Sunday, December 8, 2013

Black Friday Haul (Fashion, Beauty, Food And Hamsters!)

As promised in my Thanksgiving and Black Friday post, I am going to be posting my Black Friday haul!! I am so excited to show my purchases. It's nothing too crazy, but it always feels nice to treat myself. I really want to do an outfit post before the month is over, but I feel like I have too many things to post about and not enough time! I have been to so many places this month (with crazy Christmas decorations) and gotten so much items that I want to review! (including an influenster box!)
Most of the items I purchased here were brought on Thanksgiving day after my dinner. I went to the mall and saw just so much cute things. I really wanted it all, but I had to limit myself. I also took some time to get gifts for some of my friends and family! =)

Rings Haul
I don't remember the exact stores I got each of these at. I'm sorry, but these are all under $10 each I am pretty sure!
   I didn't even notice all the rings I brought until the end of my shopping. I guess I just kept on buying and buying.
The first ring I got was at Kohls I think and it came in a set of two. It is a band with diamonds. I don't know why I chose to get it but it was really cute and inexpensive. I have been trying to find an "everyday" type ring forever now and I thought this one might be it.
The 2nd ring I got is a silver colored ring with 6 crystals in the center.
My 3rd ring came in a set with the 4th ring and I think that it was purchased at forever 21. I really like the 4th ring more than the 3rd ring and I personally do not thing that they look that good together. When my little cousin came over my house last weekend, she saw my rings set out on the table and I decided to give her the cute little flower one!
The 5h ring is an infinity ring that has gems that match my birthstone, aquamarine!
My 6th and final ring is this adorable fox shaped ring! I really love this ring and I think it might be my favorite. It's quite big on my finger and is a nice piece to add to a simple outfit!

Pink Pandora Beads

  This item I got at Kohls. I don't think it is a pandora bracelet but it is a very nice dupe of it. Initially I didn't notice this item in the middle of the store, but what I did notice was these adorable charms. The pink sparkles on the beads caught my eye and then I realized that they belonged to the bracelet! I really wanted the beads so I ended up picking them up along with the bracelet. It's so cute.. a big childish, but I am kinda of a child at heart even though I'm only 3 months away from turning 18!

Rose Gold Watch

I also picked up this really fancy looking watch in rose gold. Rose gold is really in right now and I love the color a lot. I think the color with a watch is very nice and I found one that I love a lot.  The face of the watch itself is metal while the band is more of a rubbery material. I saw a metal type band in the store as well, but I noticed the color on the metal peeling off quite easily which is why i opted for rubber instead.

Aeropostale Earphones

This purchase was something I have been needing for a while now!... new earphones!! I misplaced my earphones a long time ago (this summer I think) and have been earphoneless since! I got these at Aeropostale and I really love the way they look. I brought 3, but only the pink.. and maybe the blue one is for me. I plan on giving the yellow one away to my secret santa and the blue to my sister if she wants it.
 In our group of friends, we always decide to do a secret santa exchange instead of buying a gift for everyone. There is a lot of people and to have to buy gifts for everyone is a bit costly. So instead, we just spend money on one person and we can get each other better gifts!

L'oreal dare to Layer
(from left to right)- The Reign of Studs, The Holographic, Pop the Bubbles
This was brought by me. This collection by L'oreal called dare to layer (I think) was being featured. The purple color caught my eye at first and I saw the sample pictures and it looked amazing. After looking through their like, I ended up picking up the purple, the holographic clear coat and the blue. I have tried a swipe of the purple and I really love the way it looks and feels on my nails. It's not a smooth feeling finish but rather a bumpy one because of the glitter. The clear coat is very pretty as well. I love how my camera is able to capture the specks of glitter inside. When I put the clear coat on my nails, it catches the light so beautifully.
As for the blue polish, I love it a lot, but I do plan on giving it away as a present for someone. I bet they will really love it!

Nivea Hand Creme

This is a cute item I picked up. I love nivea a lot and this is a mini tin of their lotion. It's perfect for travel and I am going to be traveling to NY twice this month + I am also going on a vacation while I am in NY. I'm too excited for this vacation, but I have so much work that needs to be completed before then so I cannot let myself go into vacation mode just yet!


