Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Influenster J'adore Voxbox

It's hard to believe it's already mid week! So I think I just experienced a "squall of snow" recently.. hehe. I was looking up the weather forecast a few days ago since I heard that we were getting more snow and I wanted to see for myself whether or not that was true. Well as I was looking at the forecast, I noticed that on Wednesday, the forecast said something along the lines of snow squalls. I know my vocabulary isn't the best, but I literally had no idea what the heck a squall was.. I thought it had something to do with seagulls. lol. However, after looking the word up, I realized that a snow squall was basically a sudden heavy snow fall with strong winds! That was pretty cool because that is exactly what happened yesterday for about 15 minutes. The wind was crazy and flakes of snow were just blowing around like confetti! It was a pretty sight from inside my house!
While this snow squall was going on, I made some time to snap photos of my new J'adore Voxbox from Influenster! This box is my 3rd box since signing up with the site. In the past I have received and reviewed the something blue voxbox and the violet voxbox. Influenster is similar to those subscription box sites, but instead of having to pay, you take a few surveys and they will match you up with boxes that are appropriate for you.

Influenster J'adore Voxbox Review

Influenster J'adore Voxbox Review

Influenster J'adore Voxbox

 I personally am not that active on the site so whenever I get selected for a box, I am always super excited and shocked! I saw previews of this box on my FB feed and I wanted this one so badly! (probably because it's pink and I love anything pink) I was so happy to receive the email telling me that I had qualified for the J'adore box! This box came right after Valentine's Day and was the perfect surprise for me!

Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask Review

The first item that came in the box got me really excited! It was the Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay 
Mask ($9.39). My sister saw this product inside the box and immediately gravitated towards it since she is literally obsessed with face products! =) This product is a clay mask for use on normal skin and is unscented which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. This mask is suppose to absorb deep clean the skin and absorb any excess oil without drying your skin out. It also promises to smooth out the skin. I have yet to use the product, but from the review online, it seems to work fairly well!  

HERSHEY KISSES Milk Chocolate review

The next item I got was something that I have already heard of and had eaten many times before.. it was Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolates ($5.29)! Influenster really knows how to win over me because I love milk chocolate and how perfect is this for Valentines Day?! The kisses were even wrapped in pink, red, and silver wrappers!
When I picked up my voxbox, I felt that it was very heavy in comparison to the previous ones and I realized that the reason it was so heavy was due to the 1lb of chocolate that was inside! Influenster was very generous with this family sized bag of chocolate. My family doesn't really like chocolate.. so more for me! =)

 John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray Review

Since I follow Influenster already on facebook, I already knew that I was going to get this product. It is the Frizz Ezz 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray from John Freida ($9.99).I have been a fan of John Freida ever since I dyed my hair with their products. The application of their foam dyes and the results were the best out of any other brand! I'm not sure though what to do with this product though since my hair tends to be straight and I don't really use heat on my hair that often. It seems very nice though and I trust the brand so maybe I'll give it to someone who would put it to better use than I would?

Kiss Looks so Natural Lashes Review

I was excited to see the next item in my box! It is the Kiss Looks so Natural Lashes ($3.99). I really want to try these! I kinda have a secret love towards false eyelashes, but I rarely wear them because of my glasses. I've sort of given up on falsies for everyday wear because they always end up hitting my glasses lol. These lashes actually look pretty natural and they feel very lightweight. I could tell instantly that these lashes were softer than other lashes and they seem to be a lot more natural looking than those super long false eyelashes!

Red Rose Simple Indulgent Teas review

The final item that came in my voxbox was Red Rose Simple Indulgent Teas ($4.49 for 20 bags). These look like they would taste absolutely delicious!! (especially the creme caramel ones!) I got 4 tea bags: 3 were creme caramel and the other one was lemon chiffon. I'm not exactly sure why I got 3 caramel flavors, but that is okay with me because they look delicious!

Influenster J'adore Voxbox Haul

Overall, I think the J'adore voxbox has been my favorite box up to date! This box was filled and I pretty much loved everything I got! These items all look really cool and I cannot wait to put them to use (or to eat them!)  My favorite items have got to be the lashes, the clay mask, and the Hershey kisses! I feel that this box matched me very well and I am very happy that I was chosen to receive it!

