Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Visit To Uconn

Last Friday, (11/22/13) I went on my first ever college tour!... Yes I know I am a senior and that it's kinda late to be touring colleges, but I do already have my list of 8. I've already sent off my SAT scores and transcript today and all I need now is to send off my common app and complete my supplements! Just getting my SAT scores and transcript sent off feels like a huge weight off my shoulders! 
The college I went to tour was our local college - The University of Connecticut aka. Uconn! 
Uconn Map

My feelings about this school are quite mixed. I do love it and as you can tell by the map above, the school is HUGE! It's over 4000 acres large!! They offer buses to get around campus and according to my friend who gave me a personal tour, it can take 20 min. to walk from her dorm to one of her classes! Uconn is sort f a city of it's own! The reason I am against it is because of it's location. I have always wanted to give city life a try and Uconn is sort of the opposite of a city.... it's located in a farmland. Ever since a trip to NY in 8th grade, I have fallen in love with NY and dying for a chance to live there!

Visit To Uconn

Visit To Uconn
Our GPS told us to turn right here.....? =0
Unfortunately for my mom and I, the day we chose to go for the tour, the weather wasn't the best. It was literally pouring in the morning and driving there was a challenge. My mom is afraid of the highway so getting there was a bit rough. We kinda had mini heart attacks along the way, but we made it there alive! Kudos to my mommy for being able to get me there! She has never driven that long on a highway before!
There was one part of the trip where we got lost. It was really scary because our GPS had directed us to go down a narrow farm like road. We kept driving for a mile or 2 and reaches a dead end. We were hoping for our GPS to help us, but instead, it told us to turn right into the trees....? lol. That was when we realized we were on our own, but luckily, we were close enough the college where there were signs to direct us there!

Wow!! I didn't know frogs were so popular here hehe! =)
Visit To Uconn
Sights as we drove.. not too interesting, but look at the cute ducks crossing!
Here are some sights from our drive there. We passed a bridge that featured lots of frogs. I was so confused, especially when we reached the other side of the bridge. Every building there had something to do with frogs! hehe It was super cute! On our drive, we also encountered a duck crossing! As we turned by, I noticed the ducks crossing the road and it was the most adorable thing ever! 

Uconn sign

Visit To Uconn

After an hour and a half, we reached Uconn! I thought our hunt for Uconn was over at that time, but us being the clueless people we always are (trust me, I am so bad at directions) I had no idea where the visitors center was. I had to ask several students for help and eventually after 15 min. we found it!! Uconn as I said before is humongous!! If I went there, I would probably get lost everyday lol. 
When we got there, we were slightly late, but the staff there was super nice. They directed us into the room where they were briefing us about the school. We watched a few videos and began our tour! It was quite fun and I really enjoyed seeing the school. I really love the way the campus was set up there and the atmosphere from the school was amazing. Everyone was so helpful and you could tell that they had pride in their school!

The only thing that sort of bothered me was the dorm size.. I might sound a bit spoiled here, but my room at home is pretty big and when I saw the size of that dorm, I was just shocked. The dorm was the size of my bathroom and I was just curious as to how 2 people could live in there... I wonder if other colleges have tiny dorms? I have to get used to living in smaller spaces for college!! I'm kinda scared because I'm pretty messy at home and I know I can't be like that in college.. or else my roommate would hate me!

Visit To Uconn
My Friend And I
After the tour, I called my friend who is also a student at Uconn and she gave me her personal tour of the school. This also included getting to sit in on her sociology class! It was quite interesting to be in a college class. There was a lot of people and to be honest, the teacher and the students didn't even notice me!

Uconn Food

After the tour with my friend, I went to visit one of the dining halls for lunch with my friend and mom. We were able to get in for free thanks to my friends and apparently Uconn offers a buffet style meal plan! This is awesome for a college student because I know I will never have to worry about food. 
The quality/choice of food at a college is very important to me because that is most likely what I will be eating for the next 4 years of my life. I need to like it and Uconn passed the test for me!!! They offered so much choices of food there!! Everything from your typical college food, to some freshly made options and there was even an all organic dining hall!! My favorite food there though was the ice cream!! 
For lunch that day, I sampled a lot of items, but eventually settled on a slice of pizza, some salad and lots of ice cream! 

Uconn Co-op

Uconn Co-op
Uconn co-op
My Mommy And I
After our meal, we checked out more of the school, including the education building (which I am interested in), the gym and pool, and we stopped at the Co-op to check it out. As I walked in there, I noticed that they were already in the holiday spirit there! They had lots of Christmas items and right in the front of the store were Christmas Trees. 