So this purchase wasn't my idea, but rather my mom's. She saw this pack of 10 socks at the store and told me to pick some up. I guess this makes sense because I run a lot and I often end up ruining my socks whether that is from holes or dirt. Running in mud really destroys shoes/and socks hehe.

Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat
The whole reason my mom wanted to go Black Friday Shopping
  This purchase was all my mom's idea and basically the whole reason we decided to go out on Thanksgiving night to go shopping. It's a good massager from brookstone! This one is perfect for anyone who is in need of a nice food massage. My mom's job entitles her to stand 7+ hours a day and she always is scared of injuries later on in life. She things a foot massager like this will help her and I agree!! She really needs something for her feet and this is perfect! It comes with heat which is so nice! My personal favorite setting is pulse on high with heat. My mom thinks it hurts, but I like it!

Godiva Christmas Chocolate

Panera Christmas

Because of out busy shopping, we needed to refuel. We did this with some complementary Godiva chocolate and Panera bread. After our spree on Friday, we stopped by panera for a sandwich and smoothie to split and some delicious chocolate. I could eat Godiva everyday!

Hamster Great Choice Bedding

I don't know if this part of the haul pertains too much to you guys, but I needed to pick up some more hamster supplies. They actually had a sale at the pet store for black friday!! I got some more bedding for my hamster. I need a lot more now since I recently upgraded her cage. It's no longer one of those mini cages, but rather a huge bin! I plan to show you guys some pictures later! Like I said before, I have so many things I want to share with you guys, but not enough time!

Oxbow Hamster Food

Hamster Supplies

Along with the bedding, I also picked up some more oxbow hamster food! I learned that Oxbow and hazel hamster are the best types of food for you hamster so I wanted to pick them both up. Unfortunately the two pet stores I went to don't carry hazel hamster!!!! It actually makes me a bit angry so not I am deciding if it is worth it to order online. The shipping is ridiculous though because of how heavy the food is!
Along with her food, I got her many treats. (not all are shown) I got her some "pretzels," sticks to chew on, a salt lick, a dish w/ walnuts, yogurt drops, an apple chew (now shown), some trail mix, and a ladybug cookie. (also nut shown) She likes everything except the ladybug cookie and trail mix! She is too cute!

This is pretty much the end of my haul! I was very satisfied with what I got on Black Friday. I got a few items for myself and the majority of my Christmas shopping completed! I love that feeling of being able to say that you are done with Christmas gifts. I'm not all done yet, but a lot closer than I have been in the past years. I typically end up buying all my gifts 2-3 days before I have to give them... It's very stressful! I also am happy with the hamster supplies I picked up and so is my hamster!

How was your Black Friday?
Which is your favorite ring from my purchases?
How close are you guys to getting all your Christmas gifts?


  1. This are all cute items sorry taking so long to come I'm under the weather today do not ask I have everything cold fever you name it. Great items love the ring how cute you have hamster I use to when I was 14 years old Chichi and Chachi that was there name male and female ha ha. This are cool stuff you have I love going to Panera Bread love to eat there soup and sandwich. Have a great week doll.

    1. aww I really hope you feel better! I was sick last week and in the worst mood ever, but I feel better now!
      Thanks!! Your hamsters sound so cute. I love the names you chose and yes, panara has some really delicious sandwiches!

  2. Beautiful finds.

  3. Wow...lovely items and amazing jewels!!!
    Kisses honey!

  4. I like all your rings, they all are nice, and I forgot about Black friday :(
    Have a nice week start darling

  5. I love what you picked up. Love the rings.

  6. those nail polishes look really great!

  7. Wow you got some great stuff! The rings are beautiful and I love the nail polishes! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  8. awesome picks :) love the design of the accesories

  9. wow, how many amazing thigs. i loved the nailpolishes :)

  10. HeLLo Mindy,
    Surely you blog about fashion and I'm impressed with all the shopping. I'm a kind of a stay home person, I rarely go to shopping complexes. But, regarding your questions...
    1. I actually have no idea what Black Friday is about. But I'll google it up.
    2. I like the first ring on the top left of your first picture.
    3. So far, I couldn't afford to buy Christmas gifts because many of my friends are getting married this month and I have to prepare lots and lots of AngPow.

    Have a nice day yeah.

