Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RedRock Fashion Contest!

I never really enter into contest like this, but I saw a few of these entries going around and I am a fan of the clothes they have so I decided to enter the Redrock Contest! 

All you have to do is pick at least one item of their website and create an outfit for it. There clothes are so cute that I had trouble deciding what to pick! I love the style of some of their clothes. They have tie-dyed high waisted shorts!!

 I ended up taking to the challenge of using more than 1 piece from the site! It was so much fun!!

I have decided to go with the theme of color blocking here with my outfit. This is a casual, yet glam outfit to wear when you are out with your friends at the mall or even to a fun party! It's a very versatile outfit that will flatter anyone!
For the top, I chose a baby pink cropped tee with studs up top. I paired this top with some high waisted shorts in a beautiful ocean blue that also featured studs on one side. Too add some glam to your outfit, I chose to have a gold hair bow on and a delicate patterned bracelet also colored gold. To hold all your important items, a bag is necessary. Here we have a amazing handbag from Redrock. I am in love with the fringes on the side of the bag. Finally to finish your look off, a pair of lace up platform booties is a must to add chic and height to your entire look!

What do you think of the outfit that I chose?

If you would like to enter this contest yourself, feel free to contact RedRock via-
Twiter, Facebook, or their blog!

Good luck to everyone who has entered!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Shorts!

GFC is working for me again! (sort of... just created a new account and it works most of the time!)
Today's outfit of the day is pretty simple. I wore this to my friend's 17th birthday party on Friday. I chose to dress casual since it was a water party and I was going to get wet. I honestly didn't want to ruin my nice clothes. Lol. 

I had gotten these shorts a while ago, but never got a chance to wear them. They are super comfy and stretchy. They remind me a lot of lace shorts, but without the lace. It also features a stretchy waistband which is good because I love stretchy clothing. On the sides of these shorts are 2 little pockets with a black bow on it. I love the bow design! I find it super cute and it adds a bit of flair to my shorts!

 I paired the shorts with a simple teal colored tank top. This is an old tank top so I didn't mind it getting wet/sweaty. (and trust me, we DID get soaked)

For shoes, I chose to wear flip flops since they were easy to take off.

SHORTS- forever 21
TANK TOP- forever 21
SHOES- Kohls

Are you a fan of stretchy clothes? (I am , I love to feel comfortable!)

How do you guys feel about lace shorts?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

GFC is down for me... Quick Update

   This is a kinda old picture (hense the black and short hair), but I just wanted to keep you guys updated. For some reason, my blog and Google Friend Connect seem to be adding a bit funky for me. When I try to follow, my picture won't show up. I don't know if it is happening for you guys, but it's been like this since Friday night for me.. =(
   I always like to comment/follow the people who comment and follow on my blog, but I seem to be unable to do that at the moment. I have a few comments I need to reply to on my previous post, but I would like for GFC to be fixed before I do that so I don't have to deal with these glitches. Making long post with many pictures seem to be kinda iffy for me to since they don't always save. =0 I have pictures to post with my outfits, but they won't work!
  I really hope they fix it soon because I want to post and I feel bad for the bloggers that I promised to follow. I will do it as soon as GFC is up and running again!!

BTW- I see I have new followers, so I don't understand how others are able to follow me, but I can't follow others. Are any of you dealing with this?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Is In Full Swing!

    Can you believe it is almost the end of July? 
I can't, but that doesn't mean it's over yet! We still have a whole month of summer left!! I celebrated the day with a cute flowery outfit!

It was really humid today despite the lack of sunlight. I hate humidity! The only downside to summer is the hot weather. I hate heat and I always complain about it on a daily basis! (if you haven't noticed , I talk about weather in all my blog posted.) 

To keep in the spirit of summer, I chose to wear a lovely bright sky colored tank top and flower covered skirt. The tank top has been in my closet for the longest time. I always love to have a bunch of tank tops and camis in my closet since they can be warn with anything. Plus with all this lace and sheer clothing flying around, tank tops and camis are a necessity! 
I have been trying to get my hands on a fitted tube top/corset in white to wear under sheer clothing, but haven't found one yet.
My skirt was a gift from my bestie during Christmas. She got me this and a shirt from Hollister. This skirt is absolutely amazing! It's pretty much the best skirt for the summer time. It's a rich blue color with bright pink and yellow flowers on it. Even the green petals to the flowers are bright! 
For shoes, I wore some pink flip flops to keep it looking a bit casual. I also sported a silver heart necklace around my neck for some added sparkle. 

TANK TOP- from target
SKIRT- from Hollister
SHOES- from Kohls
NECKLACE- from Forever 21
I finally got a picture of me in the air after several tries! My face is off, but oh well!
 What do you think of my outfit?
Are you a fan of summer or winter?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yellow Mellow!

