Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Break Vacation Recap!

    It's so hard to believe that it's already been a week since I've come home from vacation! (finally a recap haha) My vacation was so much fun and I would give anything to relive it! The week went by in the blink of an eye and now, here I am back to a normal high schoolers life again.
  I have been thinking of how to do this post because I have so many pictures and I would like to use all of them, but ~300 pictures in a post probably doesn't sound too pleasing to you guys haha. I looked through all my pictures and picked out a few that I loved and I put them into collages.

This picture shows me and my mommy on the bus to New York. I woke up at 8 to shower and catch the 9:30 bus to New York. The bus ride was a bit boring and long (4 hours b/c of traffic!) , but so worth it. Plus, I got in a good hour or so of sleep!

   For my spring break, my cousins invited me to go down to New York. The original plan was for us to all go on vacation together along with another family. Unfortunately those plans sort of fell thorough when we realized that my spring break was 3 weeks after both of there's! Mine was schedule to be mid-April while there's was both at the end of March. However, my cousins still welcomed me to their house where I could chill and tag along with them when they went out! (New York is filled with things to do!!)

   I arrived in New York close to 2 pm and was greeted by my cousin. I said my good-byes with my mommy, and my cousin took me out to eat with her family! We had some delicious food at an Asian restaurant. I ordered pho! After the meal, we drove down to NEW JERSEY to see the cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park!

At the park, we took so many pictures because the cherry blossoms were just oh so gorgeous. My neighbor has a cherry blossom tree which comes into our backyard, but I have never seen so many of these flowers all together at once! It was quite a sight to see!

Our trip to New Jersey was only a day trip which meant we had to go back to their house. However before getting there, we stopped by this Japanese supermarket to pick up dinner. Those supermarkets had the cutest items and even their food was presented in such a cute/neat fashion.

  My cousin has a daughter and son now and whenever I go there, I always make sure to bring some makeup along with me. haha  The daughter always loves too see what I brought, but this time, the little boy seemed quite into my makeup products as well. I brought some nail polish and fake princess nails along with 3 EOS's. I think he likes the smell of the mint EOS haha. 

She is so cute with her missing two front teeth! 
I taught him the peace sign!
Since they weren't on their spring break, the little girl had to go to school on weekdays. It was okay though because I had the opportunity of walking with her to school and walking her back home! I was even able to get a few runs in after I took her to school. I love how New York is filled with people walking everywhere! It seems much funner/maybe friendlier this way! I can def. picture myself living in a city one day! 
While she went to school, I spent most of my time with my cousin and her son. Most days, we were able to go out to explore the city. We went to the park, the mall, and the library! It's amazing how all those places are within walking distance! (no more than 20 min!)  

Some animals we saw plus Theodore Roosevelt
 When the weekend rolled around again, it was time go out! We chose to go down to Manhattan where we checked out the Chelsea market, Central Park, and the Museum of Natural History! The Chelsea Market was filled with delicious eats and some really cool shops. There was one shop in particular that sold cards that I fell in love with. They had the best design ideas! I also fell in love with this gelato shop at the very back of the market. Their frozen treats were to die for!
We stopped by Central park after lunch at the market and right by the park was a museum of natural history which we decided to see. I didn't know what to expect inside so I was in shock when I saw the real dinosaurs bones there! They were huge and def. the main attraction!! We looked around the museum and my personal favorite thing there was the mammals exhibit. At first glance, I realize the animals were real, but once I saw the huge mammoths, I knew they weren't! haha.
For dinner that night, I had the chance to have the 2nd best rated pizza in all of New York. The pizza was huge with an ultra thin crust that was made from a brick oven! I agree with the ratings because this pizza was beyond amazing.
Take a close look at who is inside that purple bus! =0
Some eats we had in NY! 
When Sunday rolled around, it was kind of a sad day because it was time for me to go home =( I loved it in New York with my cousins that I was sad to leave. The little girl cried quite a bit when she knew I had to go that it made me feel sad, but special! I can't believe she likes me so much! I cannot wait to be able to go back there again whether that be for a summer vacation or Christmas time! (I'm hoping it's summer and Christmas!!)

What did you guys do for your spring break? (if you have it)
Where was one of your best vacations?


  1. Cool family pics!


  2. Oh sweetie your looks really lovely.
    Your family is really cute.
    I´m glad to you have really cool Spring Break!


  3. Looks like you had so much fun!
    I didn't do anything too special. I went away to our vacation home at the beach and studied for school, so not quite as fun as yours, but I still enjoyed getting away :)

    - Camilla

    1. thanks!! it sounds like you had a relaxing week!! I love being at the beach!!

  4. Looks like you guys had a terrific trip - you and your mama are adorable! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  5. OMG they are so cute....
    God bless

  6. your springbreak looks like a blast eh? and poor little girl. i bet she would probably miss you.

    1. it was!! She does and I miss her so much!!

  7. This is such a lovely recap. Looks like you had an awesome vacation. I need a break too <3

  8. Looks like a lot of fun :)

  9. Love your blog! We are following you on gfc, wanna follow each other on facebook and bloglovin? Let us know! We always follow back Kisses! ♥

  10. You're so lucky to be in New York!


  11. you have a lovely family, nice pics!

    1. Thanks and they really are the best people on earth to me!

  12. great blog!

    thanks for checking out and following my fashion blog! I'm following yours now :)



  13. Ahhh so want to visit and live in New York someday! Great photos :)

    x Gi


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