Uconn Dairy Bar

Our last stop of the day was Uconn's Dairy Bar! Yes they have a dairy bar there which is the best for me because dairy is my favorite food group! I could eat yogurt, froyo, and ice cream all day! I got a coupon for a free scoop of ice cream at the dairy bar and it was time to put it to good use. I chose to get the banana chocolate chip. They gave me a lot more than a scoop because I shared the ice cream between my friend and my mom and it was quite a lot. 
At the dairy bar, Uconn makes the ice cream there by hand. They raise their own cows and the milk for the ice cream comes from their own cows! How crazy is that. You could even see them turning the milk into cream. As I ate the ice cream, I could easily tell the difference between this ice cream and the ones at the store. Uconn's ice cream tasted a lot fresher and richer. ohh I could there all day if I went to Uconn! 

Leaving Uconn

By the time we finished our ice cream, it was beginning to get quite late. The visit to Uconn went by a lot faster than I thought it would and when it was time to say goodbye to my friend, I had this feeling in my stomach of sadness. It was the type of feeling you get when you leave a place or person you love a lot. I was surprised at how sad I got when we had to leave. I didn't know I would miss the college/my friend as much, but I really do. I haven't seen my friend in almost 2 years and when we first met up, it was like we were super close again. It just sucked to have to leave that day!

Uconn With Parents

Overall my trip to Uconn was quite successful. The school is very nice and if I do end up going to college there, I know I will love it. 

My pros for Uconn are that it is close to home, MUCH cheaper, the great dining options, the program for education majors it offers, the prestige that it has, and of course the great friends I have there already!

My cons for the college are that the location isn't close to the city at all, it is too close to home (don't know how this can be a pro and a con, but it is for me hehe), and the dorm size.

If I get accepted to Uconn and the price it offers is a lot less than my other colleges, I will choose Uconn with little hesitation. My goal is to get into the city, but if doing so puts me in dept, I would rather wait 4-6 years!

Tell me about some of your college visits if you have ever been on?
What do you personally look for when choosing a college? for me it is cost, location, education level it gives, and the dining options!)
Has you GPS ever lead you to a dead end like ours? hehe.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's Maxi Time

 I can't believe it is Sunday today and less than a week away from Thanksgiving!! The holidays seemed to have sprung up on me this year faster than ever. (despite Thanksgiving being later.) It must be all the work I have hehe. This Friday, I got to skip school to go on a college visit of Uconn. (University of Connecticut) Unfortunately it was raining, but I still managed to take a few photos which I will share with you guys in my next post after I get them uploaded and organized! I have to say though that the college was a lot different than I expected. I expected it to be boring and farm like, but it was the opposite. If I do go there for the next 4 years, I'm sure I will love it even though it's not in the city =) I'll also love graduating there without drowning in loans hehe. 

Despite it being the coldest day ever today, I decided to wear this outfit. It is very cute and as long as you are inside, you won't freeze! I've being trying to organize/clean my clothes... in fact my whole house... and I keep coming across cute summer clothes and ohh how I wish I could wear them now! I love summer for the cute clothes and freedom from school, but I love winter for the snow and holidays! I just can't stand freezing temperatures and looking like a snowman under my coats!

How To Wear A Maxi Skirt

How To Wear A Maxi Skirt

This maxi skirt is super comfortable and very sophisticated looking. It's white with black stripes. The fabric that this skirt is made from is super soft. Most maxi skirts I have come across are made from a chiffon type material and while they are still cute, chiffon is a bit uncomfortable and I am always afraid of ripping it. This skirt here is made from a cotton like material and is quite stretchy. It's also the perfect length for me!

Stripped Black And White Maxi Skirt

Stripped Black And White Maxi Skirt

Along with the maxi skirt, I chose to wear a black long sleeve top. Just like the skirt, this top is super soft and stretchy and even though the material is thin, it keeps me pretty warm! 

Bow Ring
Apt 9 Flip Flops
For my jewelry , I wore two rings- A band and a bow ring. I really love the way the bow ring looks. I had to do some retouching on my nail polish as you may notice. I painted them for senior portraits and despite the top coat, they chipped in 2 days. It happens all the time to me probably because I am rough with my hands and I tend to bite my nails when I am bored. (trying to fix this habit!) 
The shoes I wore are a pair of cute flip flops from Apt. 9. They are simple black flip flops with a set of sparkling crystals in front. 

