Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Year Of The Horse! (2014)

Happy (early) Chinese New Year everyone! Only 2 more days to go before the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration begins on 1/31!! This year, is the year of the Horse (which just so happens to be my mom's zodiac sign as well!) Our family does celebrate the New Years a bit, and even though we don't go all out with a 15 day celebration, I'm still super excited for the day to come! Usually on these days, we spend our morning calling our family to check in and chat. In the afternoon, we begin cooking our meals for night and at night, we have our huge feast!!
To prep for our feast, my mom went out on Monday and brought lots of delicious Chinese food and treats for us! She also stopped by our family's restaurant and picked up some more food!!

Chinese New Year 2014
This photo was taken on the spur of the moment!  So excuse any mess/tiredness looking.
Chinese New Year 2014

I personally am a huge fan of the snacks that my mom picked up since they are the best! We don't get to have them that often so I am always quite excited when we have them in the house. Personally, I don't like a lot of the restaurant food since I honestly feel that it taste quite different from the Chinese food I grew up with hehe. I also am very limited when it comes to Chinese meals/takeout since I am a vegetarian. A lot of the foods contain meat and even the vegetables are mixed with meat! Thankfully, my family knew this and they prepared an entire container of just fried tofu for me =)

Here are some of the foods that we picked up at the restaurant!
1. Fried tofu- this is delicious and my favorite thing ever from the restaurant. It's basically tofu that is deep fried hehe. Chinese New Year only comes once!
2.Fried Rice- This is pretty delicious too though I don't really eat it. It's fried rice with eggs, ham and shrimp!
3. Sweet and Sour Soup- I like this soup a lot and I actually did not really know the american word for this food item. It turns out that the translation for this soup to English is very similar to it's chinese name!
4. Rice Noodles (?? maybe) - These are super tasty. I love eating these when they are meatless and I actually have these for breakfast sometimes. The noodles that I have for breakfast aren't drenched in sauce. Instead they are wrapped around something called "oil stick .. Youtiao in chinese.. it sounds a lot better in chinese than english hehe!"

Tapioca Pearls Chinese

I was so excited to see that my mom had brought these items! You might not know what these are, but the red bags actually contain tapioca pearls. These pearls are the ones that are used to make Boba tea!!! My mom buys these pearls to use to make her own boba tea! If you've never had boba before, it basically is a sweet tea with these "balls" on the bottom. The balls are squishy and remind me a bit of eating mochi.

In the green bags here, there is what is called glutinous rice flour. Baking with this flour gives a result of a treat that is super sticky. I guess that is what the glutinous stands for?? My mom uses this flour to make something called "Nian Gao." Nian means sticky in chinese and gao means cake so I guess Nian Gao translates to sticky cake!

Green Onion Pancake Chinese New Year

This is another huge favorite of mine. They are called "green onion pancakes" and I actually had these a lot when I was in NY. They are similar to pancakes, but different with the fact that these are more savory than sweet and much. It's contains leeks and after cooking, it becomes very crispy and thinner than pancakes. You can eat these pancakes the way that they are (which is what I do) or you could choose to wrap it around other vegetables/meat. 

Chinese New Year Cookies

These cookies are another big favorite of mine ever since I was a child. I asked my mom to get these and I'm happy that she got two bags of them. These cookies are called "wan wan" cookies and they are a combination of sweet and savory. The cookies itself it very crispy and has a salty flavor to it. However the white pieces that you see on top of the cookie is pure sweetness. The combo of sweet and salty when you take a bite into this cookies is what makes it taste so good to me!! 

Chinese New Year Fried Spice Tofu

Chinese New Year Bean Thread

These two items here are both types of tofu. I'm sure you guys know what tofu is, but you might not have heard of these types. The first one is a fried spice tofu. In my opinion, this is a heavily seasoned tofu that is fried and than frozen. It's very salted, but it taste so good!! My mom usually pan fries it with some vegetables and it makes a pretty good dish! 
The 2nd picture is of something called bean thread. I honestly think these foods sound 10x tastier when said in chinese rather than english. These is basically tofu that is dried and packaged. As you can tell from the ingredients, the bean thread only contains two ingredients, soy beans and water. In order to cook these, you have to first soak them in water for a couple of hours to soften them. We typically cook these by pan frying it with either vegetables or noodles! =)

Chinese New Year Vegetables

Chinese New Year Soy Sauce

The last two items that were purchased are some vegetables and soy sauce!! (hehe yes, soy sauce is a must for us!) We picked up 3 different vegetables- chinese cabbage, taro/yam, and a white carrot. I love chinese cabbage and taro so much. (I could care less for the white carrot!) I love using taro in desserts and steamed buns!

