Sunday, June 30, 2013

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask Review

   I just brought this new product that claims to erase blackheads and it's been a while since I've done a product review so I much share my experience with you guys. In fact, looking back the last review was done in May by my sister on the lip whispers and covergirl jumbo glosses. When it comes to reviews, I always feel like I have nothing to say about a product (unless it was amazing or really bad) so I avoid doing them hehe.
The product I am going to be reviewing today is the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask
It claims to draw out trapped dirt & oil. =)
Whenever a product claims to magically erase my blackheads, I am always somewhat skeptical since blackheads cannot be "magically" erased. Blackheads are the result of dirt and oil that have accumulated in your skin so you can't expect to get rid of them in a matter of minutes. Like anything in life, patience and persistence is key! 
However this product was only $4.97 so it was worth a try. I usually have pretty good skin on my face, but the skin on my nose is somewhat bad. I tend to have really large pores on my nose which leads to incessant sweating and clogged pores. It doesn't help that I have to run and play tennis in the heat leading to more sweat haha. This is why my summer time face routine crucial or else I'll end up with clogged pores and 50000 pimples .. (over exaggeration haha, but you get my point)

Before Blackhead Mask

Before Blackhead Mask

This is me without any makeup and a clean face. (Notice the glasses tan line.. it'll slowly become more prominent as the summer goes on!) 

I always make sure to tie my hair back or else I am going to end up with a mess. 

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask

I chose to put the product all over my face for this review. The instructions tell you to apply to your entire face, but normally I would just put this on my nose. When I applied this product onto my face, I felt a tiny tingling feeling. It was quite refreshing and cooled my face. The product comes out in a whiteish/light green color and has a scent redolent to flowers. The smell wasn't over powering and was actually really pleasant. The instructions tell you to leave the product on for 5 min. / till it dries which is what I did. You know the mask is dry when it turns a pure white color.  After it dries, you can wash it off with a wet cloth.

 Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask

Clean & Clear
I just realize, I'm not looking to attractive in these photos.... =0
Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask Review

To be honest, the first time I used this product, I did not feel as if it did anything for my skin. However after using this mask for a couple times, I was able to notice a tiny difference. My face feels more refreshed and my blackheads have faded. Personally I don't think any mask is going to remove your blackheads completely, but they can definitely help prevent and loosen them. 
One thing that I like about this product in comparison to others is that the clean and clear blackhead eraser isn't as drying as other mask. I didn't put moisturizer on and my skin wasn't dying from dryness after. 

The only downside to this product is that you must regularly use it in order to see results. I tend to forget to use this or I just become too lazy. Other than that, I would recommend this product to you guys. For under $5, it cleanses my face without being too harsh on my skin!

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask- @Walmart for $4.97

What does your summer time face routine look like?
How do you get rid of blackheads? 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feeling The Heat + New Sneakers!

   The last few days have been dragging... not because there has been nothing to do, but because of this crippling heat. Apparently, the northeast is experiencing a mini heat wave right now.. I have been barely surviving in this heat. I'm keeping most of my runs easy, taking lots of breaks between tennis rounds as well as drinking bottles of water to assuage my thirst and keep me alive haha. I think the heat just hit us so suddenly that my body couldn't adjust quick enough. If I am in an air conditioned room, I am fine, but being outside is just torturous!
   In other news, did you guys hear that in Alaska, they are experiencing 90+ degree weather. I might be wrong here, but I thought Alaska was known for being cold...? Do any of you guys know if this is normal?

Forever 21 Denim Vest

Forever 21 Denim Vest

Here is an outfit that I would wear when I am in an air conditioned room, not outside in the heat haha. I got this vest last month during my forever 21 haul and I have yet to wear it. I find myself to wear my new clothes  only once and then I toss it to the back. I am trying to amend this bad habit by making more use out of my clothes. I tend not to wear denim in the summer, but I find this outfit to be really nice.