Which items have your tried/find interesting here?
Are you on Influenster?
If so, which boxes have you gotten? =)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

Not having school this Monday and Tuesday and a delay on Thursday has really made this week fly by! I'm kinda dreading next week though since we are going to have a full 5 day week, but I think I will be able to get through it! I was excited to finally have my weight training class again! (the snow days have always been during the times which I had this class!) I have taken weight training before and if you know from my past post, I tend to be quite the active person. Even through I'm not the best at sports, I truly enjoy participating in them! In other news.... I'm going to be 18 in 9 days!!!! (and as a "birthday gift" I will be going on my first "vacation" by myself... well my vacation is visiting colleges, but still, it's so crazy and scary!! I'll tell you guys more on this later! =)
Now onto my outfit post for today!-

I am wearing this lovely dress from my previous dresslily haul!

Dresslily Dress White Review

Dresslily Dress White Review

This dress is super pretty and I think it looks so much better on me than it does on a hanger. When I first got this dress, I didn't like it as much but after wearing it, I have grown to love it a lot. The fabric is very soft and quite lightweight. The dress has two layers to it and is very comfortable on! It's got a little bit of padding in the shoulder which I like and the bow belt is adorable. I love wearing belts with dresses.

Sweet Scoop Neck Flounce Sleeve Layered Hem Elastic Waisted Chiffon Dress

Now looking through these pictures, I realize that this dress not only looks very classic and elegant, but it also reminds me of the dresses that are worn in asian dramas. (yes, I am known to watch a few of those lol) Actually, the two dramas that come to my mind are Material Queen (which I just finished) and Romantic Princess. (my first ever asian drama that got me addicted to watching them now!)  It's pretty cool now to realize that I have a dress similar to what some of my favorite actress wear! 

Forever 21 Ring

Kohls Flats

Along with the dress, I also wore a few accessories. For my necklace, I chose to wear a long pearl necklace. I felt that this necklace worked really well with the dress to create that elegant look. The necklace is beautiful and it looks store brought, but in fact, it was handmade by no one other than my sister! Yup, she has talent with stuff like this because I am in love with the necklace! When I see homemade items like this, it makes me wish I was more crafty and creative when it comes to things like this!
I also wore a gold band type ring and some black flats! These flats are one of my favorites because I love the braid in the front and the mini heel that it has. I'm slowly working my way up to wearing shoes with heels hehe.. In fact I just ordered a pair of black booties!

Sweet Scoop Neck Flounce Sleeve Layered Hem Elastic Waisted Chiffon Dress

Okay so I have been really proud of myself and I just need to share this mini story with you guys!
This week, I have achieved quite the milestone in my weight lifting class! I finally got enough courage + strength to give the flat bench press a try! The bar for this is 45 lbs by itself and it has always been very daunting to me because I mean, 45 lbs is heavy and it could fall right on me! I decided to give the bar a try because I have been spotting for one of my friends and they kept telling me that I could do it too. I was super nervous when I laid down and gripped the bar. My friend lifted the bar up for me and as soon as she let go, I realized that I was holding the bar by itself!! It was a bit lighter than I assumed (my fears were stronger than the thing itself) and I quite easily completed 2 sets of 10!!! The next time I was in the class, I added 2, 2.5 weights to each side and pushed myself to do 2 sets of 12!! I'm honestly so proud of myself!! I think I tend to put myself down a bit, but being able to lift this bar and being accepted into Uconn's honors have made me feel a lot more confident in myself! =) I usually don't post pics like this... but ... =)

Female Flat Bench Press
hehe I might look weak, but I'm secretly quite strong!
Dress- c/o Dresslily
Flats- Kohls
Necklace- Similar @ forever 21
Ring- Similar @ forever 21

What do you think of my dress?
Do you think the dress resembles any other dresses that you have seen before in shows?
Have you ever doubted your abilities to do something, but then realized that you could do it? I feel like that happens to me a lot and I need to try and fix it lol. =) 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Potential Husky?

