Monday, April 11, 2016

Looking Back on my Blog~

Hey guys! I know I've been gone for a while (over a year in fact!), but I have been just busy with life and questioning if I should return to blogging. It wasn't until recently though when a few of my readers emailed me with questions/comments that I really thought about my blog again. It's crazy for me to think that people actually read my blog, have questions and even just praise for me. I've been gone so long that I thought my blog was forgotten about, but I'm glad to know that isn't completely true. I took a look back on all my post this past week and I honestly was amazed at the flood of memories that came to me as I read each post and saw my photos. I felt as if those memories were just not so long ago, but at the same time so long ago. It's been about two years since I've seriously blogged and while that doesn't seem that long in terms of time, I feel as if I have changed tremendously since then.. those changes largely having to do with college.. It really feels like a different world here than back at home despite not even being that far from home!
I started blogging all the way back during my sophomore year. At that time in my life, I had loads of free time on my hands and wanted something to do which is why I decided to write my own blog! Throughout high school though, times got stressful for me and soon blogging became a way for me to relax and gave me a way to have time to myself. I enjoyed writing my post and putting my thoughts down onto something. I think a lot.. My brain is always thinking and writing it down helped ease my brain. At the same time, my blog was slowly gaining attention and growing in readers which was a great thing. I did begin to feel some pressure to post better content/more frequently and while it wasn't bad, I was not able to keep up with it once college started. Everything was new in my life once college started and I wanted to enjoy it. Blogging took a back seat and there were times where I would think about writing a post, but chose not to due to a variety of factors such as "pressure to write more," "making the post interesting so people will read," and other excuses. I'm thinking now and I do miss blogging a lot. I miss having a place to write things down, a place to share my ideas, share my experiences, and a place to connect with others. I am planning to start writing a few post here and there again, but probably with different content than before. I'm excited to share with whoever is still reading experiences, ideas, and advice that I have. If no one is still reading, I still may post honestly. As I said before, blogging turned out in a way to be a stress reliever for me and I'm hoping it will help me deal with my college/exam stress that is coming up haha! =)
Now for the fun part of my post.. I've included some photos from 2016 to now that I wanted to share. They are just little snippets of what have been going on with me!  Enjoy =)

Chinese New Year Dinner 2016
This photo is from Chinese New Year! I am here with my mommy and we are enjoying dinner at a restaurant. It was a great night and I greatly enjoyed being away from campus for a little bit! 

Winter Life, Spring Life
These were some pictures I took that I found adorable.
The first is a squirrel in the middle of snow! This year's winter has been "on and off" so I bet all the animals were confused.
The second is absolutely beautiful and I couldn't believe I captured it with my phone. The snow flakes that day were perfect flakes.
The last two photos are from right before spring break! I took a trip to the beach and there I walked my boyfriend's dog as he hung with his friends.. (I personally prefer animals over humans...!)

Spring Buffet Flushing
A picture from Valentine's Day! Call us crazy, but my boyfriend and I went to New York for the day to celebrate! We got up at 7 and drove 3 hours to get there.. Our destination, a hot pot buffet followed by walking around in China town and shopping! It was an amazing adventure <3. 

Quirky Funny Moments
These pictures are just some funny/cute things that I've encountered this past year. The first is a creative bunny sculpture made from food that I saw in the dining hall. The second photo is from my Valentine's trip to NY. During our exploring, we discovered a store that was selling the cutest items including this set of adorable "lover's" cup. My third photo is from a club/volunteering group. One of the kids that I was working with made this scary magpie with a bunch of eyes. He thought it was scary, but to me, I thought it was the funniest, cutest bird ever! I mean just look at it! 

Homemade Matcha Cake
My last set of photos are from spring break! The first is me (I'm sure I look different from last year..!) on the train towards NY. I was trying to keep myself entertained by messing with my hair and lots of snapchat filters. The last photo is a delicious homemade green tea matcha cake made by my cousin! All I can is that it was DELICIOUS and way better than anything you get from the store. I actually am craving it now as I am typing! 

Even looking back on these pictures, there's so much fun memories that I have already had this year! Crazy to think that it is April! I have less than a month less till finals and then after the exams, freedom from anything academic! I can't wait! I hopefully will be blogging ~ once a week or so from now on. Writing this post was relaxing for me and I miss reading other's blogs! In my down time, I will be going around and seeing what everyone has been up to the last year! Take care~

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