Sunday, March 24, 2013

Firmoo Eyeglasses Review!

As a person who's been wearing glasses every since 1st grade, (bad vision runs in the family!) I can be quite picky when it comes to which ones I like to wear. The glasses for one, must be cute and comfortable!! I know style probably isn't on the top of the list for most, but for me it is!! I want my glasses to be more than just your typical black ones, so that is where Firmoo comes in. A few weeks ago Firmoo, the world's most popular eyeglass store, contacted me offering to send me a pair of glasses! I was of course excited to hear this since who doesn't want new glasses?

The site itself was quite easy to navigate. One thing I loved about the site was the virtual try it on program they have! You could upload a picture of your face and try the glasses on! Amazing right? There store offers a wide range of glasses and could fit anyone's style. They have non prescription and prescription lenses! I personally am a fan of bigger rectangular framed glasses since I find them to complement my face nicely. My current pair that I wear are black with pink sides, so I wanted to try something bolder which is why I chose this pair! They are red and blue and I find that the red definitely stands out!

   When you order your glasses, you not only get glasses but a cute case, a bad, and an extra screw! I didn't expect all this so I was really happy to see I got a new eyeglasses case!
The fit of the glasses was near perfect. When you order, Firmoo asks for your face measurements (strange, I know since I had to measure my eye distance?) , but that is what ensures a custom fit!

Here are some pictures of me in my new glasses-

As you can tell, I had a lot of fun taking these photos! haha. If any of you want to try Firmoo out, you are now able to! They offer a First Pair Free Program.  This program allows you guys to try out a pair of glasses for free! All you need to pay is shipping! I think this is perfect for anyone who wants new glasses, but have yet to get them! (like me) 

Since I had so much fun taking photos, I have a lot of extra photos I wanted to share with you guys. However I didn't want this blog post to be filled with photos, therefore, I made collages!!  lol, I get too excited with life sometimes! 

Now that you are probably tired of seeing my face... What do you think of my glasses?
Have you guys tried buying glasses online? 


  1. Those glasses fit your face really nicely

  2. cute! Nice blog and post! I think I will be here more often, I'm your new follower!
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  3. AHH these are adorable! I love colored frames. I'm legally blind without vision correction and I love having a variety of glasses to wear! so cute!


    1. Thank you and I am pretty much blind as well without glasses!

  4. your new glasses look adorable on you. I have never order glasses online.

  5. I love the pair that you've chosen!


  6. Hi Sweetie that glasses looks perfect on you!
    the red match with you!
    your looks lovely and all your photographs!
    Btw sweetie now I´m following you in Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back!


    1. Thank you so much!! I never used to like red, but I find myself looking better in red as time goes by haha!

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  8. love the review! looks so cute on your face! xoxo

  9. I use to have contact lenses but since I got an allergic reaction I had to quit, now i'm looking for fashionable comfortable glasses, thanks for the info.
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    1. ohh wow that is kinda scary!
      I am looking into contact lenses, but i am afraid of it doing something like that too me!

  10. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  11. hi dear

    Thankx for the comment here is the link for the FOLLOW -

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