Okay, so maybe the title of today's post might be a little misleading as I'm not actually even considering getting a puppy, but rather, I got my acceptance letter from Uconn and I'm actually a lot more excited than I anticipated myself to be!! (Their mascot is a husky!)

I have to say right now that picking a college has to be one of the most stressful events ever! I was pretty excited to see the letters coming in, but when it comes to actually picking one and depositing my money, it is honestly pretty scary. I know I always have the option to transfer if I don't like it there, but ... arrr... it's just difficult. I really wanted to go to college in a different state, but I know Uconn is a really good school! (and the price for in state students is unbeatable!) I think I've narrowed it down though to Pace, Uconn, and Umass Amherst. I just need to visit the other 2 schools (which I should have done.. last year I know) and make my final pick. 
I have to say, I had spent quite a bit of time trying to find reasons to hate Uconn and my main fact that I have going against it is that it is in the middle of nowhere and that when I want to live off campus or explore the area, I would have trouble doing so. However, everything else seems to be a positive and when I went to visit, I was upset about the size of the dorms, but I actually got accepted into Uconn's honor's program which means bigger dorms!!  I didn't expect to be accepted at all because all the averages for rank, grades, and test scores for entering the program are higher than mine by quite a bit actually so.. I'm thinking my essay pulled me through here? Anyways, Uconn is a top choice for me now and ohh gosh, it's going to be so hard to make my final decision.

Lord Of The Flies Essay

Speaking of school work, this is what I did over my very long 4 day break! Well.. I actually worked on it on Monday and Tuesday, but it was an essay with the book Lord of the Flies and 2 psychology experiments. This thing took so much brainpower and I am so ready for my English class to be over! I really love my class and my teacher, but the work in that class is ridiculous! I feel like it is a mix of busy work on top of essays lol!

Body Butters Kohls

Makeup Tools Kit

Jelup Cuticle Oil Review

While on my long extended break weekend, I also took to do some organizing and came across these three adorable items! I actually received the first two items from my friend a year ago for Christmas. It's a set of body butters and a makeup/tool kit. I found these body butters at the perfect time because I was about to go out and get one for my legs. Now I don't have to because I have 3 unopened ones! Yay!
The cuticle oil was won in a giveaway also about a year ago. My sister has been putting this to good use recently and she says that it really works! I just tried some of this on my nails last week and I agree that it works really well.. especially for the winter! Plus a little of this goes a long way so I'm thinking this little tube will last us all winter!

Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush Review

Another thing that I started using this weekend was this macadamia natural oil no tangle brush from Amazon. My sister who is obsessed with beauty, heard numerous reviews from beauty gurus about this hair brush. It's suppose to detangle your hair without pulling or hurting it. She found the brush on Amazon for under $10 and the brush even came with a deep repair mask and some macadamia oil. So far, the results of the brush are looking pretty good! It does detangle my hair and I find that I don't lose as much when I brush. It doesn't pull at all. The only negative I have is the way it is shaped.. it's a bit odd and chunky, but the results are really nice so the $10 is worth it for me!

influenster j'adore voxbox review

Another thing I received over my break was this adorable J'adore Voxbox!! I can't believe I was actually selected to receive this one! I saw pictures of this pink box prior to being notified that I was selected and when I heard that the box I was selected to receive was this one, I got super excited!! I mean what else is better than hearts and the color pink??!!

Hamster Pictures 2014

I leave you guys with this cute college of me and my little cream last night! She is literally the love of my life =) 

College Vs High school? Which did you enjoy more? (asking out of pure curiosity!) 
Have you ever tried the macadamia no tangle hair brush?
How has you week been so far?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fun In Floral

I have a love-hate relationship going on with the snow we are getting. I love how beautiful it is outside and how we get to miss school, but boy is it hard to do anything outside with all this snow around! lol. It's pretty interesting too this year with when the snow is hitting us. All my snow days so far this year seem to occur on "A" days. Our school has this schedule where we have "A" and "B" days that rotate back and forth. When we miss a day of school, we just skip over that day and we "make it up" at the end of the year. Because of the snow days, we have missed ~4-5 A days .. hehe A days are my easy days since I only have calculus to deal with. On B days, I have 3 major classes. Because of all the snow days on my "easy" days, I feel like I am stuck in an endless cycle of B days.
Okay, enough of my rambles! For my outfit today, I chose to style another piece I had gotten in my Dresslily haul. 