    So yellow is not usually a color in my closet since I feel like I can never pull it off, but for some reason this little yellow shirt was in my closet. I don't even remember when I got it, but it just appeared in there. It's from Victoria's Secrets Pink line so I guess it's my shirt since I am in love VS. haha.

The next picture I took reminded me a lot of an SNSD styled pose. I feel so pretty. 
 (don't make fun of me lol)
The fit of the shirt is a bit snug, but all VS products seem to do that. I am a huge fan of their yoga pants!! The shirt is your typical shirt with the words "let's get lost!" ....   I wonder what that could mean? I paired this bright yellow shirt with some beige khaki shorts. I felt that these two colors worked with each other nicely and they seemed to complement one another! For my shoes, I chose to wear some black *shiny* flats. I originally wasn't planning on wearing these, but I loved the way they stood out with the yellow.

As you can tell by my pictures, I was having a little bit of fun taking these pictures. This is the side of my super old garage and it actually looks pretty creepy! It is old. lol

SHIRT- from Victoria's Secret's PINK
SHORTS- from TJ Maxx
SHOES- from forever 21

 What do you think of my outfit?
How do you rock yellow?  

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lace Lover!

It seems to me that lace is the trend for these days now! I see it everywhere from shirts, tank tops, dresses, and now even shorts. Ohh what I would do to get my hands on a pair of those lace shorts! I am a huge fan of this trend! I LOVE how girly lace is and it always adds a touch of sophistication to an outfit!

The lace on the top of the arm sleeves = gorgeous!

 These pictures here were taken in front of my neighbor's home actually. He recently cut down his jungle like trees in his backyard and you can see them lying in a huge pile behind me. I swear, there were more trees and animals in his backyard than in a forest. (including snakes!) It was a fairly simple day for me today, I did the usual except for getting caught in the rain! I typically wake up around 7:30 each morning and run my way to my friend's house. Then we walk to the park and do tennis lessons together. Sadly for us, we were caught in the rain on our way to lessons. We walked all that way to find out that tennis was cancelled on us for the 3rd day in a row.. =(  Hopefully we will have it tomorrow! *crosses fingers*

For my outfit of the day here, I wore a loose fitting black lace top. With this, I paired it with some green colored shorts and black flats. The top is super adorable and would go with anything. You could even dress it up and wear it to a formal event if you wanted. I don't have much formal events going on so I usually keep things casual, but cute. The shorts are also one of my favorites. I love the unique color and the fit of them!

As far as jewelry is concerned, I wore a simple bead bracelet. This bracelet is so cute!! The beads each feature a little rose inside! I find it to work perfect with the lace!!


SHIRT- forever 21
SHOES- Kohls
BRACELET- something similar could be found at forever 21

What do you think of my outfit?
Are you a fan of this lace trend going around? 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Taking In Sunshine!

It was FABULOUS weather today!!  I can't believe it after days of burning hot temperatures and drizzling wet days. I celebrated the return of amazing temperatures with a nice run and a beautiful dress!

  These photos were taken in my own garden. As you can tell, we have a lot of green in our backyard! Most of the trees were possible thanks to my neighbors (haha) but the long grass is all thanks to me and my family. We haven't cut our lawn in weeks, but it's okay since it adds to my nature theme here. The grass is already passed my ankles! 

I recently just downloaded windows live photo gallery so I could be able to edit my photos before placing them on my blog. I'm not going to do much editing except the brightness and contrast. More or less, I will be using "auto-adjust." I took a photography class last year, but I can't seem to find a good photoshop online to play with levels and curves so I'll just stick with this. I miss the days of picnik!

It feels like summer is going by so quickly as I am looking through these photos. I'm pretty sure it's already halfway over and it feels like it just begun. Speaking of that, I have summer assignments due soon. Ohhh well... Back to my outfit!

The dress I am wearing has ruffles on the front and is slit open cut in the back! When I first brought the dress, I thought that the back of the dress was the front. I realized later that it wasn't, but honestly it can be worn that way if you wanted.
This dress has many colors ranging from your normal pinks and reds to patches of coral and teal! It reminds me a lot of flowers and lily pads for some reason. The dress itself is super comfortable and perfect for a nice summer day! I paired this dress with some black flats and a sparkly pink bracelet.

DRESS- from kohls
SHOES- from forever 21
BRACELET- from forever 21

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Cheetahlicious Outfit!

       Cheetahlicious... What does that remind you guys off? The Cheetah Girls!!! lol. I feel so old saying this, but I used to watch their movies all the time on Disney Channel!