    1. hehe Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving where people go crazy for big deals at the story.
      I really love that ring too and that sounds awesome! Congrats you your friends!

  11. everything look so gooood and that foot massage.. look so nice!

    1. thanks and yes the foot massager is so nice!

  12. perfect purchases!! love the rings!!!
    love, Bárbara

  13. I like your fox shaped ring ^^

  14. Amazing rings!


  15. Beautiful watch! Thanks for following! Following you back now!


  16. wow! I personally love those cute lovely headsets! :) lovely haul dear! thanks for dropping by on my blog:)


  17. i like ur pandora bracelet! :D

  18. Love everything here, lovely blog, what about to follow each other, let me know, muahhh

  19. you got aloooot of nice items


  20. Love your rings :)

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  22. loving the infinity ring!

    btw, thanks for following me. followed you back, dear!

    new post -->

  23. Lovely purchases! I like all of your rings!

    Away From Blue

  24. such a great haul!
    New post on my blog…let me know what u think about it!
    Nameless Fashion Blog
    Nameless Fashion Blog Facebook page

  25. Great buys! I love the infinity ring you found :)

  26. A major shopping haul! I would love to try the foot massager - too curious to know what it feels like.

    1. thanks! It feels amazing!!! It tickles at some times, but you can adjust the strength to what you desire. =)

  27. great shopping! What about we follow each other? Just let me know.
    Love, M.

  28. Oooh nice haul! Lovely jewellery :-) And that Godiva dark chocolate bar with raspberry looks sooo tasty... *drool*

  29. oh wow, you bought a lot of pretty items! I love all the rings! And that watch is gorgeous!

  30. Sweet BF haul! All the jewelry you picked up is so pretty! And the watch is super cute too! I didn't shop at all this Black Friday.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Blue Nile necklace giveaway!

  31. Wow! What can I say? ... intimidates me!
    Especially i love the rings.....!!! such an elegant collection.....!!
    <3 <3

  32. No black fridays in méxico, but it seems you got advantage of it, great buys, especially the rings and nail polish

  33. Mindy, I just love your posts. So long, thorough, and so much is included. I enjoy posts like this, I try to post the same as opposed to posts of one picture with one sentence and that is it. simple posts like that are okay once in a while, but every time it gets pretty boring and redundant.

    I absolutely love all those rings, but the last one is my absolute favorite. Is it bad that I see all you bought and just think of buying them for myself and not any one in my fam/friends? lol ooopsss... its funny because when my boyfriend and I are out xmas shopping at the malls by me (we have 4 big ones to choose from lol that's Chicago!) we always ended up buying something for ourselves even when we said we wouldn't! haha ;)

    black Friday here, as I said before, is a nightmare!! it is people upon people upon people--- google 'black Friday in Chicago 2013' and youll see articles on the 4 deaths that day that occurred at 3 different walmarts over people fighting over items. one lady shot another lady because she wanted the xbox for her son. people get so crazy, and it is so dangerous so we try not to go out all day and if we know a deal we reallllllly want, we will go get that item and that alone. otherwise we tend to go shopping that weekend as the deals usually continue throughout to that following Monday.

    I cant believe some one above said he doesn't know what black Friday is!! LOL that is too funny! so funny to see how different other cultures and countries are from ours!! :)

    Rica Marie x0x
    I comment4comment && follow4follow xx

    1. aww thanks so much!! Your comments are always amazing!
      I agree with you that a picture with a sentence is okay once in a while but it does get boring if that is all someone does. I try to put more thought into my post because I use my blog as a journal and I would love to be able to look back on my blog when I am older.

      hehe, it's okay! I like to buy a lot for myself as well. It's the holiday season so I need to get gifts which is sometimes stressful so I just buy things for myself and realize I didn't really want it and I give it to others.
      and ohhh, that always happens to me in the mall! (although it is easier not to buy something when you don't carry a lot of money!)

      Dear, I did just google and I can't believe that people die there on black friday! We don't have much happen, but a fight did break out around heere a few years ago.. nothing that bad. I would be quite scared actually to go out if I knew that people were killing each other. An xbox is not worth that much that you need to hunt each other for it!

      hehe it really is. I wonder if other countries think we are crazy when they see us physical fighting for material items! Actually, I wonder what they feel about us in general lol.

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