Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birthday Buffet!

    Last weekend was my little sister's birthday!! As you know by my birthday and my mommy's birthday, we celebrate each other's birthdays with a trip out to eat. For my sister's birthday, we all went out to a restaurant called Panda Buffet. As you can tell by the name, it was a buffet type restaurant which meant would could all eat as much as want for a set price. It was a pretty good deal in my opinion since it was only $7 per person + a tip!
   While my sister's birthday is actually on the weekend, we chose to go out on the 26th instead. It was surprisingly extra cold that day in comparison to the temperatures we had been having. The high that day was in the 60's as opposed to the 80's! I was having trouble deciding what to wear, but I eventually ended up trying a unique combo: I chose to pair a bodycon skirt with a sweater. haha

Sweater Over Skirt

Sweater Over Skirt
My mommy and I! 
 My outfit choice was actually pretty good because it kept me warm without overheating. The weather was just so strange that day especially considering the week before, we were in the midst of a horrible heat wave. I really wish I could post a picture of my sister here since it is her birthday, but she has asked to have her face not shown on my blog =( She looked really cute this day though!!

Panda Buffet New London

Panda Buffet New London

Panda Buffet New London

Panda Buffet New London

The inside of Panda Buffet was beautiful. I feel like all the sit in Chinese restaurants are beautiful decorated. They always have super intricate designs as well as fishes and chandlers. (I love chandlers and would love to have one in my own house one day!) The lighting inside was also very unique. It's hard to describe the colors, but I would say it was a bluish/orangish/purplish tint. (It's probably best you look at the photos) The restaurant itself was huge having 3 sections for people to sit! 

Panda Buffet Food

Panda Buffet
Mom- Orange Juice
Sister- Sprite
Me- Pink Lemonade 
Panda Buffet Chinese Food
First Row- Mom
Second Row- My Sister
Third Row- Mine
   As far as food went, they had an array of choices. They offered both Chinese and American food choices including dumplings, sugar donuts, steamed buns, garlic bread, fries, tofu, ice cream, fruit and sushi! I was personally shocked at how much food they had and the fact that it was all available to us. For most of my dishes, I chose to take advantage of the fact that they offered us sushi! I absolutely love sushi, but rarely get to have it because of how expensive it is. When it came to this buffet, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to have as much as I want! Sushi is so tasty, but so darn costly!! hehe.
  My sister found the wontons to be quite dry and disliked it, but she loved the dumplings. The dumplings were flavorful and surprisingly high quality. (as in they had lots of meaty filling as opposed to being 3/4th skin) Like me, she also enjoyed the sushi. Her favorite one was the seaweed and cucumber while I loved the avocado roll.

Fortune Cookie

Panda Buffet Bill
We def. ate more than 28 dollars worth of food!
  At the end of our meal we got out check along with out fortune cookies. I usually don't post a picture of bills, (because I don't want to seem like I am bragging) but I am still shocked at the mass amount of food we got for under $30!! It's ridiculous hehe. My mom is definitely thinking of going back again soon because she absolutely loved all the food there. My sister and I agree! I have been craving more sushi!

Sweater- Kohls
Skirt- Wet Seal
Ring- Forever 21
Flats- Forever 21

Who loves sushi as much as I do?
Have you ever tried the sweater + skirt combo before?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's The Climb That Matters (a long climb!)

   I know this post is coming a bit earlier, (Sat. night as opposed to Sun.) but I will be out most of Sunday and don't envision myself writing this tomorrow night at 11:30 hehe.  =)
  I got today's title from Miley Cyrus's song The Climb. The song just seems perfect for the mini trip I took earlier this week where I climbed 150+ stairs to get to the top of a monument! I was returning something to the library and I figured I might as well try and make my way to the top since I was right next to it. Before adventuring to the top, I spend some time around the huge fort around it. That day I had chosen to wear my favorite top from my last haul. Haha, whenever I get new clothes, I am always so eager to wear them.

