Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pink Blossoms

Ohhh next week is the start of Ap testing!! It came up so fast! Maybe all the college stuff and vacation got to my head that I forgot to keep track of time haha. I actually have all my Ap test in the first week (which is next week) so that makes me very nervous, but at the same time excited. I'm nervous because that means less time to study this weekend, but I'm excited because I know that after these test, I will *hopefully* be free from all this homework... (which I'm putting off right now haha!)

As you may know from my last post, the cherry blossom tree in my backyard is in full bloom and I am so in love with the flowers that I had to take photos under them one more time!

Tb Dress Review Casual Falbala Pleated Short Sleeves T-Shirt
I can't believe how good this photo looks!! I had to make it the first one haha! 
Tb Dress Review Casual Falbala Pleated Short Sleeves T-Shirt

Today I am wearing this simple yet cute outfit! I received an email about a month ago from TB Dress
asking me if I would like to review one of their products. I personally didn't have a need for more clothes at the time (I'm actually trying to get rid of clothes for college.. but it's not really working out since I feel like I am buying more than I am giving away...)  so I mentioned it to my sister who jumped on the opportunity. She literally fell in love with the store and together we agree on getting two items, one of which I am wearing here which is the Casual Falbala Pleated Short Sleeves T-Shirt! which can be found here -

Tb Dress Review Casual Falbala Pleated Short Sleeves T-Shirt

Tb Dress Shirt Review

This shirt is absolutely gorgeous as you can tell from my pictures!! I am in love with the light pink color and that beautiful gold neckline! I'll be honest and say that if I was picking whether or not I wanted this shirt based off the photo on their website, I probably would not have gotten it. Not to brag, but this shirt looks so much better in person/on me haha!
For my outfit, I have decided to pair this lovely with a some thick black leggings. The shirt is quite flowly around the arms and runs a bit longer in length on me. Because of that, I decided that it would be perfect with some darker tighter bottoms!

Rue 21 Infinity Bracelets

Wet Seal Boots

For my jewelry, I chose to keep up with the light pink color and wore two infinity bracelets. These beaded bracelets are super cute and I love the infinity charm in the center. One of the bracelets is while white the other one matches perfectly with my shirt! For my shoes, I opted to wear a pair of riding boots. These particular boots have a bit of heel on them which gives me an extra boost in height. I'm kinda short so that boost helps a lot! =)

Tb Dress Review

Tb Dress shirt Review

While I was out with my sister taking photos for this post, we actually were greeted by some cute guest... our neighbor's two dogs! I was just standing there while my sister snapped away and we heard some jingling noises followed by a few barks. I turn my head and I saw two cute doggies running towards me!! I swear I have seen these dogs around ever since I was in elementary school myself! I'm pretty sure they are siblings and one of the dogs even has a similar name to me.. Mandy!! I thought once that my neighbor was calling my name when in reality, he was calling his dog! It was pretty awkward actually lol!

Top- TB Dress
Leggings- Aeropostale
Boots- Wetseal
Bracelets- JcPenny 

How would you style this adorable shirt?
Is it finally spring where you are?
Have you ever had any surprise guest while you were taking pictures?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lacey Elegance

It's already been a week since I've gotten back from the city! I have to say that luckily this time for me, vacation blues have not been affecting me that harshly as it did in March! That doesn't mean I didn't have fun though since I would do anything to be back right now!
After coming back from vacation in March, I literally felt so sad and kinda lost that I was back. I think it might have had something to do with the fact that it was my first taste of being alone/independence + all the fun and new things I experienced?

While I was out of the state, I had a few things come in the mail for me!! (Who doesn't love getting packages?!) One of the packages was sent from Sammydress!! You might remember that I worked with Sammydress before here and I loved the items that I got from them! Sammydress recently contacted me again and asked if I would like to review an item of my picking from the site and I said yes! I just noticed Sammydress recently updated their site to make it easier for the customer to sort through the clothes. They now give the option to sort through pieces by color, length, style, size material type, and more!