Studded Jacket

Studded Jacket

Studded Jacket

  I love the accent of the studs on this jacket. They add a sense of edgeness to my outfit. Underneath this jacket, I wore a simple white top and a lacy cami. I think the look of studs and lace looks very nice together. It's like the best of both worlds. For my bottoms, I wore a pair of dark blue shorts and a pair of sandals for my feet. 
Denim Studded Jacket

Denim Studded Jacket
I have no idea why this photo turned out so bright...
 This intense heat wave is making me want to go to the mall or movies to escape the hotness. However I just hate it when I walk out of an air conditioned room back into the heat. It's such a suffocating feel. haha. This is why I do my runs in the morning... so I can kick back and relax for the rest of the day! Speaking of running, I was able to pick up some new running shoes last week!! I had a bit of trouble finding one that fit my feet since I am now a size 5.5 in shoes (I guess my feet were really bloated before), but I eventually settled on a pair of these nike frees! I am in love with the color!

turquoise nike frees

Denim Jacket- Similar @ Forever 21
Shirt- Kohls
Cami- Kohls
Shorts- Forever 21
Sandals- Forever 21

What is your go to outfit on a hot day? 
How do you escape the heat?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lace Always Makes Me Feel Girly...

    My busy and active summer officially starts tomorrow with the beginning of tennis and cross country practices. While I do love tennis, I hate how it forces me to wake up so early (7:30 in comparison to 9:30). This means no more staying up till 1 am watching asian dramas haha. If any of you watch these dramas, you probably know how entertaining and addicting they can be. Most of the time, I have enough self control to stop after an episode or two, but it is pretty hard when I'm so engulfed into it! haha.
  I recently picked up a new dress that I was thinking to wear to a formal event of some sort. At first, I disliked the dress, but after wearing it and taking pictures in it, I seem to like it now!

Sugarlips Lace Knit Dress

Sugarlips Lace Knit Dress

The fabric to the dress is a purplish gray color and is super soft. While I like the softness, I hate how easily it wrinkles. The dress came to me wrinkled which I did not like, but I'm sure that can be quickly fixed with an iron. I'm trying to be sanguine about the dress because I really do love it.. it's just I can't stand when clothes are wrinkly because that means I have more work to do till I can wear it. 

Lace Knit Dress

Lace Knit Dress

The part of the dress that I love is the lace that is underneath. Wearing lace always make me feel so girly and the way the lace is incorporated into this dress is really cool. A triangle of lace is shown up top and the bottom of the dress also reveals some lace. The bottom of the dress is also asymmetrical which makes the dress super unique!

Bangles and Ring

AK Anne Klein

Along with this dress, I chose to wear a set of bangles and a ring. I also decided to pull out some heels to accompany the dress. I don't wear heels that often since I can barely walk in them, but these are actually quite comfortable. I got these from a friend who brought them only to find that they were too big for her. (she has tiny feet seeing how these are a size 6!) These heels fit me like a glove with a tiny bit of wiggle room in the back! They don't cause me too much pain and when I pair them with my Dr scholls insert from my voxbox, they feel just like flats!! 

Sugarlips Lace Knit Dress

Lace Knit Dress

For these photos today, I decided to try and take some on our porch. We keep the porch locked and taped (yes, taped) shut through the winter so it's exciting when my mom finally opens it for us. The porch is really nice place to read or just relax since you get to be outside without the blazing sun burning your skin! 

Dress- Sugarlips
Bangles- Forever 21
Rings- Forever 21

Do you love wearing lace?
How do you make your heels more comfortable?
Do any of you watch any Asian dramas? Recommendations for me hehe?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

       Summer is here!! I took my two finals on Monday and since then I have been school free. I haven't really done much since school has ended just because I wanted to relax. Starting next week till the end of summer, I will be quite busy with playing tennis, running, and learning to drive. Today I got to go out for some froyo and lunch. The weather was surprisingly pleasant!  Sunny, but not scorching hot! It was perfect!

