Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bold In Blue

    It's hard to believe, but I only have 19 days of school left before junior year is finally over! School officially ends on the 21st of June (thanks to all the make up days we had due to the snow), but I only have to take two of my eight finals! I am beyond excited to be finished with school this year, but at the same time I am feeling a bit sad that this year is over. Junior year literally flew by with all the test, dances, and events going on!
  In other news, I have been constantly getting new dresses recently. I don't know why, but I seem to prefer wearing dresses over actually pants right now. Maybe it's due to this humid and hot weather haha? One dress that I picked up is absolutely lovely and it actually reminds me of a dress that was worn on Pretty Little Liars!

Sugarlips Cobalt Jet Dress

Sugarlips Cobalt Jet Dress

My favorite thing about this dress is how formal and elegant it is yet so simple at the same time! The dress is made from a very comfortable fabric and is comprised of just two colors: black and blue! The blue is a very rich blue that I find to compliment my skin nicely. The top of the dress is black mesh with detailing in some parts. The black mesh part is a bit itchy on me sometimes, but I can deal with it since it's so cute! 

Sugarlips Cobalt Jet Dress

Sugarlips Cobalt Jet Dress

The length of this dress is slightly longer than I am used to, but I actually am okay with this length. It hits me right above the knee which means I don't have to worry about my dress flying up when I walk haha. The longer length of this dress also makes it appropriate for me to wear to school events/awards and family get togethers. Most of the dresses and skirts I own are on the shorter side so whenever I have a school event, I am stuck wearing them, but with spandex underneath them. This dress solves those problems!! haha

Cobalt Jet Dress

Cobalt Jet Dress

To finish this outfit, I chose to wear a pair of black flats and some silver bangles. I love the look of flats with this dress. These flats actually used to be my sister's, but her feet grew so she gave them to me! (ohhh the positives of having small feet lol) 

I know the next thing I'm going to say is kinda random, but really interesting. I recently went shoe shopping (for prom) and realized I had dropped a whole shoe size plus more. I don't really know how, but I went from a size 7.5 to a 6/6.5 . The only thing that happened was my feet stopped swelling. For the longest time, my feet and ankles used to look puffy, but now the puffiness has gone down and my true feet size has come out! 

Sugarlips Cobalt Jet Dress

Sugarlips Cobalt Jet Dress

Dress- Sugarlips
Bracelets- Forever 21
Flats- Forever 21

What do you think of my dress? Are you a fan of longer dresses like this one?
Have your feet ever shrunk or grown dramatically? haha, I just think it's so strange and cool at the same time that I dropped a whole shoe size and a half! 

I almost forgot, but the winner of my Oasap Giveaway   is Jenny Lou!!! Congrats and I will be emailing you today for your information!! Thanks to everyone who entered and I promise to have more giveaways in the future!! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

C'mon Get Happy!

     Junior prom was last night and it was literally one of the best experiences ever. It was a bit awkward at first and all, but things definitely picked up after a few songs! I took a lot of pictures before prom and I can't wait to share them... a little bit later. (Sorry for making you guys wait, but I have to get them organized and uploaded first haha)
    This brings me to today's post! Last week, I got my first ever item from Lulu's via chictopia. I have had my eye on the site for a while so when the chance came for me to get one of their dresses, I quickly snatched  that opportunity!
C'mon Get Happy One Shoulder Mint Green Dress,

One Shoulder Mint Green Dress,

I have to say that I really like the dress. The color is beautiful as it just screams spring to me. I don't own much mint color items so I was excited to get this one! The only issue I had was with top part. The fit was a bit loose for me, but that happens with most tops/dresses  on me haha. I fixed the slightly big top by pairing it with this dark wash denim jacket I got from my forever 21 haul. It worked out perfectly because the dark colored jacket worked perfectly against the dress! 

Lulu's Dress

One Shoulder Dress

The dress is a one shoulder dress which makes it really unique. I love the style of an asymmetrical neckline  because it is different and can stand out! The fabric to me was very light and silky and glided over me comfortably. As far as the color and measurements go, the color I found to be a tad lighter than the model, but I personally didn't mind because I am in love with both colors. The fit of the dress is true to size so if you are a medium in most stores, you are most likely a medium on Lulu's as well.  

Mint Dress

C'mon Get Happy

Gold Cuff Bracelet

To finish this outfit, I chose to wear a gold colored cuff bracelet that I made! The gold color compliments the mint dress perfectly and finished of the outfit! For shoes, I chose to keep things simple with a pair of copper/gold strapped sandals.

Lulu's One Shoulder Mint Green Dress

Dress- Lulu's
Jacket- Forever 21
Bracelet- Similar @ Kohls
Shoes- Forever 21

Are you a fan of mint colors?
What is your favorite thing to wear once the weather warms up? usually I am in sporty clothing, but flowy dresses like this are really nice in the heat! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Dyed My Hair + Tips For Dying Asian Hair!

