel like the less work I get, the less motivated I am to do it! It's odd.
Funny story here.. when I was an underclassmen, I used to judge the seniors so harshly for using the excuse of senioritis for being lazy! However now that I am a senior and my days of high school are dwindling down, I now understand how they felt!! It's hard to stay focused once the major test are done with!! 

Beautiful Spring Sunset

I just have to show you guys this picture that I took over the weekend!! It's absolutely beautiful!! One thing that I do love about the spring is the fact that the days are much longer! Even at 6 pm, there is still sun out! I was outside with my camera and I decided to just snap a few photos of the sunset. I didn't know that they would turn out so professional looking haha. This picture reminds me of something out of a movie!! 

Spring Flowers

Going along with the theme of photography and spring, my sister also made use of the beautiful weather and took a few photos of her own! She took lots of pictures of the blooming flowers in our garden. The picture that you see here is my favorite picture that she took! We get these white flowers as well as some orange tulips and even some roses. The roses haven't bloomed yet, but when they do, there will be lots of photos! These flowers bloom every year for us and they are just ohh so perfect! 

Beaver in Backyard

Woodchuck in Backyard
Is this a beaver... woodchuck.. or something else haha?
Okay so here is a fun story! So a few days ago my sister heard this sound outside of the house and this is what she saw when she looked out the window!! She called me over and her original thought was that it was a raccoon or a groundhog... I told her that it clearly wasn't a raccoon and that it must be a beaver or possible a huge squirrel.. (lol.. we both obviously do not know our animals!) I eventually told someone about what we saw and they concluded that there was no was we could have seen a beaver and that it must have been a woodchuck... I googled an image of all these animals and concluded that it was for sure not a raccoon, a squirrel, or a groundhog. However, I could not differentiate between a beaver and a woodchuck. They look like the same animals.. It's just that the beaver has wet fur for the majority of the time! 
I still don't know what kind of animal it was to this day! All I know is that it lives under my neighbor's home! It's going to be pretty funny if the beaver/woodchuck pops through my neighbor's home lol. I think it would be pretty cool if it happened to me though my mother would not appreciate it! 

lancaster soft cremes review

In other news, we got some really yummy candy over the weekend! I was looking for some hard candy to have so I got these thinking that they were hard candy. haha well they are not, but that's okay because these are still pretty delicious!

Prom Proposal Flowers
Okay so now for one of my most exciting part of my post! Last Friday, guess what happened? 
You might be able to figure it out from the above photo!.. .I got asked to prom!! He asked me in class and even got me a bouquet of pink flowers! (My favorite color! ) 
 Ahh!! I'm super excited now!! I thought I would be going solo this year (which I didn't mind at all) but I'm glad that I got asked!! I mean it is senior prom and I did secretly want someone with me for photos and to dance with =) I'm more pumped for prom than ever now!! 

Prom Proposal Flowers

Prom Proposal Flowers

I actually don't have much of my prom details made yet and I kinda want to put it off though I know I shouldn't haha. I think prom is a bit overrated sometimes (actually it is quite overrated), but I definitely still want to look pretty! I have my dress picked out and ordered. The dress is different than what I originally wanted, but it's so beautiful and I'm hoping it flatters my body well since it's backless! =)
 I want to show you guys what it looks like, but I'll hold off on it until I get it! I'll tell you though that the dress I chose is red colored.

I'll let you guys in on a little secret I have.. A few years ago, I always had this dream of prom being this picture perfect night like in the movies. I dreamed of wearing a huge poofy pink dress covered in sparkles with big curly hair and a face full of makeup. Then my date would pick me up and we would go to prom together and we would be king and queen.. etc... just that perfect night haha....... I had quite the imagination back then!
Now I don't really care about all that happening though I will admit that the pink poofy dress is something I still want!! I swear, I'm still a little girl at heart~!

Aren't you loving all the spring flowers?
So.. does anyone have any idea what kind of animal that could be?... I'm thinking a beaver, but why in the world would a beaver be in someone's backyard/underground?
How was your senior prom if you want? Any advice? =) 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Influenster MKGlam VoxBox

Before I begin my post today, I wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!!! I hope everyone is enjoying today! =)

I'm super excited for this post today since I get to share with you guys a voxbox that I recently received from Influenster! I've gotten 3 other voxboxes in the past, which you can see reviews for here, here, and here, but I have to say that this voxbox has the highest value/products in it!
I got an email while I was on my spring break/vacation stating that I qualified for this voxbox and a link to take a survey. There was a deadline for the survey which I had unfortunately missed by ~45 minutes, so I was pretty sure I wouldn't get the box. I still took the survey nevertheless and a few days later, I got another email stating that I was in!!!! I was shocked when I read this since I was sure I wouldn't get it, but in two days (talk about fast shipping), the box got to my house! 