It's been very busy lately in our house as we prep for Chinese New Year. We want to do everything from cleaning to paying bills to shopping before Friday hits. The reason for this is because we want Friday to be completely stress free! It's not good to have stress on this day because that means you will be stressed for the entire year. Before I go, I wanted to share with you some of our Chinese New Year Traditions  =)  -

Have A Clean Home- This is essential since cleaning on Friday = sweeping away your money! 
Eat Sweets- The more you eat, the sweeter your year will be! 
No Arguing/Bad Words- If you argue on this day, it means you will have a bad relationship with that person for the rest of the year! 
No Napping- This is a sign of laziness! 
Don't Wash Your Hair- Like cleaning your house, washing your hair symbolizes washing away your 
Wear Red- Red symbolizes luck and fortune so it's best to wear as much of it as possible! 

As you can tell, there are a lot of things you must and mustn't do on Chinese New Year. I don't firmly believe all of them, but I still follow them just because...! The main idea behind all these rules is basically to be on your best behavior on that day and relax. It is believed that what you do on the first day is what you will be doing for the rest of the year! 
With that being said, I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year (if you celebrate it)!! 

Have you tried of any of the foods that we got?
Do you celebrate Chinese New Years?
What are some traditions that you have? 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Luuux Brush Set Review

It has been quite some time since I've received my luuux brush set, but I am finally going to do a review on them today! I've just been busy and I kinda keep forgetting... (maybe I should start writing things down.. I am working on doing this more often because I hear that it is essential for doing well in college.) Usually I just have due dates, homework, test dates swirling around in my mind. It's pretty common for me at night to be like.. "oops I forgot I had to this for tomorrow!!" Yup, and then I have to push my bed time/night routine back to do the assignment. It's not good so I am working on changing this!!

Luuux Brush Set Review

Luuux Brush Set Review

It's been about a month since I received this brush set from luuux. The brushes were part of a promotion/gift for us on the holiday from Luuux. A total of 5 sets of these brushes were given over the course  of the month and I really love how luuux did that for us. It shows us that they really do appreciate us on the site!
 I have been on luuux since the year they first began. I'm not exactly sure what year (2009 or 2010 pops to my head), but I do remember that I joined after hearing a youtuber rave it!
The site back then had the same concept as it does today which is to be able to earn rewards for doing what you love, blogging. However, the way you earn points for rewards has changed. Instead of getting points for "like" and "comments", we are now awarded points for the number of views we get!

Luuux Brush Set Review

I'm very excited to be reviewing the brushes today because this is the first brush set I have ever had! I was notified of winning the brush set and within a week, the brushes had arrived at my house! The set contains 12 brushes neatly placed inside a brush bag. I have to say that the bag used to hold there brushes are really cute! It resembles a clutch and if it wasn't a brush bag, I could see myself carrying this cute bag around around! The bag is made of a super soft and seems pretty strong, though I know it isn't leather. The bag is held together with a silver clasp.

Luuux Brush Set Review Limited Edition

Luuux Brush Set Review Face Brushes

Luuux Brush Set Review eye Brushes

When you open the bag and unroll it, you will notice that there are 12 brushes neatly placed into slots- 5 face brushes, 6 eye brushes, and 1 lip brush.There are 4 empty slots for you to put your own brushes which I like a lot. The brushes are all super soft, but they do tend to shed a bit. I'm sure the shedding will stop with more uses though.

 L150- This is a large powder brush and is perfect for applying loose powder products. The brush is very dense with a rounder top.

L187- This brush is very pretty and it looks like it is best for applying a light layer of powders or even for brushing away excess makeup. I really like the design of this brush since it's black and white, quite dense and super soft!