   Before I start this blog post, I want to give you guys an idea of what kind of hair I have. I pretty much have what you would consider your "typical" Asian hair: pitch black with some grays, thick, and near impossible to color. My experience with hair dye started about a year ago when I went on vacation in New York. I wanted to get my gray/white hair covered up which was what led me to a salon to get my hair colored. The color I chose was a redish/purplish tint. Ever since then, I have been dying and tinting my hair various shades of red, brown, and last November,  I attempted to go bleach blond. Let's just say, the results were quite different than what I anticipated and while I did like the color, I wanted something more normal for prom which is what led me to my most recent hair color change.

Here is what my hair looked liked before-
Asian Roots

Asian Roots

And now After-
Asian Blond Hair

Asian Blond Hair

While the hair color isn't super even, I am still satisfied with the final result! The dye helped fixed my uneven coloring and hid my growing roots. The hair dye that I chose to use was from John Frieda in the color Light Ash Brown. I have tried many home dyes before and I have to say that John Frieda has one of the easiest applications out of all them. Their dye uses foam which makes it better for people like me who can't tell if they've missed a spot. The dye is kinda like shampoo and you just lather it onto your head. It even smells really nice in comparison to other dyes!
The only negative I have to say about the brand is that it does not cover up gray/white hairs well. This might not be a problem for most of you, but for me, it does become kinda of an issue. 

Here is what the hair dye looks like and the contents-
Asian Hair Dye

Light Ash Brown Dye

The box gives you an idea of what your hair will look like after, however I always find these guides to be quite inaccurate. I think it might have something to do with my hair texture/dark color and maybe the fact that the models had previously bleached their hair? I know that whatever color I choose for my virgin black hair would most likely only look like that color when I am under direct sunlight. So for anyone with Asian hair and who want to dye their hair, I suggest going a full shade lighter than what you want in order to achieve that color. 
The instructions for the dye was fairly simple and hard to mess up on especially since everything was numbered.  
Steps and Instructions

You basically take the bottle with the color and pour it into the bottle with the white foam. Then you replace the cap and flip (not shake) 5 times to mix the color in. For me, I actually had to turn the liquid ~10 times because after 5 flips, I realized that the dye hadn't turned to foam and was still watery =0   

Asian Hair Dye
I probably look a little off here because I have no makeup on... 
After you get the foam/dye onto your hair as evenly as possible, you now must wait ~25-30 min for the color to set in. One thing I personally like to do to help the color be accepted more is to wrap a dark colored bag on my head and blow dry it ever 10 min or so. Heat helps your hair absorb color better which is why I did this or else why would I put a plastic bag on my head haha? 
After time is up, the next step is to rinse your hair out with warm water. Do not use shampoo!! I say this because if you use shampoo, it will wash away your hair dye. You must continue to rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Once that happens, you put in the conditioner that came with the kit, let it sit and then rinse. The conditioner smells delightful and it is also extremely moisturizing... actually it might just be too moisturizing. There was a point where I thought I still had it in my hair even after rinsing numerous times. It did give me sleek and healthy hair after which is nice! 

Asian Hair Dye Wet
Me with we hair.. it looks black but when it dries...
I look like this-
John Frieda Hair Dye

If you guys are looking to dye your hair, I have some tips for you to ensure the best results as well as ways to keep your hair healthy after! 
  • After dying, condition you hair heavily. Don't wash your hair for at least 3 days if possible so that the color can fully embrace your hair stand.
  • Stay away from salt water and chlorine as much as possible!
  • Use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners as they are better for your hair and doesn't cause color to fade.
  • While we are on the topic of shampoo and conditioners, try to use products designed for colored treated hair!
  • Don't over brush or style your hair as your ends are probably quite damaged
  • Don't dye your hair too often as this could cause hair loss
  • Healthy hair starts from the inside so if you find your hair dry and damaged after the dye job, try loading you plate up with more healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, and olive oil. These healthy fats will replenish you hair from the inside leading to healthy hair on the outside! 
Good luck to everyone who want to dye their hair! I think dying you hair can be a fun change for anyone especially since summer is right around the corner. If you want a different color but are nervous about it, I would say to go to a salon and have it done professional. That way you can ensure a good looking hair color!

Have you ever dyed your hair? '
How do you guys feel about blond hair on an Asian? 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dancing In Coral

  Now that the spring weather is finally here, I have been feeling quite upbeat and preppy! Spring is a time for bright and fun colors such as coral and mint. I love all these colors and I can't wait to wear them! The only thing that I hate about the spring is all the AP exams. I have both my English and History exams this Wednesday. (six hours of testing= over 100 multiple choice and 6 essays!!!) I cannot wait for it to be over!