Sammydress Backless Lace Embroidered Review

The item that I chose was the Backless Lace Embroidered Dress. I'll be honest and say that I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I chose some of the items that I did.. actually I feel like that with some of my recent purchases. Maybe I've been thinking about prom dresses too much haha. I was worried about having to take photos with it on, but it worked out very well thankfully!
This dress is super pretty though and it very unique!! I find the dress to be elegant looking and I love the lace on it!

Sammydress Backless Lace Embroidered Review

Sammydress Backless Lace Embroidered Review

When I got the dress, I was really eager and scared to take it out and try it on. I was eager because let's face it, this dress is stunning! At the same time, I was a bit nervous to try the dress on because I didn't know if it would fit me properly or even at all! The dress only comes in "one size" and that usually isn't a good sign for me since I don't tend to fit into "one size" pieces! Luckily for me, the dress is quite stretchy and fit smoothly on me. It was very comfortable on me and I didn't feel like I was being squeezed into it!
The lace also hit me in the perfect areas as well which was another fear of mine. Knowing my luck with clothing, I was expecting the lace to end up in weird places on me haha.

Sammydress Backless Lace Embroidered Review

With the dress, I didn't feel any itching from the lace which is a huge positive since this dress has a lot of lace! It had a very comfortable fit on me and I loved the way it felt on. My favorite part of the dress is the lace down the side of the leg! I thought I would be uncomfortable with it, but it turns out, I loved the way it looks. I'm not really sure where I will be wearing this dress to, but I'll have it when I need it!

Forever 21 ringKenneth Cole Reaction Heels

For my jewelry, I chose to wear just a simple ring and for my shoes, I opted for a pair of wedges. I actually got these wedges for prom last year! These shoes are pretty comfy since they offer more support and they don't squeeze my feet too much... haha I have some pretty wide feet so wearing heels can sometimes be a struggle!

Sammydress Lace Dress Review

Cherry Blossom 2014
These flowers are so pretty!!! 
Now that it's spring, the flowers are all blooming! In my backyard, our neighbor actually has a cherry blossom tree and when it bloomed, I knew that I needed to take some pictures with it!

Dress- C/o Sammydress
Ring- Forever 21
Shoes- Kenneth Cole 

Since coming back, I've been so busy with college things. I have a checklist of things to get down before the 18th of May and I have yet to make a dent in it! Now though that I've made my deposit and signed up for my overnight orientation (which is coming in less than a month!!!! I can't believe I'll be staying overnight.. college is becoming more real haha!), I am beyond excited to experience the college life haha! I just hope that I can figure out my major and hopefully be able handle the workload that comes with it! =)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekend On The Square

Hey!!! I'm BACK! 
It feels like forever since I last posted and I'm actually excited to post! Haha the only thing though is that I am super disorganized right now! I feel like during the week and a half that I was gone, a lot of things occurred back at home that I have to figure out.
 I also was being dumb (like always lol) and I put a lot of stuff off till after I got back from spring break since I knew the deadlines were at the end of April. . . Well here we are.. almost the end of April and I'm stuck with all that work... haha! I really regret putting things off now, but I'm trudging through it since I know that after my AP exams, I will be free!

NYU Weekend On The Square

My whole trip to New York can kinda be split into two parts.. one part business (which was also fun!) and the other part real fun! I will be sharing the business part first today. My business portion of my vacation was actually a visit to NYU for their admitted students day/weekend on the square. I knew from the start that this visit would probably be the last time I see the college before having to decide whether or now I would actually spend my next 4 years there. It was a scary thought, but I'm glad to say that after seeing the school, I have come up with a final decision! (which I will share at the end!)

Holiday Inn Express Maspeth Review

My mom and I left for New York Friday morning and were fortunate enough to not hit much traffic. We arrived in Chinatown and immediately made a dash to our hotel which was a little bit over an hour away via subway.
So I'm new to booking hotels and I actually didn't realize how inconvenient the hotel that we booked would be!  The hotel was advertised as being a 10 minute bus ride from a subway station so I thought it wasn't a big deal. The only problem was that I could not for the life of me figure out the bus system so my mom and I ended up hiking half an hour twice a day for the majority of our stay! The hotel itself was pretty isolated from any stores and actually took quite a while to find. The hotel itself was very nice though on the inside .. though the location was interesting haha.