L116- This is the blush brush and is perfect for applying and shaping blush onto your face. It's not too dense which is ideal since you don't want to end up with too much blush on your cheeks! Sadly though, I don't wear blush this often so I personally don't see myself using this one that often.

L190- This is the foundation brush from luuux. This brush isn't too thick and has less bristles than the others. The brush is quite stiff which is nice for getting more coverage.!

L224- This is the eye shadow brush. It's a bit smaller and from experience, it seems to be ideal for picking up cream based products as opposed to loose powder. It picks up color very nicely and blends it well too!

Luuux Eye Brushes Review

L217- This brush is interesting. I'm actually not really sure what it is suppose to be used for.. It's a nice brush nevertheless. It seems shorter in length than the other brushes, but the bristles are all very soft. You could possible use it for blending maybe?

L195- This is the concealer brush in the set. The brush is a tanish color as opposed to black or white and I actually really love this brush. It's used to apply concealer and I find it to work very well when applying concealer to the under eye area.

L239- This brush is perfect for shading and blending powders onto your skin. It's pretty stiff and like the other brushes, it is very soft.

L208- This is an angled brush and is prefect for doing your eyeliner or eyebrows. The only thing I have to say though is that the brush might not be stiff enough to do eyeliner, at least for me since I always tightline. It is very nice though for drawing your eyebrows though!

L219- Again, I am not exactly sure what this brush is for, but I personally use it for defining my eye crease with shadow. It's very percise and stiff, but not quite as angled as the L208 so I can't use it to do my eyeliner.

L242- This brush is very versatile. It could be used for applying eyeshadow or if you want to pack on foundation/ concealer, this brush is prefect. I really love this brush as it does pick up a lot of product when you need it too!

Luuux Lip Brush Set Review

L316- This brush is probably the one that I am the most excited about! It's very unique and the design behind it is amazing. It's a lip brush and actually resembled a mini bullet hehe. Once you open the case, you nice that there is a mini brush inside used for applying lip color. The brush is very stiff and the perfect size for your lips. The little carrying case keeps everything sanitary and you can actually put some lip color inside the case so when you want to reapply, it is pretty easy!

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this set of brushes from Luuux. The brushes all felt very good and they work very well. I was a bit confused about a few of the brushes, but I anticipated that since I have never had a whole brush set before (therefore making this review a bit harder hehe). The concealer brush is very nice and the lip brush is my favorite. I would recommend this set to someone who hasn't really had a whole brush set before as it seems like a great started kit to build on. If you want to check out Luuux, just click here. =)

In other news, my midterms are finally finished as of this Friday. Semester 2 starts this Monday and I have weight training now instead of Virtual High School ( I honestly do not recommend taking it if you like talking to others in person) and I can't wait! Semester 2, aka, my last semester ever of high school, here I come! 

What is your opinion on this brush set?
Have you ever heard of Luuux?
Do you prefer using brushes or your fingers to apply makeup? I always hear beauty gurus telling us to use brushes, but I have always used my fingers more because I feel like I have more control. 

***** Really Random I know, but I just got an email from Stony Brook telling me I was accepted!! ***** Yay!! 2 out of 8 schools so far! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Mindy Top From Dahlia Wolf

I have been feeling pretty lucky this week considering the fact that I have had a 5 day weekend!! I originally had only 3 days off, but I had no mid terms to take on Tuesday so I got to stay home for an extra day. I should be at school right now, but school is cancelled for me due to the snow we got yesterday! Thank gosh because I need another day to study for my psychology midterm! I have literally spent 3 hours memorizing parts of the brain and their functions! We actually got a decent amount of snow overnight.. not as much as I anticipated based on the weather reports.. but more than the "normal" amount. I think the shocking factor of this storm are the temperatures. It's currently 12 degrees Fahrenheit right now (-11 Celsius), but feels like -7 Fahrenheit (-22 Celsius) with the wind! Needless to say, I will not be going outside unless I need to!
Today's outfit post is going to be featuring Dahlia Wolf! I mentioned this site a lot in the two posts (Here and Here) leading up to my winter break. I actually got this top in the mail right before going on vacation so therefore, these pictures were taken before Christmas hehe. I meant to write this post earlier, but I just didn't have enough room since I wanted to do my chirstmas haul, vacation recap.. etc. hehe.