DressLily Floral Jacket Review

DressLily Floral Jacket Review

This jacket is quite unique in my opinion. The material is very different and though it may look like a thicker type jacket, it's made of a more lighter material. In fact, it's actually quite lightweight. That doesn't mean it's bad though because the jacket is quite comfortable and can be perfect for spring once the weather warms up. The jacket itself is a bit stretchy near the sleeves and bottom. It feels very comfortable on and I love the way it fits me! I was actually worried before that it wouldn't fit since it was "one size."

Dresslily Floral Jacket

Dresslily Floral Jacket
I am loving my hair in this picture!
The jacket has a zipper in the front and it's very easy to zip up and down. The back of the jacket is a bit sheer, but that just means you have to wear something underneath. I paired this lovely jacket with a black cami and a pair of dark colored jeans. I think a pair of shorts would look really cute with this outfit, but unfortunately it is still winter hehe!
Dresslily Floral Jacket

Black Flats

Love You Ring

For shoes, I chose to wear a pair of black flats and for jewelry, I have on a silver ring from! I was lucky enough to have my sister help me take photos these past few weeks. Even though I have a remote for my camera now, it's still a lot easier when you have someone to take the photos for you. I don't have to worry about if I am standing in the correct position or if the lighting is good. My sister can check for me and that saves a lot of time! 

Floral Jacket

snow in Connecticut 2014

To complete my post today, I wanted to share with a picture of what I saw when I woke up Thursday morning. (No school that day!) I awoke to a snow covered street and it was crazy how big the snowflakes were. Usually snowflakes don't show up in photos, so the fact that they are visible here shows how big the flakes were! We also got more snow yesterday, but it seems to be melting now! =) 

Jacket- c/o Dresslily
Cami- Wetseal
Jeans- Aeropostale

What is your opinion on my jacket?
Have you guys been receiving a lot of snow this winter? 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DressLily Haul And Review

In December, I received an email from DressLily asking me if I would like to do a partnership with them. At that time, I did not know anything about the store, but I vaguely do remember seeing their name somewhere across the internet. I took some time to surf the site and noticed that the store actually had a lot of clothes!! The site also had a neat and clear layout which made my shopping easier. I could quickly pick from the categories and group items based on their price and popularity.
DressLily markets itself as a "leader international online fashion and accessory story who focuses on the very latest in affordable styles. Their goal is to provide their customers with stunning, high quality fashion products at down to earth prices." I would say that this statement is true because they have so much variety on the site and most items were fairly cheap! Needless to say, I had lots of fun looking through the site with my sister!

DressLily Haul And Review 2014
All of this was under $25!
I was given $25 (not including shipping) from DressLily to shop with. I decided to let my sister pick most of the items from the store because she literally fell in love with the whole site! I have to say, the site is very cheap since I was able to get 2 dresses, each with it's own belt, a thin jacket, 2 other belts, and a ring all for under $25! Another positive that I had with the site was how simple they made it convert measurements and currency. The site had a calculator that automatically calculated USD to other currencies and Cm. to In. (ohh why does America have to be the only country to use inches?)

Now onto the items that I received! (Clicking on the product names will bring you to the item =)

Dresslily Sweet Scoop Neck Flounce Sleeve Dress
Sweet Scoop Neck Flounce Sleeve Layered Hem Elastic Waisted Chiffon Dress For Women
Dresslily Sweet Scoop Neck Flounce Sleeve Dress

The first item that I got is this lovely dress called the sweet scoop neck flounce dress. This dress is adorable and has very nice quality! The dress is quite true to picture and fits both my sister and I. My sister's favorite part about this dress are the sleeves. She struggles with finding clothes that aren't so tight on her arms and this dress works! The sleeves for this dress are very unique and quite flattering! This dress is not my favorite item that I got, but it's the one that looks the best on me.. (if that makes sense). The dress came with a black belt/sash. I found the belt to be very simple, but at the same time cute! The belt is made from a pretty high quality material and can be worn with other outfits as well!