 This outfit really does remind me of the Cheetah Girls!! I miss my childhood now haha. The shirt that I'm wearing is actually from my mom's closet! I can't believe they used to wear animal print back then, but I guess it must have been "in" at some point. The shirt was made out of a silky material and had a vintage feel to it. I loved the way it felt on my skin since it just glided on. The fabric is quite opaque despite what it looks like in these photos. I'm not wearing anything underneath as far as a cami or tube top and it isn't see through at all. To be honest, layering my clothes sometimes annoys me, especially in the summer with all this heat going on!


  I was deciding whether to play this shirt up and make it look dressy or keep it casual for an everyday look. In the end, I leaned more towards dressy and chose to pair this animal print shirt with a simple black skirt. This skirt is an A line skirt which I love since I find A line to be the most flattering on me. I chose to keep the skirt on my waist and tucked my cheetah shirt into it. For shoes, I wore a pair of my sparkly black flats to complement the black skirt.

As far as jewelry, I wore a little stretch ring that I had gotten a while ago.

SHIRT- from my mom's closet, but something similar can be found at H and M I'm sure.
SKIRT- from forever 21
SHOES- from Kohls
RING- not too sure, but something similar can be found at forever 21 =)

What do you think of my outfit?
Do you love the shirt?  

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Coin Purse!

    I don't carry purses often or coin purses to be honest, but when I do carry them, this is my go to coin purse. I just put it into my real purse and it keeps all my coins together. (Trust me, I have a huge stash of coins all the time for some reason. . and they are all pennies and dimes, not quarters!!)  I also like to carry this by hand since I get compliments all the time when I open it! This coin purse is about the size of my palm and can carry quite a bit of coins. I have tried and have actually fit ~60 pennies in it and it still closes! The purse is a sweet and innocent pink color with black polka dots on it. Near the upper center, there is a tiny black bow which adds a touch of sophistication to it. (in my opinion) The little hook on the side makes this purse easy to attach to anything you want including your purse, wallet, or even luggage bag if you wanted! =)

This adorable coin purse was given to me by one of my good friends as a gift! She even placed a little dime inside it for me! From what she told me, this miniature coin purse can be purchased from
 Forever 21

Lol. She knows that I am in love with that store and all things girly and pink!

What do you think of my coin purse?
How do you keep your spare change organized?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily Outfit~

In my last post, I talked about my new wedges from UGGS and here I am wearing them! ~ please ignore the messy background.... lol, I'm getting my house remolded and this is the messy 2nd floor. I promise, my 1st and 3rd floor look a lot better than the disaster you see here!

 The weather for today was actually quite hot! Apparently the northeastern part of the United States is going through a tiny heat wave right now. We are suppose to be getting rain later which would hopefully cool everything down. I needed an outfit today that was cute and will keep me cool. This outfit is perfect if you are going to a picnic or a stroll on a hot day! (like me) The wedges are pretty decent to walk in since they hurt just a wee bit, but I am slowly getting used to it. I paired my wedges with a blue tube top and some white beige colored shorts underneath. My tube top was slightly long, so you can't really see me shorts.

This outfit is also perfect for the beach if you trade in the wedges for a pair of simple flip flops~

For my jewelry, I chose to wear simple blue beaded bracelet and a tiny white and silver bracelet on top of that to add an accent.


Tube Top- Wetseal
Shorts- Tj Maxx
Shoes- UGGS

blue bracelet- a boutique in China
white bracelet- Wetseal

What do you think of my outfit?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My New Ugg Luciannas!

         Well... technically they are not new new seeing as I got them weeks ago, but I haven't had the chance to review them or wear them for that matter!! Take a look-

The box that they came in~
My new wedges!!
 Now I knew that Uggs made super comfy and warm boots, but I didn't know they made other footwear! I was shocked when I saw that they had these wedges!! They looked super cute and I really wanted them, but the thing is, wedges or heels are not my thing. I look so bad walking in them so I barely ever wear them! 
I ordered this pair of wedges from Luuux.com . In stores/online a pair of these wedges would cost ~$150 which is pretty hefty. The shoes come in 2 colors - black and white. I was originally going to order the black ones, but I ended up choosing white since I thought I would be able to pair it better with my clothes. The only thing about the white ones is that they can get dirty easily, so I must be careful with where I walk in them!

The shoes themselves are really nice. The quality is AMAZING! (They are from Ugg's so what do you expect lol?) I'm not sure what the material is, but these shoes are going to last you for a long time! I really like the white ribbons on the end since they look so elegant when tied up! 

For me, I ordered a size 6.5 since from online reviews, these shoes tend to run a size larger. I am usually a size 7-8, so I just went with 6.5 and that turned out pretty well!

The actual heel of this shoe is 3.5 inches, but there is also a 1 inch platform which brings the height you would gain from wearing these babies up to 4.5!! 

