Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vacation Update!

Hey guys!! I can't believe how long it's been since I've written a post!! In fact, I haven't really touched a computer for a long time while I'm here! I'm only online for college related things and music at night. It actually is a very nice break from the internet since before, I felt like I had been spending way too much time online. I hope I can get this balance thing down between free time and work/school !

I'll admit that the first week and a half off felt very relaxing but as the second week rolled around, I was itching to get back on the blog world! I looked through a few blogs on my phone and I have been trying to find the time to write a small post of my own. I was planning to go home this past Sunday (which I was super sad about), but after some planning, I've decided that it is possible for me to stay longer! I will be staying to the end of this week and then go back for a week. During that week, I must buy everything I need for college because after that, I will hit the city with my friends and then stay with my cousins again (yay!) until the day before move in day! In between all this, I want to try and keep my blog as updated with post as possible!! I can't promise anything, but I will try to post twice a week again!!

Pick your own fruit farm

For most of my upcoming post, I plan to just write about my vacation/life with a few outfits and hauls here and there! One of the first things we did on our vacation was go to a farm to pick some fresh fruits! I've gone to a few of these "pick your own" fruit farms and I really enjoyed them. I think it's interesting to see where the fruit you eat comes from and how it grows!

Pick your own fruit
The farm that we were at!
Pick your own raspberries and cherries
Fresh Raspberries and Cherries!
The weather that day was pretty amazing! It was a tiny bit hot and super sunny, but that was okay since we were in the shade for the most part. The first fruit on our to attack list were the cherries. From what I noticed, there were two types of cherries to pick from - yellow cherries and red cherries. I didn't know the difference between the two colors, but I assumed that the red ones were ripe and sweet while the yellow ones were unripe and bitter. The red ones unfortunately were located very high and there was no way I could get to them without climbing a tree! (which I did attempt to do!) After many failed attempts, we ended up settling for the yellow cherries which turned out to be a good thing. The yellow ones tested a lot better than the red ones after picking them lol!
After our cherries, we went after the raspberries! The raspberries weren't located at high places, but rather super low. We had to squat to see the ripe raspberries. The berries that we ended up taking home were very sweet and delicious!

Hershey Park summer

Hershey Park in summer

The next weekend had to be one of the funnest! We were scheduled to go to Pennsylvania for two days. One day was to go to Hershey Park and the second day was reserved for shopping! Personally I was more excited for Hershey Park than for shopping just because I have never been to the park before. I've gone to Six Flags and Lake Compounce before so I had an idea of what to expect. I have to say that as far as the rides go, Hershey Park is very similar to Six Flags, but a lot funner and cleaner! (Hershey Park felt so clean to me compared to other theme parks!)

hershey park fahrenheit
Yeah right.. I'm going on a ride with a 97 degree drop! lol
As you may know, I am deathly afraid of heights so going to an amusement park like this was a bit scary! I originally planned to stick with the kids and go on all the kiddie rides, but I got pulled out of that job when someone else offered to be with the kids. Therefore, I hung out with with of the older girls and a friend who loved roller coasters. You don't even know how scared I was! I kinda put on a facade to everyone that I wasn't that afraid of the rides, but inside I was screaming.

hershey park sidewinder

The first ride that we went on was the sidewinder. I was basically forced to go on one of the bigger coasters and it was between the sidewinder and the stormrunner. They were both equally scary in my mind, so my young cousin picked the ride for me. This ride had 3 loop de loops that you had to go through twice- once forwards and once backwards. When the ride first started and brought us up backwards, I thought I was going to die. I just kept getting higher and higher and I wished for it to stop going up!! I screamed before the ride started lol. Once we finally dropped, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I kept my eyes closed and just
screamed with all my energy... then the ride stopped.. reversed itself... and we were off in no time!

Hershey Park Wildcat

Hershey Park Great Bear

After going on my first coaster, I was feeling more confident in attacking other rides. I went on many more rides including wildcat, wild mouse (this one looks calm, but it's crazy), a kiddie coaster, and the great bear. I actually began enjoying/not as afraid of these rides cause I found out a trick. All I have to do is close my eyes as the ride drops and scream as much as possible! For some reason, screaming makes a ride much less scary for me!

Hershey Park The Claw
This one is crazy!
I have to say that our of all the rides that I went on, this one above that you see was the scariest! This red and yellow ride is called "The Claw" and it basically looks like a huge swing. The ride starts out and begins to slowly swing back and forth. At the same time, the machine will also begin to spin you in a slow circle. Quickly the ride builds up and before you know it, your swinging super high in the air and it feels like your about to flip over! For me, the drop is the scariest part! Most coasters have 1 or 2 drops, but this one had many drops which made it so scary for me!