Dahlia Wolf The Mindy Top

Dahlia Wolf The Mindy Top

The crop top was a collaboration between Dahlia Wolf and I. Basically the site is like a huge pinterest like site dedicated to fashion. You upload pictures that you like as inspiration and if your inspiration piece catches the eye of Dahlia Wolf, then you get your piece made and a free sample of you clothing piece! The top that was created for me was a festive colored crop top. The colors remind me a lot of summer or being on vacation on a tropical beach! Thinking about it now, showing this outfit is a bit ironic seeing how it is winter wonderland and freezing outside right now. hehe. It's okay though because I am inside in the heat!

Dahlia Wolf The Mindy Top

Dahlia Wolf The Mindy Top

To style this outfit, I really wanted to pair it with some high waisted shorts, but I could not find mine so I had to improvise. Instead of my shorts, I chose to wear a dark blue colored high low skirt! I wore the skirt a bit higher to work with the crop top. I personally felt that the color of this skirt worked very well with the top. Both pieces gave off a really tropical feel. Seeing how cold it is right now, I could really use some warmer weather!!

Crop Top With High Waisted Skirt

Sammydress Ring
Along with the crop top and skirt, I chose to wear a set of bangles and a butterfly ring from Sammydress. I felt that this outfit was better with minimum accessories. After looking back on these pictures, I must say that I love my hair color with this outfit. I always am on the lookout for new colors to dye my hair with. My hair recently has been a lot healthier and I'm thinking of switching my hair color back to a deep red? What do you guys think? I love the ombre ffect I have right now, but my roots are growing out (and I have white hair) so it's not that attractive!

Crop Top With High Low Skirt
I really love the effect that a filter had on this picture!
Overall, I really love "The Mindy Top" from Dahlia Wolf. It's made with great quality material and the colors of it are lovely! I love it even more due to the fact that it's lined/padded so I don't need to worry about what to wear underneath it. The fit of it is perfect as well because at first I didn't notice the zipper on the side and wondered how am I going to get in this thing? hehe.. the zipper saved me because it actually zips down all the way down so it's much easier to get on! I am 100% satisfied with my top! 

Bracelet- Forever 21
Ring- Sammydress
Shoes- Shopbop

What is your opinion on The Mindy Top?
Do you think a dark red hair color would suit me?
How's 2014 so far for everyone? I can't believe it's almost Feb... so far 2014 has been cold! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Born Pretty Nail Review

Midterms started this Friday for me! (yes Friday, not Monday) I was pretty lucky though because I technically did not have to take any midterms on Friday. Instead of a midterm for my first period class, I had a two hour class of AP calc. It wasn't as a bad as I had assumed since he did a mixture of lecturing and giving us work to do. I actually felt that the class was pretty helpful and I much rather have a class than take a midterm. There is so much more stress with a midterm since we basically have to study everything in class up to that point. This is not the best for me since I tend to cram before a test and regenerate my knowledge on the test and then never come back to it again. You can just imagine how stressful these big test are for me hehe! 

Anyways, today I bring to you a haul of some items I received courtesy of Bornpretty. I did a quick show of these items in my christmas gifts post, but I will show the items to you in more detail! 

Bornpretty Review And Haul

Born pretty Review

Bornpretty is an online store that specialize in nail products such as the ones I have received. However that is not all they sell; they also have many items that range from accessories to makeup to even clothes. The prices on the site are very cute and unique. What makes it even better are the prices. Most items are under $5 and they offer free shipping for anything! All the items that I show here, come up to under $10!