Holiday Inn Express Maspeth Review

Holiday Inn Express Maspeth Review
The little dragon is a gift for someone.. haha
A lot of the hotels in NY at that time were soo expensive!! I'm thinking it was because it was spring break... I mean the hotel that I stayed at last time literally doubled in price to $300+ per night and there was no way that we would be staying there! This was in my mind, a good quality hotel for the lowest price. It actually cost the same per night as the Hilton, but just not at high end.. ohh I just can't believe how these hotels raise their prices like that!!
Our room was super nice as well! It had a cozy home feeling in my opinion. The bathroom was pretty sweet and the bed was HUGE! I loved the fact that it came with free breakfast and free wifi!!

selfie on subway

My mom and I loved the hotel, but we didn't have much time to explore as our time in NY was short. We wanted to visit NYU more than once so I could see the school and so that we wouldn't get lost trying to get there the next day and end up late. It turns out that on top of the walking time, our subway ride to get to NYU was about ~50 minutes!! It wasn't that big of a deal though because I actually really enjoyed bring a "true" city person and taking the subway... though I do have to say that some very strange things can happen on the subway... 
I finally made it to NYU that day and spent some time just walking around and taking it in. I spoke to some current students and got their opinions on the school. Overall most people said they liked it there which is good to hear!! My visit to the college that day had to be quick since we needed to get home before dark!

The next morning, my mom and I woke up pretty early (around 6) so we could get ready, eat breakfast, and ride the subway to get to NYU before 9. We were actually told to get there 15 min before 9... but my mom and I could not figure the transportation out and we went the wrong way and got to the school 15 minutes late lol. =)

NYU Weekend On The Square

NYU class of 2018 t-shirt

When I finally made it to NYU, I literally saw sooo much people there! It was quite overwhelming, but exciting! It took us a while to figure out where we were going, but as soon as I saw the arch of purple and white balloons and long line of students, I knew where I belonged! I got in line and as soon as I got in, I was given a NYU t-shirt!!! I wanted to wear it right away haha!

NYU Weekend On The Square

NYU Weekend On The Square

I'm not going to go into too much details about my weekend on the square, but my overall experience was a positive one! The presentations that were given by the school were very impressive!! There are a lot of talented students there!! We were also very fortunate that day since the weather was perfect. I spent a good deal of the time just walking around Washington Square and soaking up the sun! I also toured the campus again and took another look at the dorms. I have to say that the school is very nice
... however.... 
It hurts me to say this, but even though I loved everything there, something about the school didn't feel right to me. It took me a while to figure out what was off, but it eventually hit me that I really missed the feeling of a community. The square was beautiful, but it felt too open.. I looked around and saw people there that weren't students and I didn't like it. I thought I wouldn't mind it, but it just didn't feel like a college to me and it really bothered me... I kept thinking back to Uconn after this day and I think I am realizing now that I want a typical college experience and NYU would not give me that sadly... It gave me the city which I love, but not a campus... 

After my wonderful day on the square, my mom and I headed back to the hotel. Along the way back, we stopped for some dinner! Well these photos are our dinners for the past two nights haha. The pizza in the first row is what we are the first night and the second night, we went out for chinese food! Getting food is so convienient in the city. There is literally a restuarant on every block and we actually had trouble picking which store to get pizza rather than trying to find a place that sold pizza!

My visit to NYU was well worth it and gave me a true taste of life there. I actually also went to Uconn's Husky-For-A-Day yesterday and got to follow a current student around. (It was lots of fun was well!! )
Both college were impressive, but the major difference between the two was the location and campus. Even though I wanted to be in the city for college, I wanted a true college campus more.
College only happens once and the city will always be waiting for me!
I'm proud to say that I am 100% sure that I will be a husky next year!!

