Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mini Black Friday Haul!

I can't believe it's already December! Thanksgiving was literally last week, yet it feel like it was a long time ago? At the same time it feels like just yesterday. It's hard to describe it, but this time of year always goes by slow and fast! 
It must be the holidays causing this...

Anyway, guess who went shopping on Black Friday? 
I did! After my filling dinner, I took a little nap and got myself out of bed and to the store. I picked up quite a few items for home and a few clothing items. I absolutely fell in love with two of my clothing pieces. 

 Here is a pair of jeans that I purchased for just 17.99! They are super cute and they are my first patterned jeans! They are grey colored and feature mini black hearts all over. These are just perfect with a cardigan and some boots!

 This sweater is adorable! It's super lightweight and made of a soft fabric. I love running my hands over this fabric. The sweater is a lovely mint color and has roses over it. After recently dying my hair a blondish, I find that this mint/green color seems to compliment it really well. Red clothes don't look so hot on me anymore however...

Ohhh and guess what else I got...???? This is the main reason why I went shopping so early!!

 I GOT A NEW WINDOWS 8 LAPTOP! (well technically, it's for my sister, but I am using it too!!!)

This is such a nice laptop! I got it for only 289 and about 2 hours of line waiting.. was it worth it? Yes!!
The laptop so far is really nice and running smoothly. The only thing is the setup of windows 8 is much different than windows 7 and it's taking some time to getting use to. I'm sure I will adapt to it soon!

Get the jeans here!

Did you go Black Friday Shopping?
Can You believe that it is almost 2013??!!?

I also wanted to put in here that I was thinking of hosting a few giveaways soon in 2013.. How do you guys feel about this? The prizes will be a single item most likely =)


  1. Wow you got some great stuff! Found you on the Elle and Blair forum, great blog, new follower:)

  2. I wish we had Black Friday.. Damn, every Asian person would go ballistic over here.!!!

    1. haha! my mom is asian and she went crazy! I'm not going to lie, she would buy an entire store!

  3. Great buy! love the pants! I missed black friday last week :(


  4. Love those pants!!

    -xoxo- lorena

  5. Lovely pants!


  6. The only thing we have in New Zealand that even comes close to Black Friday is the Boxing Day Sales! I love that rose sweater :)


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