Bornpretty 3d Christmas Stickers

Bornpretty 3d Christmas Stickers
Close up of some of some of the stickers. =)
I know Christmas has already occurred about a month ago (I cannot believe January 2014 is almost over!), but I had ordered these stickers for the holidays hehe. It's just that I didn't get them until after lol. It's okay though because it's still winter and Christmas is my favorite holiday. I am always in the mood for snowman, candy canes, and Ssanta Claus! ... I'm still a little kid at heart!
These stickers are 3D so they will pop up when you adhere them your nails. The stickers are also very shiny and capture the light perfectly. We have a mini snow storm heading our way this Wed. and I'm thinking to use these stickers on the day of the storm! Or I could be a rebel and put these stickers on my nails in the middle of the summer! hehe

The second item that I got is this adorable manicure box of animal decals. When I was looking through the site, these little decals immediately caught my eyes because I am honestly a sucker for anything cute. This little box contains a bunch of  various animal decals. Each of the animals are are pretty small (which makes sense since our nails are small) so if you were to put these on your nails, you might want to use some tweezers. I really want to use these soon because the bunny and bear are calling my name! This little manicure box also comes with a section that contains glue for the nail decals. I like this a lot because if you were to put the decals on your plain nails, you could. I personally would just put them on top of wet nail polish and seal them in with a top coat though since I'm a bit lazy and lack coordination. hehe.

Born pretty Shining Colorful Crystal Rhinestones Chain

You might be wondering that this item is. I asked my sister if she wanted anything of the site and she actually chose quite a unique item. This is known as a "colorful crystal rhinestone chain" on the site and from the pictures I see, you can actually break this chain apart to your desired length and attach it onto your nails! I really love the chain itself and my sister and I agree that we can't bear to tear it apart. We might try to glue the chain closed and hang it up somewhere instead! =)

Born pretty Konad Stamp

Born pretty Konad Plates
Born pretty Konad Plates
Close up of the design on the nail plates!
These next two items I was super excited to receive! In fact, they were the ones I was dying to try out! I have read/watched a lot of videos about konad stamping. It seems pretty easy and a very easy way to get intricate designs onto the nails. All you have to do is place either konad polish or regular thick nail polish on top of the design you wish to print. Then you take the scrapper and glide it across the plate to remove all the extra polish. Finally you take your stamper, stamp it across the plate, and then roll it on your nails. Voila, the design on the plate should be instantly transferred to your nails.
 I actually did attempt konad this weekend, but slightly failed at it. I think it didn't work out because of my nail polish. I didn't have super thick polish available to me so I tried it with a semi thick polish which didn't work out. I got some prints, but not the whole picture. I will attempt to try konad stamping again once I pick up some thicker polishes!

Overall I really am very satisfied with Bornpretty, much more than I assumed I would have. The products are great quality and the prices are quite low! I love the wide range of items that they sell and I could see myself purchasing from them in the future. The only thing that is a negative would be the shipping time. It took ~ a month for the products to get here, though I have to blame some of that on it being the holidays. The customer service they have though does make up for this! If you want to purchase from Bornpretty, you can use the code MYBW10 for an extra 10% off! =)

Here are the links to the products I showed-
Nail stickers,
manicure disc w/ animals decals (unavailable, sorry!)
Rhinestone Chain
Konad Stamp
Animal Konad Plate
Floral/Butterfly Konad Plate

Have you heard of bornpretty before?
Are you a fan of painting your nails?
Have you ever tried konad stamping before?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

 In my "What I got for Christmas" post last week, I showed a few face products that I recently have gotten. I was planning to do a review on either one or two of the products and I had a few people ask me about the baby skin instant pore eraser from maybelline and how it compared to the Porefessional from benefit. I personally have never used the porefessional so I can't do a comparison, but I will do my best to review this product!

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review
I decided to test the instant pore eraser out after doing a bit of research on it. From what I have figured out, the instant pore eraser has recently just hit the U.S. stores late last year. The product claims to instantly give you a poreless complexion. There has been a lot of hype around this product and in fact, the whole baby lips/skin line from Maybelline is quite successful! I definitely had my doubts about this product, but it was my sister in fact, who persuaded me to try it and I'm glad she did!

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Review

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

The first thing I noticed when I got the product was the way it was packaged. The product comes in a squeeze tube with a nozzle to get the product out. I like the idea of the nozzle as opposed to having to stick your hands into it to get the product out. The little nozzle makes things much more hygienic and cleaner. At the same time however, you have to pay attention to how hard you squeeze the tube because if you push too hard, you might find yourself with more product than you need. (yes, it happened to me and you cannot get the product back inside hehe!)