How has you week been so far?
What is the most interesting thing you have seen on the subway/bus?
Favorite food from the city? =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NY Haul

The week is halfway over!! I'm so excited for it to be Friday.. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I will actually be leaving for NY again this Friday for a week and a half! In that week and a half, I'll just be relaxing while visiting colleges one final time! Deadlines are coming up and after these last few visits, I should have a decision made up hopefully!
In honor of my trip to NY in 2 days, I have decided to dedicate this post to my previous trip to the city! While I was in the city last month, I got a few cool items and I wanted to share them! It feels so weird thinking that it has already been a month since my trip! Looking back at my photos immediately beings up a flood of memories and feelings for me!

Aerie Bathing Suit
Similar @ Aerie
The first item I have here is an adorable bathing suit! I have to say that this bathing suit has to be my favorite item here just because I have been on the hunt for a new swimsuit for so long and never had the chance to go out and try some on! I didn't anticipate myself buying any clothes while I was out and I actually didn't want to, but I did spend a few hours on a street full of stores! As I walked into American Eagle, I expected to just do some looking around and then I would leave, but then I saw that they had an Aerie inside! I could not resist checking it out and then I saw the bikinis and before I knew it, I had several tops in my hand and I was in the dressing room!!
I tried so many different tops on just looking for the perfect fit. A lot of the cute tops looked a bit strange on me, but when I tried on this one, I knew it was right for me!

Sephora Birthday Gift 2014
From Sehpora.. sorry no link!
So I did not know this, but a few blocks away from where I was staying.. there was a SEPHORA! That store is like a girl's dream!! I walked past the sepohra several times before actually seeing it and once I did, I had to go inside to check it out! It also happened to be my birthday a few days ago which meant I was eligible for their mini "birthday surprise." I went inside to pick my gift up and inside I found a lipstick and mascara. I must say that the lipstick is in the cutest shade ever!!

Original Beauty Blender Review
From Sephora
This product was all the rave a while back among youtube gurus! I found the product to be quite interesting, but I personally didn't have a huge need for it since I never wear foundation. Sometimes I use concealer, but I really did not need this for myself. I picked this up since I saw it on sale and I knew my sister was coveting this item for the longest time! She was super excited when she saw it haha! =)

CLINIQUE Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer review
From Sephora
This item was also featured with a good deal which is the reason why I chose it. I also know that clinique is a high quality brand and I needed a good moisturizer at the time! One thing that I love about Sephora is the fact that they always have samples of the product out for customers to try before buying! I tried several night moisturizers in store and I found this particular one to feel the best!

weil for origins conditioning lip balm Review
From Sephora
I actually didn't anticipate getting this product at all and to be honest, I'm still not sure why I picked it up today haha.. I guess I liked the brand or something? I have yet to use the lip balm since I have so many lip balms at the moment, but from the reviews I see online, this one works very well!!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Super Nourishing Lip Balm review
From Sephora
I saw these two lip balms in a bin near the back and was curious about them! Unlike my other lip balm purchase, I actually liked this one a lot and the price was quite fair. I ended up grabbing two of them! 

Chinese Bakery Bread

 No post about NY is complete without pictures of food!! Along with the bathing suit and beauty products, I also went to a chinese bakery and brought home some of their delicious breads! I love the breads at the bakery more than the bread here! I think it's the fluffyness of the bread and the slight sweetness that capture my taste buds!! I brought 6 breads home and as you can tell, I was super anxious to eat them!

Marich Premium Chocolate

NY chocolate

NY peppermints

I also picked up some candy from the city as well haha. The first two bags of candy were spontaneous buys (haha isn't everything for me here spontaneous) They were kinda costly and I expected some delicious chocolate. The chocolate was really tasty, but not amazing haha.
The next two chocolates were samples and they were actually pretty good! They were completely solid milk chocolate, but I loved how creamy they were as they melted in my mouth!
That last candy item I got is this cute package of peppermints! This is kinda funny, but for some reason, I really though that the tin said "I Love NY" on it, but now that I look at it... it says "I Love Peppermints..." hmmm interesting! Maybe my brain was functioning at the time because I swear I say the letters NY on it! lol

Born Pretty Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker
From Bornpretty
This next item I didn't get while in NY, but it did come in the mail a few days after I got home! These nail stickers were sent to me from Bornpretty. I absolutely love the nail products over at Bornpretty. They have such a wide selection at very fair prices. These stickers that I got feature an adorable puppy in various poses. I cannot wait to try them out on my nails! =)

What is your favorite item from my haul?
Did you get your birthday present from Sephora yet this year?
Have you ever tried the beauty blender?