Sugarlips Mesh Insert Top

Sugarlips Mesh Insert Top

 Recently I've noticed the roses in front of our house blooming like crazy. I remember years before, we would only get a sparse amount every now and then, but this year they are flourishing! I had to capture this moment haha. Along with these roses, my mom has recently gotten excited over gardening. My sister brought an abundance of vegetable seeds home last week and my mom has planted all of them in our garden.  I don't we personally have the best luck with gardening so I'm interested to see if can get any yield from them. 

Sugarlips Top

Sugarlips Top

I got this blue top a while back and I really love it. I know I saw this about everything, but it's true haha. If I didn't like something,  I'd probably wouldn't wear it or I'd return it! This top has a high low design to it. The fabric is very smooth and I love the rich blue color. My favorite part about this top is the mesh like design it has. The meshy part creates a cross pattern on the front of the shirt and then a stripe of mesh runs across the back. 

Mesh Insert Top

Mesh Insert Top

Since the mesh part of the top was see through, I chose to wear a black cami underneath. For my bottoms, I chose a pair of dark gray shorts I got a while back and a pair of flip flops. To keep in spirit with all these blooming flowers, I chose to wear a  bracelet which had roses on it. I think this bracelet was originally my mom's, but since she rarely wears jewelry, she gave it to my sister and I to share. My sister is in love with jewelry! I usually don't wear much except maybe studs every now or then. 

Rose Bracelet

Mesh Insert Top

   I have so much planned for the summer. I can't wait. I am hoping to get a lot accomplish this break! ( I know I always say this and then do nothing, but I am determined this time haha) One thing I probably should get to doing right now is cleaning my room. It's beyond messy. The first floor of our house is immaculate and it just makes my room look like a tornado went through it. The floors in my room are littered with school papers and clothes that I shove to a corner when I need a place to walk. =0


Top- Sugarlips
Cami- Forever 21           
Shorts- Forever 21
Flip-Flops- Kohls
Bracelets- Similar @ Charlotte Russe

What do you think of tops with mesh designs like this?
Are you growing and plants/fruits+vegetables in your garden?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Influenster Something Blue Voxbox

    I have been a member of Influenster for almost a year now and never received a box. To be honest, I'm never that active on the site. I was in my first few weeks, but then I stopped. I did recently check out the site again in the beginning of May for a while though. This is why I was shocked when I saw an e-mail from them about a month ago saying I qualified for a box!! I was beyond excited so I took the qualifying survey and waited. It turns out I was accepted and I received my box last week in the mail!!
   From what I heard, Influenster is one of the best box services around. They give you a special box packed with full size products and sampled for free! In return, they ask for your honest opinion on the products. Influenster is definitely a win win box!

something blue

something blue


The theme for June 2013 was Something Blue. The box came with items for a bride to be or someone attending a wedding... haha, I'm not really sure how I qualified for this box as neither of those describes me, but I do enjoy feeling like a princess! I guess  I logging on again in May was auspicious to me or else I would not have received this box! 

 Here is what I received in the box- 

Kiss Ez lashes

Kiss Ever EZLashes- I have always been a fan of fake eyelashes and actually own quite a few pairs myself. Being Asian, my obstinate lashes are not only immune to curling, but they actually point downwards!!   This is why I need fake eyelashes. However, I rarely wear them due to the fact that  I can never get them to fit properly. I'm thinking I won't have these problems though with this product since they are called "ez lashes" and come with an applicator!

something blue

Dr Scholls For Her Ball Of Foot Cushion- I can see why they included these in the box as anyone who has to wear heels knows the pain that comes with being pretty. For me, I experience a great deal of pain since I always fall and twist something when I wear them. I tried them with a pair of my heels and they work really well as far as relieving pain! They are made from a unique gel that absorbs shock while providing cushioning. I think these are a must for anyone who is required to walk in heels! 