Forever 21 Striped Short Sleeve Top

Forever 21 Striped Short Sleeve Top

     I love the off white color of this top. On the front of the shirt are stripes and on the back, the shirt has a solid color. I think this is a perfect shirt for the summer because of the fabric it is made from and the way it fits. The shirt is super lightweight and has sort of a boxy fit to it. This top is pretty casual which means it can be worn almost anywhere including school! The one thing that I disliked a bit was the fact that the too was slightly see through, but that is okay because I love everything else about it.

Forever 21 Striped Short Sleeve Top

Forever 21 Striped Short Sleeve Top

  Since I was only anticipating a short 5 min walk to the library, I didn't go out of my way with accessories. In fact, I forgot the bracelet I was planning to wear.. =0 Along with my shirt here, I chose to wear a pair of gray colored shorts and some jeweled flip flops. I love these flip flops that I am wearing because of how comfy they are in comparison to my other ones. These fit like a glove and even though my feet are a bit "broken" (I have a few blisters and a black toe..) by my running, these flip flops don't cause me pain even when climbing the 150+ stairs! 

Fort Griswold Monument
Inside the monument!!!!!!
Fort Griswold Monument

These two pictures were taken about halfway up the monument. Because of how tall and narrow the monument itself is, the stairs go up in a mind dizzying spiral pattern. At first I thought I would be able to make it the top without a break, but I eventually gave in and stopped for a moment to give my legs some rest time and so I wouldn't pass out from all that spinning around hehe.

Fort Griswold Monument
Reaching the top
 The picture above was taken when I finally reached the top of the monument! Despite what I had thought, the top is actually quite nice and well lit. I don't know why, but the stairs were super dark with an occasional light ever 15-20 stairs. It was quite a relief reaching the top, but at the same time scary for me because of how high up I was. I have a slight fear of heights... but it wasn't that bad. I think I was mesmerized by the fact that I could see so much of my town from where I was standing.

Fort Griswold Monument
The monument + all the lovely sights from up top!!

Shorts- Kohls
Flip Flops- Forever 21

Do any of you have a fear of heights like me? 
How would you style this top? =) 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Neon Bouquets

  Guess where I am going this Sunday....? I get to go to Lake Compounce!! Every year, my mom's workplace offers their employee's a day where they can bring their family to an amusement park! It is for their employee appreciation week. Last year, they offered us a free trip to six flags which was really nice, however the day I went, the weather did not cooperate. As a result of the pouring rain and thundering, most/all the rides were closed! If you remember from my post on that day, I basically went there, got free food, an animal balloon, talked to people, and went home. It was enjoyable, but I go to amusement parks to ride roller coasters (even though I am terrified of them) haha. As of now, the weather is calling for a few sporadic showers throughout the day so as long as it's nothing crazy like last year, I think we'll be fine!
   For my outfit today, I am wearing a dress I recently got. I have been dying to try on the neon bouquet dress I got in my haul post!

Neon Bouquet Dress

Neon Bouquet Dress

I really love design of this dress! As you know me, I am a sucker for anything lace, especially when the lace design is as elegant as this one. The top of the dress has a sheer lacy fabric. On top of the sheer fabric are several flowers which impressed me. The flowers were really well made and attached on quite securely! I also love the way the back of the dress looked. There is a little key hole in the back and I love stuff with key holes like this! 

Neon Bouquet Dress

Sugarlips Neon Bouquet Dress

The front of the dress is also super pretty and unique! The name of the dress is "neon bouquet" so to hold up to that name, the dress has a splash of neon pink placed on the front. The neon pink is placed right on the flowers which is super pretty! The rest of the dress is fairly keep the attention on the top of the dress. The color of the rest of the dress is an off white. It is fitted at the waist and flares out at the bottom.

Sugarlips Neon Bouquet Dress

For my shoes, I chose to wear some black flats. I personally think nude/white colored shoes would look the best with this dress, but I don't own any nude flats so I had to make do with what I had! I do have nude heels, but my feet recently have been beaten up with blisters.. (and a bruised toe) by my running, so I am staying far away from heels for a while! 