 Stripped Black And White Maxi Skirt

A lot is going on this week for me including a cross country banquet, shopping for coach's gift, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and college applications due! I'm going to be very busy, however with only 2 and a half days of school, I can't complain! 

Skirt- Modcloth
Flop Flops- Kohls

Are you a fan of maxi skirts?
How excited are you for Thanksgiving and Black Friday?? =)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My XC Medal and Favorites

 I just got back from my senior portraits at school today and to be honest, I don't know how they turned out, but I personally think that the picture I took with my sister will look the best. I hope my school pictures turned out okay because I only had one shot at it and it's the one going in the yearbook. (Yes, I did wait till the last minute to take them with my school.. because I am a huge procrastinator.) I just didn't feel ready to take the pictures in the summer because I felt too tan and not like myself, but once school started I was too busy to have my pictures taken. November is the last time they come to my school so I jumped on the appointments as soon as they were available. I was able to secure a spot for today at 2:45!!

Last Friday, I went to my 2nd ever high school football game! (1st if you don't count me playing in powderpuff freshman year, which is basically flag football for females) I'm not much of a football fan and although it was a fun experience this Friday, I don't quite regret not going more though. hehe. I think there is a bit too much hype surrounding football in high school! I don't understand the game  and boy was it cold sitting in the stands that night!! It was warmer than the previous nights, but I was on a hill and the wind up there was crazy!
The only reason though that I went to the game that night though was to get this little baby-

Cross Country Sportsmanship Medal
It was quite hard trying to take a selfie with 1 hand ! =)
Cross Country Sportsmanship Medal

Cross Country Sportsmanship Medal

It's my ECC Sportsmanship medal. Even though it isn't an "All ECC" Medal, I am very proud of myself for receiving this! The medal came in a case with our names on the back. The medal itself is gold colored with the title Eastern Connecticut Conference on it and a picture of CT. It's also got some weight to it which makes me really happy! .. (remember the plastic/paper medals they use to give us when we were younger.. well this is not plastic!!)

Football Senior Year
 I blurred the photo for privacy reasons =)
All the sports that night were receiving our rewards during halftime and here I am with everyone! Sorry for the blurry photo. I had to throw my camera to a person to snap this photo of us. It was a super cool experience but embarrassing at the same time. I felt like everyone in the stands was staring and probably wondering what we were doing in the middle of the game lol.

Nike Sports Bra

Nike Sports Bra

Another item I got related to cross country is this adorable sports bra. Ever since my freshman year on the team, we have talked about getting a team sports bra and finally we have done it! The sports bra we designed is from Nike. It's all red with a falcon on the back! How cute?! It fits really nicely and like most of Nike's gear, it does exactly as it says.

Biosilk Silk Therapy

This week, I also purchased an interesting looking product. It is a hair product by the name of Biosilk Silk Therapy. The results claimed by this product are similar to what is claimed by Garnier's Moroccan oil so I am quite excited to try it out. This one is an all liquid product and from my first impression, I noticed that it smells fantastic! The reviews online for this product seemed mostly positive so I am hoping that it will work the same for me!

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm

I also purchased these two lip products today! They were on display and caught my attention as I passed by. I stopped and noticed that they were lipsticks from Revlon and it seemed to be a new product. The colors that I picked up were 135 provocateur femme fetale (the red one) and 125 flirtatious charameuse. (the pink one) Upon opening, I noticed that the pink color seemed to be quite dark and looked red to me hehe. The red is literally bright red so I don't know if I want to use that one, but I will be keeping the pink. This product reminds me a bit of the jumbo gloss balms by covergirl!

essie lilacism

You might have noticed this color on my nails in the previous post, but the color I have on is a polish from Essie. The color is called lilacism. It's a sweet lavender color and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in the store. It reminds me more of a spring color, but it still works for the winter! I have two coats of it on in the picture above =)

 To end my post today, I really wanted to share this song I found with you guys. I know this is a long post, but I really think this song is beautiful. Everything from the lyrics to the music video speaks to me. It was filmed in Iceland!! The song is in chinese, but if you hit the little button on the bottom of the video, you can have youtube place english subtitles on it. If you want a better translation of the lyrics, you can check out this link. 
The singer of this song is Hebe Tien and her new album titled, 渺小  (Insignificance) is focused on the theme of global warming and it's impact on us! If you don't know, I am a huge supporter of taking care of the environment and I love animals so this song resonates with me. I'm glad that people are finally taking notice and spreading the word! 