I can't believe tomorrow will be Thursday! I have to head home on tomorrow at night. Even though I am a bit sad, I know I will get over it since I'll be back soon again! =)

Have you ever gone picking for your own fruit?
How has your summer been so far?
Are you a fan of heights/roller coasters?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer in the City

Hey guys! Did you notice that today is already July 2nd! Half of 2014 has already happened! It's crazy!
Let me say, that my summer has seem to taken full force for me this week! Not only has the weather become much warmer (and humid..), but my schedule seems to be filling up with many exciting events. I have some interesting news to share with you guys and a few updates.
As of last week, I learned that my family in New York has offered to let me stay with them for basically the month of July!! You do not understand how excited I was to hear this!!! I definitely jumped on this offer and this Saturday I will be off to the city for ~4 weeks!! More or less, I will be babysitting, but that is cool with me since I am practically in love with their kids. <3 Where I live is just so boring that I need to get out of here and where better else to go than New York with my family? I'm currently in the process of procrastinating packing for a month long trip because I have no idea what to pack! I'm planning to pack for 2 weeks mac and then just wash my clothes there! Though leaving for a month is fun, I have to make sure that everything back home is taken care of including my hamster and my college issues. I've been struggling with finical aid recently and it's not fun! I'm planning to go up there at the end of the week to deal with them directly haha.. I need my scholarship money to get there!

Beach in the summer

Day At The Beach

I've been out pretty much most of this week with friends. I'm not sure if that is a good idea or not since I actually have my permit test tomorrow... I know I haven't studied as much as I need to so I will have to spend the rest of today taking a bunch of practice test. I can do it! 
Going out with my friends was so much fun! It was actually quite relaxing to just get out of the house for a few days and talk with others. (I've been around the same people for way too long) My mind has been constantly running recently, and I know I'm just stressing myself out so I really needed these days out! Yesterday I headed out to the beach. I usually don't enjoy going to the beach, but I haven't been this year so I said why not as long as I wear lots of sunscreen! The weather was just perfect for the beach!! It was so relaxing. I laid there for a while talking and then went for a walk around the beach. Loved it! =)

Mystic Ct. Boats

After the beach, we drove around and stopped by the river where we saw part of a mini concert. We also got to check out several boutiques and see this amazing view. It really was such a perfect day out!

manhattan squiggle building

I guess I am working backwards here with my week, but the weekend before, I actually took a spontaneous day trip to the city with my mom. Something about my last trip to New York by myself was pushing at me to go back and see things once more. That trip was my first alone and for some reason, it keeps coming back to my mind and I can't help but feel a bit sad, but happy about it. I think it just has to do with the fact that in the back of my head, I knew that I had the chance to go to school there and to be in the city 24/7, but I gave it up in the end. 
After seeing everything once more, I felt less sad about things and realized that my choice has been made. I'll still have a chance to go back and visit whenever I wish which made me feel a lot better.

Panera Bread Bowl

Almond Cookie
It's an almond cookie! 
Throughout my week, I also had some delicious eats! (a lot more than pictured here!) Since I was out all day Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, I basically ate all meals outside which I know is unhealthy, but ohh so good. I'm getting my meals back on track today though! I had many yummy treats, lots of froyo, panera bread, nachos, and cookies!

Nike Women's Flex 2014

My last picture for today are actually a pair of Nike Women's Flex 2014 that came in the mail an hour or so ago!! I desperately needed a new pair of running shoes and after learning I was going to be in the city for a month, I knew I needed to get a pair soon so I went in store and fell in love with a few different nike styles. The only thing was that my size wasn't there... I decided to go online and found the exact pair of the ones that I loved the most. I checked the price and was shocked to see how cheap they were compared to the store. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was only a size 6 that was cheaper since there was only one shoe left in stock! The next size up, 6.5, was almost $20 more. I was originally going to get the 2013 style shoe, but the price difference was only $4 so I chose to get 2014! ... yeah it rocks to have smaller than average feet! 

Are you a fan of going to the beach in the summer? for me, I'm not the biggest fan, but going once in a while if fine with me! 
What are some of your plans for summer?
Have you ever gotten a deal on an item because of your "unique/one left in stock" size?

**Since I am going to be in New York for the summer, my blogging schedule will be up in the air. I don't know if I have time/want to blog while I am there. I'll probably blog once a week or so about things, but I'm most likely won't be writing twice a week. It's a bit time consuming and I would like to enjoy my last summer before college. =) I'll be back in August though!! **
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