Coral Bracelet Set
Homemade Earrings
I really like the way my hair looks here!!! 
For my accessories, I wore a set of coral colored bangles and a pair of gold colored earrings. I don't usually wear earrings even though I have my ears pierced so it was a workout trying to get these earrings on. I was scared that my holes had closed up, but thankfully they didn't. I guess this is a sign I should wear earrings more often! hehe

Neon Bouquets Dress

Dress- Sugarlips
Bracelet- Charlotte Russe
Earrings- Similar @ Forever 21

Are you a fan of amusement parks/roller coasters?
Don't you just love the look of lace on a dress?  I do! =) 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My July Haul (Feat. a HAMSTER)

   It's been forever since I've done a haul post! My last post was in May and it was a haul from forever 21. I originally did want to do a haul type post every month, but I struggle with that since I don't typically go on extravagant shopping hauls every month. If I did that, I don't think I would have any cash for anything else!! My beauty/fashion related buys are quite sporadic. Sometimes I'll get a lot of items in a month and other times, I could go weeks without picking anything up. Recently, my sister and I ordered off of Forever 21. It was sort of part of our back to school shopping... (only 1 month of vacation left *cries*)
  Most of the items I got here were from Forever 21, but there is also an item from sugarlips and a few makeup products. A great majority of these items were originally for my sister, but she gave them to me since she wasn't satisfied with the pieces when they came. Typically Forever 21 is either a great hit or miss for me and this time, it was half and half for me while my sister hated it completely.
   Off to the haul now! -

Ombré Floral Dolman Tee
From Forever 21
This top was actually my sister's choice. This item was a semi hit for her. The floral pattern is very pretty online, but while it looked good in real life, it was not as amazing. It is a pretty casual top in my opinion and can be worn with a pair of jeans and flats for a cute look. 

Floral Lace Top
From Forever 21
  This top is absolutely gorgeous! It is a off white color and I love the lace on top! It is so delicate and adds a feminine touch to the shirt. My sister did not really like the boxy fit of this shirt, but I embraced it. I could not let this lace go hehe

Graduated Sequins Top
From Forever 21
Graduated Sequins Top

This top was a miss from me and my sister. It is absolutely terrible! (Do not buy it please) The top is a beautiful color, but the sequins are incredibly tacky and cheap looking. It looked nice on the model, but when we received the shirt, it was obvious how cheaply attached the sequins were. Not only that, but the abundant amount of the sequins were kinda annoying.  Whenever the light caught the shirt, the entire top would light up. (and not in a good way lol)

Striped Short Sleeve Top
From Forever 21
I really liked this top that I got! It is such a pretty color. It looks a lot like the sequins top but without the tacky sequins. In place of the sequins are metallic like stripes which I really love. It captures the light perfectly. I think this top would look really cute with a pair of shorts and flip flops! It is made from light material making it perfect for a hot summer day. 

Quilted Nylon Tote
From Forever 21
Quilted Nylon Tote

  This bag is amazing!! It doesn't look like something that is from forever 21 because of the high quality. Well, it was kinda expected since it didn't hold the "cheaper" forever 21 price. The bag was around 24 dollars which is still a good deal. The bag had some nice reviews so my sister and I decided to take the chance and we are happy we did. The bag looks like something from a designer brand on the outside and on the inside, there is a strip of neon pink. It is quite spacious inside and even contains a few extra pockets to help keep us organized. 
 Expandable Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag
From Forever 21
 Expandable Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag

This was another great buy from forever 21! I'm starting to think that f21 bags are all really nice. While it didn't carry that designer feel as the other bag, it is still super cute and perfect to hold makeup. It has a lot of room and many pockets to keep your items organized. It is the size of a clutch making it easy to carry around. The pattern is adorable and reminds me a lot of the pattern on my coin purse.

Sugarlips something else top
From Sugarlips
I got this top from sugarlips and the selling point for me was the neckline. I adored the lace pattern and how elegant it looked. In real life, the top was still quite cute, but I did not realize how stretchy the bottom was. Stretchy is usually good, but I could not justify how oddly/easily this top stretched especially around me. Whenever I moved or the wind blew, the top would get a little "bounce" hehe. I am thinking maybe someone else could pull it off? 