Here, I am wearing a dress I got from Sugarlips. I absolutely have fallen in love with the store and the dresses they sell! This dress that I have on right now is the coral reef dress. The dress is an adorable coral color. It's fitted up top and flares out at the bottom. I am a fan of dresses like this that flare out at the bottom. I find this style to flatter me very well and plus I love twirling and whirling around in them! The dress also features mesh cutouts in the front of the dress that remind me a bit of my Faviana prom dress haha. I find that the cut outs add some sass to this dress making it more unique than your typical flare dresses. 



I was originally going to pair this dress with some flats, but as you can see from the pictures, it was incredibly  sunny out so I opted for a pair of flip flops instead. For my accessories I wore a pair of bangles that I got in February. This set of coral and peach  bangles fit perfectly with the coral theme! The colors just scream spring to me! 

After my Ap exams this Wednesday, everything will be smooth sailing. School doesn't get out until June 21st, but my ap classes will be basically movies every class and no finals! I am so excited to get the test over with and hopefully past them. Plus next weekend is prom which makes me even more ecstatic!! I already have chosen to wear my Faviana dress, but I have no idea what to do with my hair and makeup yet. I am looking online for some inspiration, but so far I only have accomplished the fact that I want an up do to show off my back haha. Do you guys have any ideas? 

Dress- Sugarlips
Bangles- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Kohls

Are you guys enjoying the spring weather?
What do you think of clothes with cutouts like my dress? Love it or hate it?

I also have a giveaway going on now from!! Check it out here!! =)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oasap Giveaway!!

Hello guys!! I am so excited to write this blog post today because I get to give one of you guys a chance to win a free item from . I have visited oasap's website before and I really do love how they offer such a wide selection on their clothes and the prices are quite fair as well.
The lovely people over at Oasap contacted me earlier this week asking if I would be willing to host a giveaway on my blog and of course I accepted! They are giving away 8 key pieces from their new sping/summer collection and one lucky winner gets to chose a piece to receive free of charge! I truly love and appreciate all my readers and it makes me so excited to know I can give back to you guys with this giveaway!

All Possible prizes from
If you want more details about the items, feel free to check out the links below!-

To enter, you must do all 4 of the mandatory options below. The rest are optional to give you extra entries. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway  Please share this giveaway with your friends by the way! The contest can only go on if their is at least 50 entries and seeing how my blog is on the smaller side, I am worried I can't reach 50 entries.
Plus the more entries, the merrier right?

The giveaway starts today and you have 10 days to enter. The contest officially ends May 26, 2013 at night and I will announce the winner on May 29, 2013 in my blog post =)
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Good Luck to everyone who enters!!! I will be back next week and you guys can look forward to seeing a new hair color on me! No more blonde (well orange) hair with dark roots!! I finally fixed my hair just in time for prom. I didn't want my roots to mess up the beauty of my prom dress! haha

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Forever 21 Haul (Pic Heavy)

   2 weeks ago I was doing some online shopping over at Forever 21. The site had so much new clothes and they were all so cute! I originally wanted to wait for a bogo sale or something, but they never had one and I couldn't resist the clothes so I went ahead and brought them with a 10% discount I found. I got a few new items along with a pair of pink sandals. To qualify for free shipping, I needed to spend $75 so my sister helped out with that by purchasing a few items herself! Ever since I've introduce her to the store, she has fallen in love with it as well since the clothes are always in trend and they are on the cheaper side!

Now onto the haul!  
(if you click the caption, you can go straight to the item for more info.!)

denim Jacket
3/4 Sleeve Denim Jacket
denim Jacket
Spiked Denim Vest
denim Jacket
Studs on my vest!
I have seen denim jackets everywhere now a days. They are perfect to wear over a tank top or a dress. I never owned any denim jackets so I was super excited to get one. The first jacket is a dark wash color and would look great with a tank top. The second jacket is a lighter wash and has some suds near the shoulders. I love having the studs there because when I pair this with a lacy dress, it would add some punk.

forever 21
Knit Sailor Shorts
Braided Thong Sandals
I love the high waisted shorts I got! They fit perfectly and are so comfy!! I can def. see myself pairing them with a tank top for a cute and stylish look. These pink thong sandals are also really cute! Pink is my favorite color so I just had to pick these up!

Here are the items my sister got- =)

lace pink
Lace Sleeve Top
lace close up
Lace Detail
polka dots
Polka Dot Dress
forever 21
Oversized Key Tee
Floral Chain Headbands  
She loved everything she got! Her favorite item was the key tee! Personally I love her polka dot dress so much that it makes me wish I ordered one in my size!!  
I really love everything I got and it was def. worth the price!! The shipping was decent since it only took a week. I have heard of orders from forever 21 taking several weeks to arrive so I feel pretty lucky that I didn't have to wait so long. I hate when I order something and it takes so long to arrive that I forget I had ordered it!! Has that ever happened to anyone haha? 