 Lotus Leaf Sleeves Casual Women's Dress

The next dress I got is called the lotus leaf sleeve casual dress! In my opinion, this dress was my favorite out of all the items I got. For some reason, it doesn't look that pretty when it is hung. The dress looks 100x better when it is worn so if you are curious as to what I look like with it on, check out my previous post, Royal Romance. The dress is made out of chiffon material making it very light and perfect for summer. In the back, there is a slight peep hole. The dress is quite casual, but can easily be dressed up by paring it with some cute heels. The thing I love best about this dress is the color. I don't own much purple items so this piece is definitely a stand out in my collection.
Along with the dress, a "random" belt was also included. Now hearing the word "random" made me really nervous because I wondered what random would mean! Well, I found out when I received my item that random for me meant the cutest belt ever!! The belt that came with my dress was a thick white belt with a bow in the center. It's super stretchy (which I personally love) and closes with two buttons. It's a very comfortable fit and I love the design of it.

Long Sleeves Floral Print Women's Jacket
The next item that I picked out was a beautiful floral printed jacket. I fell in love with the delicate floral pattern of this jacket. As soon as I saw the model sporting it on the site, I had to get it! I have to say that when I received this item, it did take me by surprise a bit. I expected a thicker and more opaque jacket, but in reality, the jacket was very thin and it felt more like something that I would wear in the springtime. I'm not disappointed by the purchase though because the jacket looks like the pictures except the material is thinner! The jacket zips up to close and has a bit of shoulder padding!
Bowknot Pattern Buckle Laconic and Mix-Matched Belt
After picking out my main items, my sister and I decided to choose 2 belts. The first one we got is a pretty simple one. It's an all white belt with a gold bow shape buckle in the center. The belt is very nice quality, but there is one thing about it that I don't really like. This is probably more my fault, than the shops, but I expected this belt to be used for your waist. I just went back to the site today and realized that this belt is suppose to be for your hips and not your waist! whoops... this just shows how important it is to read the item descriptions!

Double Layered Bowknot Embellish Belt
The 2nd belt that I got is also super cute, but had the same issue as the 1st belt, but this time it is not my fault! lol. The belt is completely white and has a white bow in the center. The quality of the belt is very nice and the belt itself is so cute! However, the belt does not fit my waist at all! It's huge and actually fits my hips instead. I went back to the site to check this item out and realized that the belt is suppose to be worn by wrapping it twice around your waist... I tried doing that.. but then the belt was way too small! I'm not really sure how to make this belt fit around my waist, so I think I will try to wear it as a belt instead!

Gold-filled Ring with Rose Petal Shaped Adornment 
The last item that I chose to get was this ring! From past experience, I know that wholesale sites typically have amazing jewelry and Dresslily did not disappoint! This ring looks better than the pictures!! It fits my finger perfectly and is extremely shiny! I love the rose shape of the ring and the crystal in the middle is stunning! I really do love this ring a lot and it was really cheap! I definitely do see myself to be purchasing more jewelry from Dresslily in the future!

Overall, my experience with Dresslily was positive! All the items came safe and they looked either similar or exactly like the pictures on the site. The downside to the site though comes from the time it took for the items to get here and the fact that most things only come in 1 size.! I put my order in at the end of December/beginning of January and my items came last week, so it took about a month for shipping. I guess that is to be expected though since it is international and the weather here hasn't been the best. As soon as my order shipped though, Dresslily sent me a tracking number which I like a lot. The one size thing could also be a problem for some. I found the clothes to fit me perfectly with a few areas being just a bit snug. Their customer service is very nice and speedy too! The person I was emailing was super sweet and polite though her English wasn't the best, but it was good enough for me to understand!
I really love the items that I got and I do recommend the site to others if you are looking for some cute and cheap clothing. It was a pleasure to work with Dresslily!