*Since I am going to NY at the end of the week, I won't be posting for the next week and a half to 2 weeks. I'm going to take the time to relax (I really need it haha) and to try and make my college choice!* Wish me luck! =)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lace And Peplum

Whoa.. you know I only just noticed this a few days ago.. but we are over 25% of our way through 2014! That just feels so crazy to say! I'm going to say that time is going by fast since it's already been a month since I left for NY and in just a few more days, I'll be back there again! I am beyond excited.. I'll just need to get through this week of school and finish all my projects/essay and I'll be free!

For my outfit today, I chose to wear something a bit out of what I usually am in. I tend to prefer to sport cuter, brighter clothes, but today I chose a darker look. I got this top a while back and never had the chance to wear it! This actually happens a lot to me whee I just kinda buy things that look cute and never ever wear it until a year later haha!

Black Lace Peplum Top

Black Lace Peplum Top

The weather has been so perfect lately! I can finally wear shorts out when I go running and even break out a tiny bit of sweat.. now when I am drenched in sweat though.. that is not fun haha. When I'm not running, a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt are usually enough to keep me at a comfortable temperature when I am outside. It feels amazing to be outside under the sun again!
The top I am wearing today also happened to come from my Shabby apple haul. I have to say that this top is actually pretty good quality despite it being covered in lace. I always end up ripping my lace items, but I don't anticipate that happening to this top anytime soon!

Black Lace Peplum Top

Black Lace Peplum Top
I promise that is not my skin underneathe haha.. there is actually another layer to the shirt which is what your seeing!
Shabby Apple Peplum

The top fits me pretty much like a glove and doesn't make me itchy at all. Underneath the black lace, there is a layer of a nude colored cloth. It looks really cool in my opinion! The peplum top zips up from the back and I had no trouble with getting the zipper to go up or down!
Along with this top, I chose to wear a pair of gray colored jeans and a pair of black booties. I'm actually beginning to like wearing heels now for some reason! I never thought I would, but they I feel more and more comfortable with them on. I'm sure I'm not going to be wearing heels everyday, but I'm no longer hesitant to put them on for a special event!

Lace Peplum Top

Forever 21 Rhinestone Bracelet

For my accessories, I wanted to add a pop of sparkle and color so I chose to wear my sparkling rhinestone bracelet from Forever 21. I used to wear this bracelet all the time and I just kinda rediscovered my love for it again when I saw it! 

Lace Peplum Top

In other news, Uconn's men's Basketball made it to the final four and they have just beaten Florida which means they are in the running for first place! I personally don't follow basketball that much, I am super proud! My newsfeed last night literally flooded with the hashtag #BleedBlue !

Top- Similar @ Revolve
Jeans- Forever 21
Booties- Similar @ Wetseal
Bracelet- Forever 21

How do you wear peplum?
Do you feel that 2014 is flying by or is that just me being a senior haha?
Have you been following basketball?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Haul and a BIG thank you!

Before I start out my post today, I want to give you guys a BIG THANK YOU for your comments on my last post!  I have some of the sweetest readers and I'm very thankful for all your thoughtful comments! I'll admit that I was terribly confused and excited that day and my mind was in a mess.. haha it's still a mess now, but I'm beginning to organize my thoughts and be more realistic about things.
Basically, NYU = More opportunities, but a lot more hard work on my end if I want to succeed... and pay back my loans.
Uconn = Still must put in hard work if I want opportunities, but I'll probably be less stressed and be able to have a typical college experience.
With that being said, I think I need to reevaluate myself and find out exactly what I want from college. As of now, it's looking like Uconn is a nice balance of social/academics while NYU is heavier on the work/opportunities. I still have ~ 28 days to figure this out! I'll be visiting both colleges soon and I'll see where I stand after!

