Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cash Cash + Throwback OOTD

Happy Belated Valentines Day everyone!! I hope you guys all had a wonderful day yesterday filled with love whether that would be with your family, friends, or significant other! For me, I had a simple night in filled with tv, candy, and happiness! Tonight my bf and I are going out to eat to celebrate Valentines! (restaurants were booked last night haha!) I am hoping to be able to do a fun little "Valentines day post" next week!

As I am slowly trying to ease blogging back into my life as I go to school, I have been craving to do outfit post again. However, it's really hard to find not only the time and place to shoot pictures especially with living in a dorm! These following picture were from the summer, weeks before I started college! It's crazy how fast the time has past!

Fun and colorful spring outfit

Spring Colorblocking

So as you can clearly tell, it is not winter when these photos were taken! I could actually see the ground haha! (I haven't seen clean ground or grass in weeks!) I cannot wait for it to be just a bit warmer again so I can stop wearing my big poofy coat and break out my dresses and skirts! I think the weather right now has been making me quite tired along with everything that is going on. I am much more involved this semester (volunteering and a job) and while my classes aren't killer, I find myself feeling sleepy and having a short fuse. 
I'm very fortunate though to have a single!! It does get lonely at times and while I miss my old roommate, coming back to an empty room after a long day is the best feeling! I'm not going to lie though, now that I have the whole room, my room has gotten extremely messy. I guess I gave up trying to be neat for my roommate! 

Spring Outfit of The Day

Spring Crop Top

Spring High Low Skirt

For my throwback outfit post today, I am wearing quite the colorful outfit! I have on a bright orange crop top that I got a while ago. I don't find myself wearing crop tops often, but when I do, I like to pair it with something high waisted. The thought of showing my belly with an outfit isn't what I am used too. I like for my belly button to be covered haha! For my skirt, I have chosen a dark blue high low skirt that I got a while ago. This skirt is one of my favorites since it has something that my other skirts don't have- pockets! Yes pockets are so useful and appreciated to me! These pockets are located in the perfect place for me to put my hands into.

Crop Top and Skirt

Outfit of the Day Accessories

For my jewelry, I opted to wear a necklace that I had made a while ago in my jewelry class. The necklace is made of gold hoops linked together with green beads. For my earrings, I found this cute pair in my closet. The earring is also a gold colored flower with a pearl on the bottom. For my shoes, I have on some tan colored flip flops! 

Crop Top- Wetseal
Woven Mini Skirt- Forever 21 or Dresshead
Necklace- Made by me! 
Earrings- Similar @ Kohls
Flip Flops- Forever 21

Cash Cash Winter White

In other news, our school hosted a Winter White concert for us and Cash Cash came!! I had decided not to go, but last minute, I wanted to go! This resulted in an overpriced ticket, but pretty worth it in the end I felt! 

Are you guys over winter as of now?
How was your Valentine's Day?
Are you a fan of Cash Cash? 


  1. Can't wait for your valentines post dear. Pretty sure you had a great time with your boyfie! You look pretty and cute with this outfit of yours. I totally love the skirt and your accessories :))


  2. Amazing outfit!
    Please click on the Romwe banner of my blog

  3. Cute outfit! The colours are great together.
    I'm sooo done with winter too, can't wait for the warmer weather to come and stay!

  4. cute outfit! you have a great figure :)

  5. That is a lovely colourful outfit! :)

    I hope that the winter weather is starting to warm up for you! It's autumn here in Australia so must be spring for you now?

    Away From The Blue

  6. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! You can find it on my blog!

  7. Hello, Mindy! I love the color combo here--it's so bright and trendy. I also really miss summer and completely resonate with your feelings on this semester being more demanding. In the fall, I felt really inadequate because I was only doing orchestra, but now that I'm doing more, I just feel inundated. Fingers crossed for both of us--we'll troop through together! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, girl!

  8. Hello Mindy,
    Surely time flies fast. I hope your blogging interest is still there. Hahahaha!

    I didn't really celebrate Valentine as I'm too old for that. But a simple gift of Roses would do for my beloved wife.

    In my country, we do not have a winter. It's summer all year. We rarely wear thick clothing. Clothes like yours are common.

    However, the clothes you're wearing suit you well.

    Till then, have a nice day k?

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  10. So beautiful dear♡
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  11. Love this your post, because it's really amazing!
    Great job! Will wait for a new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

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  13. Love the colors!

    - Audrey

  14. Hi Mindy! You look so cute and chic in your outfit and your accessories are such an eye candy <3
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  16. you look cute in this outfit :) i like the primary colors

  17. Cute, simple outfit. You look so radiant in this!


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  19. looking pretty! OMg its been a long time since i last stop by ur blog!

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