What is your favorite item from the haul? 
What stores do you always shop at?? 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Feeling Like A Busy Bee

The outfit that I am showing here is one that I find to be super cute yet casual at the same time. Its finally becoming sunny, warm, and humid (I hate humidity) here which equals skirts, dresses, and shorts for school! I cannot wait since that means the school year is almost over and I am about to become a senior! 

casual outfit

casual outfit

I got this top a while ago on sale. If I remember correctly, I think it was only 9 dollars. Getting deals on clothes is one of my favorite things! This might sounds weird, but whenever I am shopping online, I almost always refuse to buy an item unless I get a coupon code for it or I get free shipping! Shipping can get quite expensive sometimes especially if you are shipping overseas. I mean $8 to ship a $10 item is not worth it to me. With that price, I might as well go to the store myself and pick it up haha.

I love the loose fit of this top. It's so comfy and perfect for the warmer weather we have been having. I chose to pair my black and white stripped top with a pair of gray jeans. I love the way the gray contrasts with my top. For shoes and jewelry, I wore my sparkly black flats and a gold colored ring with the words love you engraved onto it.

Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Kohls
Flats- Forever 21

This has been quite a long and busy week for me (school wise) and it's not even Friday yet! I spent a good chunk of last Saturday in school to take the dreaded SAT's. It was my first time taking the test so I didn't really know what to expect. Testing went from ~8 in the morning till 1:15 and man was I exhausted after. I don't really know how well I did, but either ways, I think I will have to retake it again in the fall. Besides the SAT's, I also have AP testing coming up soon which means more homework to prepare us. I don't quite see where the teachers are going with this because they are stressing us out not helping us... oh well, I cannot wait till all these test are over with! After that, it'll be easy sailing! 

What do you think of my outfit?
Are you guys a fan of loose tops like the one I'm wearing?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper and Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm Review

Hi Everyone, this is Cindy here and I will be doing a guest post for my sister. Today I will posting product reviews on the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balms and the Maybelline Color Whispers. These products are currently new on the market so me being a lip product fanatic, I just had to snatch these up when I spotted them. Before I get started, I wanted to show you guys swatches off all the colors -
Berry Twist, Apricot Twist, Rose Attraction, Who wore it redder
And now onto the reviews-

230 Berry

The first product you see is one of the jumbo gloss balms, in 230 Berry. This is my favorite color that I have tried. I use it pretty much everyday for school. It gives great pigmentation, but not so harsh that I can't use it in the day time when I go out with my friends. I recommend this color for anyone that has fair to medium skin or enjoys berry tones.

240 Apricot

Next, is another gloss balm in 240 Apricot. This color is a must-have for the summer time. As you can see in the swatch, there is a hint of coral inside. Now most of you know coral and bright colors are in this summer season, so this product fits in well with the known trend. However, I'm not much of a trend follower, unless I truly like it. With that said, I don't wear this color on my lips as often as 230 Berry since I personally find berry to complement my skin tone better.

Overall, I really enjoyed these two products. Each stick packs a punch of color and my lips never feel dry or cracked when I have them on. One thing I slightly dislike about the product is not the product itself, but the packaging it is in. The cap to the product comes off too easily in my opinion and that worried me because I wouldn't want color to accidently get in my purse. However, I still do love the product and I know I will be getting a couple more shades to try out soon.

75 Rose Of Attraction

Now to the Maybelline Color Whispers. First you see color 75 Rose of Attraction. At one point I used to wear this color everyday. It's my lip color, but better. I find this shade to be so natural looking and perfect when I want to enhance my own lip color. With the color whispers, I don't have to worry about my lips being cracked when I put this on since it covers them up perfectly.

Who wore it red-er 45

Lastly, is the Color Whisper in 45 Who Wore it Red-Er. Now to answer the name, definitely you. As you can see on the swatch, it is a bright, bold lip choice. This color will make you stand out especially during the day time and at night. I would recommend wearing this color when you go out at night or if you have an important job meeting. This color is not straight up red, but instead has a tad bit of pink to tone it down. However, even with the added pink, this color is still extremely bold and can make you stand out in a crowd.

Overall, I liked the Maybelline Color Whisper, however, I don't think I will be expanding my collection with  Color Whispers. I feel that the colors are a bit too sheer for my taste and doesn't give enough variety. One thing I am in love in this product is the packaging! I love the font on the cap. It looks so slick and gives a romantic feel. I might actually buy this product just to have the lid haha!




Overall Grades-                        
Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm- A
Maybelline Color Whisper- B+      

These products are both really nice and they each offer their own good qualities! I would recommend you guys try both of these products for yourself and see if you like it!

Have you tried any of these products before?
Which one is your favorite?
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