Have you tried Biosilk silk therapy or the Revlon Lacquer colorburst before?
What color do you currently have on your nails?
What is your opinion on the song by Hebe? Do you like how the mv was shot?  I think it is genius and I'm really glad that she wrote about this issue!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Aeropostale Haul~

  I ordered from Aeropostale about a week and a half and received my package last Friday! I have never ordered online from Aeropostale before, but when I went on the site, I noticed that they had a promotion going on that seemed promising. The promotion was that when you spend $100, you get $25 back. (and I spent just over $100 and got everything here for under $80!!) Plus, if you used paypal to checkout (which I did), you get free 2 day shipping. How amazing is that?
I really wanted some new winter clothing and winter sports gear, so I figured this was a great time to buy some!
It was so cold last week that I barely went running because I tend to get sick now if I run outside when it is really cold/windy... then I can't do anything or go to school hehe. The interesting thing though was that yesterday and today, the temperature warmed up and I was able to go running in shorts! How crazy!?

Now onto the haul!- (clicking on the caption will bring you to the item =) )

The first items that I got are these cardigans. It is the cable-knit cocoon cardigan and I got it in 2 different colors- black and oatmeal. The black cardigan is for my sister while the white one is for myself. Since winter is coming soon, I really need some warmer clothes. I have sweaters and cardigans though not much of my sweaters are winter material. I needed something thicker so I could stay warm while being outside.
This cardigan is very warm! It's the warmest one I got!! The cardigan is kinda oversized and has a baggy fit to it. It's very comfortable to wear and I could see myself lounging around at home in this!

Draped French Terry Cardigan

This cardigan my sister chose for herself in the color acorn. This cardigan, like my first one, is also quite warm. My sister likes this cardigan a lot more than the first one because of the fit. This cardigan is a lot more fitted in comparison to the other one and it isn't as baggy. Plus, she enjoys the pockets on the side to slip to her hands into. I personally have to disagree with her on this because the 1st cardigan is so much cuter and warmer! =)

5-Pocket Knit Pants
5-Pocket Knit Pants
 I'm pretty sure these are my first pair of colored jeans! I have always been eyeing colored jeans, but I never buy any because I just don't think I can pull it off. I always stick to blue jeans, gray, or black jeans because these colors are much more neutral and easy not to mess up with. The color I chose to get the jeans in is a wine/burgundy shade. (It looks purple because of the flash I think... I'm still leaning to work my camera.) These jeans are really cute and I plan to wear them soon. I'm thinking of pairing the jeans with a black top or a cute sweater!

Racerback Bra Tank
Racer Back Tank
This is another purchase of my sister! It is a racer back tank in pink and contains a built in bra. I really love this tank and wished I brought it in my size for myself! It's so cute and comfortable. The material is super stretchy and I could see myself running in this tank. My favorite thing about this top is the back of it. We didn't realize that the back of this tank top had lace until it came, but that was okay because we love the lace in the back. It's super cute and who doesn't like to look cute when working out? hehe

Solid Inset Active Capri Leggings
Solid Insert Active Leggings
Leopard Inset Active Leggings
Leopard Insert Active Leggings
I finally got myself some yoga pants and a pair of running leggings! I plan on running 2-3 time a week throughout the winter (depending on the weather and how I feel) but if I do go outside to run, I will need some long pants to do so. I usually just wear leggings to run in the winter or some tight sweatpants if it is really cold, so it's nice to finally have some "real" leggings to run in. These leggings are pretty nice. I love both of them for different reasons. The design of the leopard one is so cute and I find that it fits better than the blue pair. However, the zipper on the blue pair is so cute and I could see myself putting my keys in there when I run! hehe

zip-black ponte knit pants
Zip-black ponte knit pants- This one is sold out, but here is a similar pair
 These pants are by far my favorite purchase in this haul. I don't know how this happened, but I accidentally ordered 2 pairs of these pants... oops... It works out well though because I will use a pair these for everyday wear and the other pair for running. I think these pants are better/thicker for runner in the winter than my running/yoga pants!  These pants were under $8 and I can't believe how comfy and warm they are. The material is super stretchy and thicker in comparison to leggings. The back of these pants features a zipper which I like a lot. This is definitely the best item in my opinion so I'm happy I accidentally got 2 pairs!

Aeropostale Coupons 2013

Along with the clothes I ordered, Aeropostale also sent me some coupons/deals! I don't think I will be purchasing items from P.S. anytime soon, but the 60% of during black friday is calling my name. I actually don't have much money left for Black Friday, so I'm not sure if I will be buying anything!