Influenster Mary Kay Voxbox
Cat sticker placed by me =)!
First off, I have to say that this has to be one of the prettiest boxes I've received so far! I love the packaging of the outside. It's so chic and sophisticated looking! As I opened the box, I began to fall even more in love! The inside of the box was a beautiful light pink color (did I mention that pink is my favorite color?) and the words "Hello Gorgeous!"
 I noticed that this particular box seemed to be packaged very delicately. There was a light pink tissue paper that wrapped everything together. The box itself felt very light, so I was not sure what to expect on the inside..

Influenster Mary Kay Voxbox

As I unwrapped the tissue paper, I noticed a few things op top. The first thing I saw was a look book from Mary Kay which I took a quick glimpse at. I really wish I could make my makeup look like the model's makeup!! haha. I also received a card from Mary Kay and one from influenster listing all the items that were in the box. I couldn't help but notice how much products were on the list and I wondered if they were actually all in my box.. well... 

MK Glam Influenster

They all were in my box!! What was even more impressive to me was the fact that all these products were full sized!! I could not believe it.. 7 full sized makeup products and 3 brushes all in one box!! I was speechless when I saw everything inside.. It was literally product after product!

Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder

The first item that caught my eye in the box was the Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder ($16.00). This powder is advertise as to be able to control shine all day. I have yet to use it, but I know that in the summer, my face tends to go from being normal to oily. I tested some of it on my hand and it seems to go on smoothly and from what I can see, it doesn't leave a white layer in my skin. One thing that I do love about this powder is the packaging. This powder has a piece under the lid that allows you to twist to close. That way, the powder will have no chance of spilling out. 

Mary Kay Bronzing Powder and Mineral Cheek Color

The next two products that caught my eye in the box was the Mary Kay Bronzing Powder ($18.00) and the Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in shy blush. ($12.00) 

I personally have fair skin seeing how it has just been winter so finding a bronzer that doesn't look odd on me. This color is surprisingly very nice for me. There is a tiny bit of gold shimmer in it, but it's really subtle. I wouldn't say that this bronzer is one you should contour with, but it really does create a beautiful and natural finish on your skin. I would say that this bronzer is perfect for the summer!

The mineral cheek color is extremely smooth and lightweight. It's not heavily pigmented, but does give a fresh flushed look which is what I love. Like the bronzer, there is a bit of shimmer in it that really doesn't show through once it's on your skin. In my opinion, this blush defines your cheekbones and really compliments the bronzer well! 

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara

The next item in the box was the Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara ($15.00). So as you may know, I personally have short, stick, straight lashes and it's always a struggle to find a suitable mascara. The first thing that I noticed about this mascara when I opened it was that it was very wet. I did like the brush a lot though since it had some serious lengthening power. This mascara has amazing lengthening power and gave decent volume. Overall it made my lashes look nice and clump free, but I don't think it's anything special.

Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator in Jet Black

This product is exactly something I have been looking for! It's the Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with expandable applicator in Jet Back. ($18.00) What's even better with this gel liner is that it comes with a mini brush as well! I'm not the best with gel eyeliner, so I need to practice first, but this liner is very pigmented!! The liner goes on very smoothly and is quite creamy. It doesn't smudge at all and has great lasting power (even through my workouts!) ! In fact, the lasting power is so strong that it's hard to remove at night haha! (But that makes it perfect for me since I'm always very active and my liners tend to fade away.)

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist

This is another product that I was super excited to see in the box. It is the Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist. ($14.00) This cream shadow is such a beautiful color and it works well on it's on. The shadow works well with oily eyelids and like the gel eyeliner, it doesn't budge at all throughout the day. The color is incrediully creamy and goes on very smoothly. Though the shadow initially looks like a deep gold in the pot, when it is applied, the color is rather light with a subtle gold shimmer to it.

Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango

This next item in the box was the Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango. ($14.00) This product I'm kinda have mixed feelings about. I originally liked this product a lot until I got a close look at the color. The color is a a bright and intense red/orange color which is beautiful, but not exactly for me. It's very pigmented so if you are looking for something like this, then this is perfect! The gloss itself went on smoothly, but rather sticky which is the reason why I don't like lip gloss!

Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush

Along with the applicator brush that came with the gel eyeliner, I also got the Mary Kay Cream Eye Color and Concealer Brush. ($10.00) I'm not in need of brushes at the moment, but I can definitely keep these for later! The bristles for these brushes are soft and packed tightly and I haven't noticed any shedding so far.

Influenster Mary Kay Voxbox

Overall I am very satisfied with this influenster voxbox!! This box is just stuffed with so many full sized makeup products that I want to test out! There was a great range of products in the box. I got everything from mascara, to lip gloss, to blush, and even brushes! I could do my whole face's makeup with everything in the box! The colors in the box are perfect for spring and summer. A few colors are a bit out of my comfort zones, but many were perfect for me!

Are you doing anything special for mother's day today?
Have you tried any products from the Mary Kay line?
Which item seems the most interesting?
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