Monday, July 16, 2012

Beach Bum Blu Nail Polish~

   Essie has officially become my favorite nail polish!! It comes in so many shades and at a good price! The best part is that the quality is close to what you would find with high end nail polishes, just without the price!  A bottle of this nail polish cost around $8.99 and is 13.5 ml. The polish is slightly smaller than your typical nail polish bottle, but that is fine by me since I never finish a full bottle of polish anyways. I always end up using the polish once or twice and then forgetting about it.

 The color of this polish is called Beach Bum Blu. I mean, what a cute name! The color really does remind me a lot of the water at the beach. It's a very deep blue and in the 2nd photo I shot, it actually kinda does look like water! The way the polish goes on is smooth. With other polish brands, I need to apply a clear coat on the bottom and one on top. When I use Essie, I don't apply a top coat on top because the polish looks nice without it. Plus I am lazy and I hate waiting for clear polish to dry. 

Here is what my nails look like with the polish-

Please ignore the extra polish on the side... I am so bad at painting nails. I will fix this later with some polish remover.
I really am in love with this color! With my nails, I used 2 layers without a top coat. As you can tell, the polish is super shiny already and the lasting power of this polish is about a week before it chips! If you are looking for a new polish, I suggest you look into Essie! 

What is your favorite nail polish brand?
What colors are your go to colors?


  1. That color is beautiful! However, the nail polishes that I really like from Essie is called mint candy apple and pinking up the pieces.

  2. That color is nice! I am going to check this brand out now. Do they sell at cvs's?

  3. Oh I love Essie's nail colors, and this one is gorgeous! I'll have to look for it in stores.

    1. I love essie too!!! Trust me, this color is gorgeous!
      Thanks for the comment!

  4. I really want to try Essie sometime!
    There are always so many positive reviews, but I've never tried it myself haha!

    1. You def. should!!
      It has easily become one of my favorite polishes! It goes on nicely and the color lasts a long time before chipping! (coming from someone who plays tennis daily lol!)

  5. The color of the varnish looks pretty attractive, but you should learn how to accurately and accurately cover your nails with varnish, because they do not look very.


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