They are comfier than most wedges and heels I've worn and I can walk fairly nicely in them! The only thing that sucks is that I have wide feet and these are no way made for wide feet! (My toes are squished in that pic.!) Other than that, these wedges are so nice! They look so pretty and are comfy enough that even I can walk around in them!!

 What do you think of my new wedges?

Are you good walking in heels or wedges?
Any tips for me?? lol =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ideals Of Beauty In My Eyes

    This topic has been something I have always wanted to address, but never knew how or even where. However, now that I have my own blog, I think this is a good place to talk about it. Everyone who will read this post most likely have dealt with this issue, but maybe not the same way I have. As you may know from my pictures,  I am part of some Asian ethnicity. I am actually 100% Chinese.

   You probably wonder, what does this have to do with anything? Well being Chinese and living in America, I have always struggled with meeting beauty standards of not only Americans, but of Asians also. It's pretty hard considering some of our ideals of beauty are completely opposite one another.

  From what I have noticed, Asians tend to prefer being petite, super pale, and skinny. In the Chinese cultural, they prefer their women to be smaller and less muscular so that they look delicate and can have a male take care of them. Being white comes from the fact that it makes you look rich. The Chinese believe that the darker you are, the poorer you are. (which is not true!) Basically if you are tan, it means you spend a lot of time outdoors working in the fields.

Asian's Ideal Of Beauty = SNSD


    In America, it is almost the complete opposite! In the U.S. , the ideal of beauty is tall (5"7 or taller), tan, and skinny with curves. Americans spend hours tanning on the beach or in tanning booths to be darker. We also always talk about having a bigger chest or a bigger butt to be more attractive. 

 American's Ideal Of Beauty = Kim Kardashian

Now let me say that I am neither the perfect ideal beauty of American's or Asian's. It sucks sometimes since I get comments from my family asking "why are you so dark," or "why is your butt so big?" 
On the opposite hand, I get comments from my friends saying "your so thin, eat more," or "you need to come tanning with me at the beach!" 
 HUH?? These comments all contradict one another.. How am I suppose to please everyone?

Now after quite a while, I have slowly learned to just be myself and ignore all comments like those. Trust me, it can be hard sometimes, but it's so much better not to be affected by others.

It's impossible to please everyone, so you should just stick to being yourself! 

When one is comfortable in their own skin and they feel beautiful, they ARE beautiful!

Have you ever been affected by these ideals of beauty?
How do you keep yourself feeling confident when others are telling you otherwise?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

So I am just trying this out... I am connecting my blog to bloglovin, so if you want to, you can follow me there if you want! I have heard a lot about this site, but don't know exactly how it works.
Let's see what happens!

Beach Bum Blu Nail Polish~

   Essie has officially become my favorite nail polish!! It comes in so many shades and at a good price! The best part is that the quality is close to what you would find with high end nail polishes, just without the price!  A bottle of this nail polish cost around $8.99 and is 13.5 ml. The polish is slightly smaller than your typical nail polish bottle, but that is fine by me since I never finish a full bottle of polish anyways. I always end up using the polish once or twice and then forgetting about it.

 The color of this polish is called Beach Bum Blu. I mean, what a cute name! The color really does remind me a lot of the water at the beach. It's a very deep blue and in the 2nd photo I shot, it actually kinda does look like water! The way the polish goes on is smooth. With other polish brands, I need to apply a clear coat on the bottom and one on top. When I use Essie, I don't apply a top coat on top because the polish looks nice without it. Plus I am lazy and I hate waiting for clear polish to dry. 

Here is what my nails look like with the polish-

Please ignore the extra polish on the side... I am so bad at painting nails. I will fix this later with some polish remover.
I really am in love with this color! With my nails, I used 2 layers without a top coat. As you can tell, the polish is super shiny already and the lasting power of this polish is about a week before it chips! If you are looking for a new polish, I suggest you look into Essie! 

What is your favorite nail polish brand?
What colors are your go to colors?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Outfit For Today!

This is my outfit of the day! 

Today started off nice and warm outside, but by midday, the skies were looking a big gray and thunderstorms were in the forecast. However, that didn't dampen my outfit choice for today!
I chose to keep things casual, but still put together looking. 

I started off with a green colored tank top which I layered under a loose shirt. The shirt reminds me of a peacock with it's colors and it's blue spots. The top has loose arm holes and is very comfy. This is a good thing because the humidity where I live is super high today and I need to stay cool. In fact, the shirt that I am wearing is open in the back. It's a very unique design for sure!

I paired this shirt with a simple pair of grayish brown shorts and some flip flops!

TANK TOP- from forever 21
SHORTS- from Kohls  
FLIP FLOP- from Kohls

What do you think of my outfit?

Do you like the design of the shirt?

What do you wear on a humid day to stay stylish and cool?
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