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VS Pink High Waist Cool & Comfy Tight Review

Victoria Secret/Pink Cool and Comfy Tights Review

As a runner and a fitness lover, you can never have enough leggings! I have several pairs of leggings and tights from Lululemon (Oh so expensive, but it is my favorite), Under Armor, Nike, Aerie, and many other brands. Surprisingly, I have never gotten a pair from Victoria's Secret or VS Pink's Sport line. I think what held me back from trying their leggings was due to the cost vs. value that I perceived from the brand. When I think of Victoria's Secret, the first thing that comes to mine is lingerie, which is the complete opposite of athletic wear. As a result, I just never considered buying from them... until recently.

Pink launched a new line of sportswear that includes sports bras and leggings called Cool and Comfy. The line features brightly colored sports bras and black leggings to match. These leggings are designed to be seamless and smooth on your body. They are made to "hug" your body and can be worn at the gym and beyond. To me, they are sounding a bit like Lululemon Wunder Unders and I love my pair so these were worth a try.

It's hard to deny that these leggings are incredibly cute! The design that I chose came in 2 colors: Red and White. I had a hard time deciding between the two, but I eventually opted for the red pair (also known as pure black and red pepper on the website) since I don't own that many pieces with red on it. The leggings are a solid black color from the waist down to the calves. There is a slight partial ribbed texture that runs on the waistband, the butt area, and the hip area. Otherwise, it is smooth for the most part since these leggings were completely seamless. I believe this new textured material on leggings is gaining in popularity and I am starting to become a fan of it. I think it adds to the usual black leggings. On the calves, there is a red diagonal strip that runs around with the words "Pink" located on the back of the strip. Below the strip, is an adorable black and red polka dot design. It easily catches my eye and it looks a little bit like mesh from far away, but it isn't. The waistband of these tights also stands out to me. The waistband has a noticeable ribbed texture to it and is slightly thicker than the rest of the tights.
Pink Cool and Comfy Tights Review
Victoria Secret/Pink Cool and Comfy Tights Review
Fit & Comfort:
My first impression when putting these pairs of tights on was "Whoo they are tight!" I am about 5"4 and 120 lbs and usually a small or a medium in leggings. I got these in a small and they are a perfect (tight) fit. I feel that I could have gotten a medium if I wanted a bit more space, but the small works still! I would just keep that in mind though if you are between sizes and ordering online, I recommend for you to size up. As I walked around and tested my new leggings out, I felt that they were, like the name implies, comfy. These leggings are on the thicker side and with the ribbed texture in certain places, it felt very comfortable to the skin. They are smooth against me and the waistband provides a good amount of compression. These leggings are also warmer than the average pair and do feel like they are good quality. However, I don't quite feel that these tights are made for high intensity workouts. This is due to the material of the leggings which I will talk about below. I can see these tights though as being perfect for lounging around and light activities such as walking or yoga.

Victoria Secret Ribbed Texture on the Cool and Comfy Tights
Ribbed Texture on the Cool and Comfy Tights
Pink Cool and Comfy Leggings Red and Black Polka dot Pattern
Red and Black Polka dot Pattern 
The material of these leggings as stated is "imported nylon, polyester, and spandex." These materials are what I expect from leggings. The percentage of spandex in these leggings is only 6% and I do feel that these leggings could have a bit more spandex to them. They are stretchy and they do stretch very well, but I feel that this pair might end up losing their shape if I were to do high intensity workouts in them. My favorite pair of leggings, which are the "All the Right Places Leggings" from Lululemon have ~11% spandex in them which is double this pair. Despite this fact though, the material of the leggings feels soft against my skin and I enjoy having them on.

My Opinion:

There is without a doubt that the Cool and Comfy Tights are super adorable and I can easily see myself wearing them around. They can be paired simply with a black, white, or red top. They are flattering on my body shape and the seamless design makes it comfortable to wear around. The tights are thicker meaning they will keep me warm throughout the fall and the ribbed textured is a unique feature. However, I do have to point out that even though these pants state that they are for working out in, I would keep those workouts to a minimum and stick with low-medium impact exercises. These aren't the type of leggings I could picture myself running in due to the fact that it doesn't seem to wick sweat and the fact that they do roll. So even though I do not recommend these tights to run or do high intensity workouts in, I still love them and think that they are the perfect pair of leggings to lounge and walk around in. If you are a fan of VS Pink or of leggings with a simple, yet cute design, I would highly recommend them!
The price for these leggings as of now are listed for just under $50. This is a high price point especially for a Graduate student (whose also working an unpaid internship). To be honest, for the quality of the leggings and my recommend usages for these leggings, I do not think they are worth that price. However, I have seen deals and sales online where the tights drop significantly in price. Last week, I saw a deal on their site that included a pair of tights and a sports bra for just $35. In that case, I would say they are definitely worth the price! 

Cool and Comfy Tights/Leggings Review
Cool and Comfy Tights/Leggings Review
  • They are super cute!
  • Feel smooth and comfortable against the skin
  • Thicker material
  • Perfect for lounging around or light activities
  • Squat proof :) 
  • No pockets :( 
  • Not ideal for high intensity workouts --> Not Sweat Resistant and occasional rolling down
  • Not as much compression as I would like 

 Cool and Comfy Tights by Pink/VS Review
My Review of the Cool and Comfy Tights by Pink/VS
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  1. That suck that they roll down.

    1. I know! They are super adorable and I would wear them when lounging around, but they aren't made for sports as advertised in my opinion!

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