Neon Bouquet Dress
From Sugarlips
This dress is also from sugarlips and I have a much better liking of this dress in comparison to their top. The dress fits perfectly and I again love the lace up top. The dress is called the Neon Bouquet Dress and I can see why. I love the splash of pink in the dress! 
And now onto the super cute part of today's post- My new hamster Carrie!
I got her a little over a week ago on Wednesday! She is absolutely adorable and I chose to name her Carrie. She's super active and loves to run on her wheel.. at night hehe.  She's the first pet I have had in ~10 years.. my last pet were two fishes. I am a huge animal lover but the rest of my family is quite the polar opposite making it hard for me to be able to own any. 
Here are some pictures of her- (sorry for the bad pics... it is so hard to get good pictures through the cage while she is running around)

Fancy Hamster
She also loves climbing on her cage!! 
Fancy Hamster

Have you ever had a hamster or any other pet? 
What do you think of my haul? =) Any items you like/dislike? 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dancing The Days Away

       Summer is pretty much half over and school starts next month! Ohh where did the time go.... and I still have to do my summer reading assignments.. =0 opps. haha.
 You might remember in my previous post that I mentioned something about fireworks on Saturday. Well they happened!! The fireworks in my opinion weren't the best in comparison to other years, but the people I hung out with were amazingly fun! I was with one of my friend's kids who came here from North Carolina! I just love little kids so much and I always get excited when they come up to CT. The part that made the fireworks kinda lacking was due to the fact that we could barely see the fireworks. There was so much fog around that we could only see the sky lighting up in an array of colors. It actually even started drizzling for a second during the fireworks. Good thing I was on a porch with a roof hehe!

Thames River Fireworks 2013

Thames River Fireworks 2013

I recently got enough credit on Dailylook again to be able to get a $20 coupon from their store. The last item I got from them were these heels that I wore in my feeling peach look. I loved the look of the heels a lot.. it's just that they are so high that I struggle to walk gracefully in them. The item that I got this time is the Mesh Insert Dress.
Dailylook Mesh Insert Dress

Dailylook Mesh Insert Dress
ohhh my face... hehe
 The dress is definitely more of a nighttime dress. It's a bodycon type dress and I typically don't wear or even own any of them. I just never really have the need or opportunity to wear a dress like this. However, I still chose to get this dress because I was really attracted to the color and design of the dress. As you may know, I love anything pink and the design of the dress is so cool. It reminds me of those optical illusion dresses that celebrities wear! 

Dailylook Mesh Insert Dress

Dailylook Mesh Insert Dress

Overall, I really love the dress. It slips right on to me and is super comfortable. I expected bodycon dresses to be on the tighter side, but I guess I was wrong. The dress is quite stretchy and goes right over my body. The part that I love about the dresses are the sides. The sides have a meshy/see through part which is really cool. I think the side mesh is starting to become a trend now a days considering the fact that my prom dress and another dress I own has them too! I have also seen a lot of dresses online with mesh incorporated into them. 

Dailylook Elastic Strap Sandals

Alex And Ani Bracelet

Along with this dress, I chose to wear some heels that I got also at Dailylook. They are the elastic strap sandals. The color is very similar to the pink on the dress so I thought they would look to good together. For accessories, I chose two of my alex and ani braclets!

Dailylook Mesh Insert Dress

If I ever am going to any night time dinner I can def. see myself in this dress! It is comfy... just a bit on the shorter side so in my opinion, not that appropriate for school. Today has been a down day for me which I enjoyed, but tomorrow I have a tennis match! I'm not the best at tennis, so we'll see how this works out hehe! Wish me luck!

Dress- Dailylook
Heels- Dailylook
Bracelets- Alex And Ani

Do you own any bodycon dresses?
What's your opinion on dailylook? I love the site itself and the clothes, but the prices to me can be a bit high. I still love the concept of it though and I would order from them as long as I had a coupon!!
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