Aeropostale Haul 2013

  These are all the items I got neatly folded and organized! I've been slowly organizing my closet and getting rid of items I don't want. Some clothes don't fit me well anymore and some are just not my style anymore. My sister always loves when I clean out my closet (it's not often hehe) because she always takes a chunk of my clothes for herself. She says she likes my older clothes because they are really nice quality which I find interesting to hear. I use to buy a majority of my clothes at Kohls when I was younger (which I still have in my closet) and she buys her clothes at Kohls now as well, but she says that the clothes I brought ~3 years ago are much better quality than hers now. I wonder if that is true...?

Have you had any hauls lately?
Have you ever tried "thick" leggings? They are so nice! 
Just curious, but do any of you notice a decline in clothing quality or is that just me? =)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Laced In Mint

   So I was going to start this post out with another way, but I've chosen to start it another way... which is talking about the weather! Yesterday, 11-12-13, I saw the first snowfall of the season. Granted it's still August, but there is just something magical about the first snowfall. We were excited to get a "gentle coating of snow," but I sadly was in school when the snow fell and I couldn't snap a photo. I was planning to take a photo when I got home, but the snow unfortunately did not stick. The only sign of a snow shower was the fact that it felt like 27 degrees outside with wind chill! Burrrr!! I'm very excited for the next snow shower! Even though I dislike the cold, I love winter and snow... It sounds kinda contradiction, but it makes sense in my head =)

  Okay now onto my post! I received my new dslr camera this weekend and I have been beyond excited with it. After a few test shots, I learned that I was extremely satisfied with my decision to purchase this camera! High quality photos can make anybody look good! I swear I look like I came out of an advertisement in some of my photos! I took advantage of the long weekend I had to do some test snaps. My younger sister agreed to help me so that made me really happy. Having someone hold the camera makes things a lot easier on me! (I think she just wanted to play around with my new camera though hehe =)

Senior portraits 2013

Senior portraits 2013

Mint Lace Dress

A lot of people in our school get Senior Portraits outside of the ones that our school requires us to take for the yearbook. I was contemplating whether to do this or not (though I still haven't taken my school portraits!), but now I have come to a decision not to. It does cost a lot per season and to be honest, I think I already have a lot of photos of me.... =0  Now with my camera and an occasional photographer, I think I can manage my own portraits =)

Senior portraits 2013

Mint Lace Dress

Senior portraits 2013

For my photos, I chose to wear a lovely lace dress. As I've mentioned before, I think lace is such a beautiful pattern and I really wanted to wear it for my pictures. The dress is a a mid length with mid length sleeves. What I love so much about this dress is the pop of color it has to it. Underneath the black lace is vibrant mint color that looks beautiful against the delicate black lace. It is what makes the dress so unique in my opinion.
The back of the dress is also stunning. There is a triangular cut out in the back which makes it perfect for showing of your back. 

Mint Lace Dress

For the rest of my outfit, I chose to wear a pair of my black flats. I was going to wear heels for this, but I sadly could not find any that matched with this dress. I know I have some black heels around, but I just could not find them. That is okay though because the flats look lovely with the dress. 
For my jewelry, I wore a set of gold bangles. I love the way the gold contrasts with the black so I chose to wear them. My nails are also repainted for these photos. The color that I have on is called Rose by Julep.

Mint Lace Dress

Mint Lace Dress

Mint Lace Dress

As you can tell, I am in the middle of trying to reorganize my blog right now. I am not the best with the computer so I am a bit confused on how to work things right now. I want to make my pictures a bit bigger than before, but I don't want them monster sized like they appear now. Blogger only offers me 54 sizes - small, medium, large, x-large, or original. I used to have my pictures on large, but now they are x-large. They are a bit big for my taste, so I am working on fixing that. Apparently you can put a code in that will change ALL the photos on your blog to a certain size! I need to figure out how it works and I promise to work on the layout of my blog this weekend! =) If you have any advice/ideas, feel free to share with me! 

Mint Lace Dress

Mint Lace Dress

Sorry for spamming you guys with photos in this post! I promised my other post won't be filled with so many pictures. I just got too excited with my camera that I took a lot of photos and they all look good! I'll figured my blog layout out this weekend as well! =)

Dress- Similar @ Modcloth 
Flats- Forever 21
Bracelets- Forever 21

Do you like the pop of mint in my dress?
Do you like this size of photos or do you like them smaller?
Any tips for a new layout for me? =)
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