Luster Now Toothpaste- I have yet to try this product since I don't have a big event coming up yet and I would to save it, but I am beyond excited to use it. This is probably my favorite product in the whole box! After having braces, my teeth haven't been the best which is where this product would come in. It has special Blueverite technology that instantly gives the effect of whiter teeth. for hours. It just sucks that the results are transitory and not permanent, but it's still an amazing product. The instant part really sells it for me. 


Q-Tips Precision Tips- At first I was like, why did I get Q-tips? However, upon further examination, I realized that the q-tips were actually pointed at the ends! I sometimes use Q-tips to touch up my makeup or remove eye makeup. The fact that these are pointed makes me excited to try them. I am thinking to use these for my nails though instead of my eye makeup as that makes more sense haha. These are perfect to get rid of excess polish on the sides of my nails. 

Ache & Pain Relief

Urgent RX Fast Powders- This is great for aches and pains. They are fast acting medication that instantly works. There is no need for water or waiting which makes it perfect to carry around in your purse. I think for me this would come in handy after cross country practice if I am feeling any pain. 

influenster voxbox
A description of all the products

something blue
My overflowing box haha. 
I cannot wait to try all the products and I'm very excited that I even got a box! I'm going to try and be more active on the site now in hopes of getting another box! In my opinion, I like Influenster boxes that most since they are not only free, but contain so much full size items. I have never tried other box subs., but I've seen the products inside and Influenster seems to be the one that offers the most variety. The only downside is the fact that you don't get one every month and the offers you get from the side are a bit sporadic in comparison to other boxes.. 

Are you a member of any box subscriptions? Which one is your favorite? '
Have you ever gotten a box from Influenster? 

All products I received were complimentary for Influenster =)  All opinion are mine! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Runs

     Summer is approaching fast!! 2 more days of classes this week and 2 exams on Monday and I will be free. I'm def. feeling mixed feeling because senior year is right around the corner. I'll be honest, much as I want to be a senior, I don't want the experience of high school to be over. I'll definitely miss being with my friends all day and talking with everyone. The positive thing though is that I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn and spend hours listening to soporific lectures by my teachers. I guess for now I'll just continue enjoying the rest of my junior year and summer!
For my outfit this week, I was feeling a bit conflicted. The weather always starts off cool/cold in the morning, but then turns blazing hot in the afternoon. Anyways, here is what I came up with -

Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple

   The weather really has been conflicting lately. There is literally a ~20 degree difference from when I wake up to when I come home.. I usually am at my bus stop before 7 am which probably explains the cooler weather. However by the time I come home, it's incredibly hot and humid out which sucks for me because I have to go running in that heat! I absolutely abhor sweating, but I'll have so suffer through it if I want to be decent when the cross country starts!



summer love

 For my outfit today, I chose to wear a pair of shorts with a long sleeved black top. I originally was going to wear jeans with this, but once I start wearing shorts, dress, and skirts I can never seem to go back to jeans. (it's the same way when I go from shorts to jeans in the winter time!) I just enjoy the sun hitting my legs and not suffocating in a pair of skinny jeans.

summer love

Shabby Apple Scarf

Too add some color to my outfit as well as warmth in the morning, I wore a magenta infinity scarf in the morning. By the afternoon, the scarf was off of me considering it was 73 degrees out! For my accessories and shoes, I chose to were a gold bracelet and a pair of sandals. 

Scarf Infinty

As far as summer plans go, I plan on being around my friends as much as possible, sat prep (yuck) and follow my summer training plan for cross country! Our team met with the coach this Monday and it turns out, he has our entire summer runs planned out for us and expects us to log our runs. . . =0  I don't know how to react to this, but I guess you can say he is determined for us to win haha.

Shirt- Forever 21
Shorts- Kohls
Scarf- Macy
Bracelet- Forever 21
Shoes- Forever 21

How was senior year for you guys? Did you enjoy it more than junior year?
Who else is still wearing a scarf at this time?
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