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

Another thing that I noticed was the size of the tube. For some reason, I thought that the tube for this product would be huge... like the size of foundation. I was wrong. The size of the tube is similar to the length of a tiny hand sanitize from bath and body works. Each tube contains 20 mL/.67 Fl Oz and cost anywhere beteen $5-8. The positive thing though is that each time you use this product, you only need to use a tiny bit to cover yourself. Therefore, this product will be able to last you a while.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

 Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

As I put the clear, translucent gel on my face, I realized why they put the word instant in the product title. Right away, my skin turned from rough and dry, to being smooth and velvety like. This smooth finish is very nice for those who have dry skin and wear foundation. The smooth finish gives your skin a really nice base for your foundation.I could not stop touching my face afterwards because of how nice it felt. The gel blended very nicely into my skin and felt very light on my skin. It didn't feel sticky or greasy at all. I could immediately tell that the pores, bumps, and lines on my skin were minimized. There was absolutely no scent to the product which I was okay with because I would rather have a product smell like nothing than to have it stink.

The main question that you guys probably are asking right now is, does it live up to it's claim of completely erasing pores?
  - My answer to that question would be no. Though the product does minimize your pores, I wouldn't go as far to say that it gets rid of them. It definitely does help blur them, making them less viable though. For me personally, I would only use a small amount of this product on specific areas of my face where my pores are the most visible. This would be my nose and the area around my nose! (I have crazy pores there!)

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review
I never knew my skin looked so rough/bumpy till I took picture of it!! I've always thought of my skin as smooth and flawless! hehe. oh well.
Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

The instant pore eraser is very nice and had lots of pros, however, there were a few cons that I found with the product. One thing that I found with the baby skin pore eraser was the fact that it contains a lot (emphasize on a lot) of dimethicone A.K.A. silicone. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I know that all this silicon might not be good for someone with sensitive skin since silicon is known to trap everything under it so you might end up with breakouts, blackheads, and possible dry skin. I personally have not experienced any of these negative effects and I do really love the product.

Summary- I personally love the product and find the pros to outweigh the cons! The fact that it is a cheap alternative to the high end products is a huge selling point for me!

Pros- "Blurs" your pores and lines.                                            Cons- Contains a lot of silicon
           Gives you super soft skin.                                                          Not the best for sensitive skin
           Affordable                                                                                 Doesn't control oil well.
          Convenient packaging for travel and use

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Vacation Recap (Lots Of Pictures)

So this is kinda random and has nothing to do with my post today. . (in fact it is being written after my post), but I have something super exciting to say! I got a package in the mail from Pace University today I got my ACCEPTANCE letter!!!! I had a feeling that it might have been an acceptance letter because of how big the envelope is.. From what I've heard- Big envelopes = Acceptance while Small envelopes = Rejection.
I have been accepted to Pace with a 23,500 dollar renewable scholership!! Wahhh!! This is crazy!!! The feeling I had when I saw this was indescribable! 23,500 is a lot of money and with that extra cash, Pace's price is much more comparable to Uconn's price!

Pace University Acceptance Letter 2014
The poptart is there to cover my information =)
And now to my post! - (Hehe)
It's been a little over a week since I've gotten back from my vacation and I really wanted to make a vacation recap. It's so strange, but I feel like it has been so much longer than 1-2 weeks since coming back. This is weird to say, but it almost feels like I did not go on vacation.. I know I did, but it just feels like break never occurred. Time really does fly when you are having fun!! I'm very sad that it is over, but for spring break in April, I get to go back!

Gifts For Kids 2014
Lots Of Gifts!! 
All the items you see in the top picture are gifts that I brought for the kids, I brought lots of makeup (and nail polish which is not pictured above) for the little girl because she loves it. The gift that I got her was a package of lip smacker chapsticks, a pomegranate EOS, and scented nail polish! You will not believe how excited she was to see all the chapstick that I got for her. Her mouth dropped open! Along with all the makeup, I also brought her some glitter to use for crafts!
For the little boy, I found that getting gifts for him was a bit harder since I'm not a boy. Honestly, I find getting gifts for any guy quite difficult. He's pretty young so I just assumed he would like anything I got him. Therefore, I chose to get him stickers of cars and angry birds. Along with that, I also got him a strawberry EOS and a nail polish with cars on it. Everytime I go there, I get his sister a bunch of beauty products and he never gets to use them since they aren't his so he asks me for nail polish and chapstick of his own!!