Whoa.. Now onto the fun part of my post today!! For starters, I can't believe it is April already!! I literally thought there was one more week of March, but hey, I'm not complaining because that brings me closer to Spring Break! March ... no wait actually, senior year has been such an adventure for me and I would relive everything (even the bad parts!) all over again if I could! On top of my adventures, I also got some really cool items in March!

Almay Eye Intenes Eyeliner Review

The first item that I picked up this month are two eyeliners from Almay. Almay has been my go to brand for eyeliner just because of it's strong staying power on my lids and the built in sharpener it has! I tend to wear no/minimum makeup on school days. When I do wear makeup though, I always do my eyes! I use either black or purple eyeliner depending on my mood haha!

DailyLook Sparkling Braided Knit Scarf
Sparkling Braided Knit Scarf from Dailylook
I also chose to make an order from Dailylook this month again. I was waiting for a sale to happen and it did.. 30% of sale items! As soon as I saw that, I got a cute scarf that I had been eyeing for weeks! It's an infinty scarf and it's honestly the thickest and warmest scarf I own!

Giveaway Prize
This is the cutest packaging ever!
The next item in my haul was actually a prize I got from Keena over at Lee Muse! I've been following her blog for a long time now (which I love reading!) and when I saw that she had a giveaway on her blog, I decided to enter! I'm a pretty unlucky person so I didn't expect to win, so I was taken by surprise when I saw her comment on my blog saying that I have won!! I honestly could not believe it!! I was also suffering from post vacation blues (which always hit me so hard!) so seeing that I won definitely brought my mood up! =)

urban decay naked palette basics review

urban decay naked palette basics review

Inside the adorable packaging,  I found the sweetest card and a bunch of hello kitty pictures! How cute?! I absolutely adore hello kitty haha! Along with the card, there was also a neatly wrapped up package which was my prize... The Urban Decay Naked Palette!! This is my first ever naked palette and probably the best eyeshadow palette I have ever owned!! I am soooo excited to have this in my hands and I can't believe it's mine! 

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion

urban decay naked palette review
haha I tried to put two pictures together into one! 
The palette came along with 12 eyeshadow colors! The colors range from more of a basic/neutral color to darker and more stunning colors. I really love the variety of shades here! I feel like I could use this palette for anything from school to a night out with my friends!  My favorite colors in this palette cuurently are Sin, Half Baked, Toasted, and Creep.. (haha yes I like a lot of the colors!!) The palette also came with a really high quality brush that I will use with the eyeshadows. Most of my eyeshadow brushes are on the smaller side so it's really nice to have a brush with a longer handle! I feel like it gives me much better control!
 Along with the colors and the brush, I also got the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. A primer is usually a must for me if I want my eyeshadows to stay on since my lids are so oily! I have heard so many positives review on this primer so I have high hopes for this primer! ... Wherever I am going for college, this palette will be coming with me! =)

Iphone 5c Blue Review

So I kinda saved the best purchase/gift of March for last.. (well everything I got was really good!). My mom finally decided it was time to get me my first ever smartphone!! You do not understand how excited I was when I heard my mom say this! All my friends have smartphones and I did honestly feel left out.. so since I am going to college soon, my mom got this for me! It's the iphone 5c!! haha I desperately wanted it in pink, but they only offered blue and white so I chose blue.. I will be putting a pink case on instead!! =)  

Iphone 5c Blue Review

I have already started using my phone and I love it!! It took me a while to get used to how things worked, but I quickly caught on! This is my first apple product (I have been with android with all my electronics) and I like it a lot! The reason I chose the iphone over an android phone was because I felt that the iphone was more universal and easier to use. A lot of people have the iphone and I just felt that it would be simpler for me if I had the same phone!!

Wow, looking back on this post now, I realize how crazy last month has been for me! So much new things and so many big decisions to make! Senior definitely has been a ride and though there are times of high stress for me, I still am enjoying every minute of it!

What's your favorite color from the naked palette?
What is your favorite brand for eyeliner?
When did you get your first smartphone? =)
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