Have you ever heard of DressLily?
What is your favorite item in my haul?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Royal Romance Feat. DressLily

It's been a pretty good weekend so far! I've actually been quite productive this weekend with everything ... except my homework hehe! I'll have to work on it after this post! I've gotten some cleaning done, organization, socializing with friends, and did some cleaning on my hamster's cage! I haven't been that active when it comes to hanging out with my friends because of all the work I have. Even when I do have time, I tend to lay around doing nothing besides watch TV, look through YouTube, or playing candy crush. It's hard to get motivation to go out after doing so much work, but I really need to push myself to go out. I realized last night that this is my last year with all my friends before college. We're all going in different directions after high school so I feel like I really need to make these last months memorable! I want to end high school with no regrets! =)

For my outfit today, I am modeling a lovely dress I received from DressLily! I'll actually be doing a haul from the store later this week, but I really wanted loved and I had to show it off.

lotus leaf sleeves dress

lotus leaf sleeves dress

As soon as I saw the color of this dress, I realized that it would look absolutely beautiful against the snow. Despite how cold it looks outside, it wasn't that bad today temperature wise. The sun was shining down which helped and I wasn't outside for over 15 minutes! It wasn't that bad in comparison to the last time I wore a dress in the snow! I felt pretty comfortable outside and the only parts of me that were freezing were my toes and hands hehe. That was expected though, but I honestly didn't mind!

Dresslily Dress Review

Dresslily Dress Review

The dress is a light chiffon material and would be just perfect for spring/summer weather. It's very lightweight and feels very comfortable. I love the way it flows on my body and the fit of it is perfect! I honestly did not expect the dress to be such nice quality! I think the color of dress is also very pretty. It's a royal purple color and looks great against my skin tone. (and the snow) I personally feel that this dress could be the perfect attire for Valentines Day! It's not your typically red or pink dress, but purple I think is still very romantic.

Dresslily Dress Review

Dresslily 2014 Review

On the site, when I ordered the dress, the description mentioned that the dress comes with a "random" belt. I thought that this was pretty interesting that the belt would be random... I really wanted to know what belt I would get and whether or not I would like it. The belt that they sent me was an adorable white bow belt. The belt is super cute and I love the fact that it stretches. There is a buckle for it and it fits fairly well. The only little thing I don't like about the belt though is that fact that it keeps sliding down when I wear it. I would prefer it actually if the belt would sit on that little line on the dress, but to be honest where the line is, my waist isn't really there.. so I guess this is not an issue with the belt, but rather the dress on my particular body.
When my sister tried on the dress, the fit was perfect! It honestly looked like it was made for her!

Dresslily 2014 Review
"Let it go, Let it go"... I am obsessed with Frozen hehe
Bow Belt

For my accessories, I chose to wear a matching bow ring and a silver beaded bracelet. I got the bow ring a while back and the bracelet I got a long time ago. I actually remember getting the bracelet during a book fair we had when I was in elementary school. The bracelet came as a gift when you brought a book hehe. Nevertheless, I really love the bracelet and I feel like it doesn't look childish at all. It fits well and is really pretty.

ohh Since I've mentioned my hamster, I wanted to share with you guys a little story of what my hamster did recently! My little Cream (Creamsicle is her nickname!) is usually a pretty good hamster when it come to eating her food. I have her of some people having picky eaters who literally refuse to eat anything besides seeds. (not healthy!) I feed my hamster a brand called hazel hamster and it's a basically a mix of everything from seeds, to nuts, to seeds, and pallets. She eats everything except one type of pallet and she basically just leaves them there in her food bowl.
Well I came into check on her before going to bed one night and realized that there was no food in the bowl! It was a bit odd to me since I had just put food in her bowl a couple of hours ago and plus, she never ever finishes all her food. However, as soon as I took one glance at Cream, I knew exactly where the food went!! My little Cream's cheeks were literally the size of her body!! She had stuffed all the food in her cheeks. In response to this, I put a tiny bit more food into her food bowl and as soon as Cream sees that there is more food, she runs to the bowl and takes all the food out of her cheeks! How cute is she hehe?

Hamster Stuffing it's cheeks
Sorry for the blurry pictures! They were taken right at the moment so no time to set up hehe!
Dress- c/o DressLily
Ring- Wet Seal
Bracelet- Similar at Forever 21
Flats- Forever 21

What is your opinion of the dress + belt?
Have you ever gotten something off of DressLily?
okay.. I have to ask.. how cute is my hamster?
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