Chinatown During Christmas 2014
Loving the festive spirit.
Chinese Bakery Bread And Dessert

I took the bus to go to New York and we were very fortunate to not hit any traffic. We left around 9:30 and got to the city before 12:30! It was a nice bus ride and I got to catch up on my sleep when I was on it hehe. Our bus dropped us off in the middle of Chinatown and from there, my mom and I walked to the nearest bakery to grab some lunch. I really love the food in these little "Asian" bakeries so I am always hungry for something to eat! The items I chose to get for my mini lunch was something called honey bread and a sesame ball. (They are both pictured in the middle!) The honey bread was very sweet and I guess I didn't realize how much honey they would have put in it. The bread literally ozzed honey though it was still yummy tasting.. just a bit sweet for my taste buds. The sesame ball is delicious! I have had it before and they are one of my favorite treats!

Makeup For Little Girls

Stickers For a Little Boy
Applying chapstick and stickers hehe. 
When I got to their home, the firs thing we did was take out the gifts. The kids I could not wait to show them the gifts. . I sometimes think I am still a little kid trapped in a big person's body hehe. My cousin had her best friend over at the time and both of them swarmed over all the makeup. We did each others nails right away. The little boy wanted to join in too, but sadly, he was kicked out. However, I did give him his stickers and a chapstick. Immediately, he went into a corner of his own and began adding the 200+ stickers I got him into his sticker collection as well as using his new chapstick!

Rainbow Looms 2014

Whipple Cupcake Review

Ailee I'll Show You
I will force then to love Ailee (and Demi) hehe. So far, it is working!!
For vacation, I pretty much hung out at their house and went along with them on their errands! Sometimes, I was just watching the kids, but I don't mind it because they are so much fun! We did lots of things there including making rainbow loom bracelets and  cupcakes! Apparently "rubberband/ rainbow loom bracelets are popular among children. I have never heard of them until I saw them on my cousin's hand. They are basically made from rubber bands strung together.
Along with the bracelets and cupcakes, we also listened to music. I showed the kids some of my favorite singers including Demi Lovato and Ailee. It's my goal to make both of them love these artists. So far, I have gotten both of them to fall in love with Ailee's rendition of Halo. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out! I also have them both hooked on Demi's new music.!

Christmas Tree 2014

I got to celebrate Christmas with them and they were the ones who got me a tablet. I still cannot believe it, but I love my tablet. I use it literally everyday! The kids got so much presents, but mainly legos. They love legos so much that they ever have a city made out of them. I think it is the cutest thing ever.
The weekend after Christmas, I got to go snowboarding with the kids. That was a pretty fun and scary experience. I went skiing with them once and I slightly disliked that because I froze out there, but snowboarding was quite fun this time. It was sunny outside and being with the kids made it so much better. I had to act like I knew what I was going to help them hehe. (though I think I was the one who was most afraid of falling there.) 

New Fish In The Family
New Fish in the family! 
While I was there, we also got a new fish to make 3 fish. I asked what the new fishes name should be and it turned out that none of the fish had names! I was shocked because all pets need names so I took it upon myself to come up with names for them. I asked the little girl what she thought the new fish should be names and we came up with the name Honey because of the color of her scales. The two other fishes were hard to pick names for, but eventually we found two names that would suit them - Sushi and Bubbles!
Selfies In The morning
Selfies bright and early in the morning!
I had to leave on the 1st of January and I was really sad to go. The week and a half there felt like it had gone by so fast. It's just just crazy to believe that I have only been home for a week and a half. I feel like I have been home forever just doing homework and writing essays hehe. I cannot wait for spring break so I can see them again! Till then, it's letters and phone calls!

What have you guys been doing lately?
Do any of you feel like you have been stuck in a "rut/post holiday blues" like I am? Hopefully I'll get over it once Feb. hits.!
Really random, but if you have opinions on Pace, please share them with me hehe. I get to visit all my colleges in March/April before making my final decision and it still has yet to hit me that what I pick is where I will be for the next 4 years! 
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