Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Homecoming, State Meet, + Spirit Week!

This Saturday was a busy day for me. It was a weekend of "last" for me. I experienced my last ever high school homecoming and my last ever cross country meet. Both these events were tremendously exciting and I enjoyed every moment of it. My day started early: I was to be at the school by 8:30 where we would take our bus up to our meet. We would walk the course and Varsity Girls would race at 1:30. After the race, I went back to the school where my mom picked me up and I went home to shower. After my shower, it was off to my friend's house to prepare for homecoming!! Crazy right? 
Before I get started on the post, I wanted to share a few photos from spirit week-

Spirit Week Wacky
Wacky Wednesday!
Spirit Week Wacky

Spirit Week Seniors
For our race, we were given the option to make a poster for one of the girls running. Of course I jumped on this opportunity! I love my team and even though posters aren't my thing, I wanted to help motivate the team as much as I could so I went out and picked up poster paper as well as some acrylic stones! (I just saw them and they were too cute!)

Acrylic Stones

After about two hours with my poster, these stones, glue, markers, and glitter, I was able to create this lovely poster-
Cross country Motivational Poster

I was debating whether to give my poster a theme or now. Eventually I settled on a theme of dogs because the person who would be receiving this post loved dogs! I got online, googled sketches of dogs, and did my best to replicate the images. I also drew a picture of a dog bowl with food and water as well as a set of dog bones that spelled out her name. It was so cute. No poster would be complete without glitter so for my finishing touch, I used glitter to write out "Run." I'm pretty messy/clumsy so my mom as you could tell, was not pleased with the glittery mess I made around the house!

Around the sides of my poster, I wrote a series of humorous running quotes. The pictures of the quotes weren't the best quality so I shall list them here instead-
Running is a mental sport, and we're all insane.
Our workouts are longer than our shorts! (This is sooo true!! Our shorts are super short!)
Cross country is one HILL of a sport.
Our shoes have more miles than your cars.
Pain is temporary, Pride is forever
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
The FASTER you run, the QUICKER your done. 
Your feet hurt cause your kicking so much A** (I love this one!)
Sweat is Sexy.

Cross country Motivational Poster

The meet itself went pretty well. We didn't win it or anything, but we made an improvement from last year which is what maters! To qualify, we needed to come in the top 2 for our division. We got 6th so we didn't make it, but everyone ran so well and it was just an exciting, (and extremely cold) day! I couldn't have asked for a better team for my senior year. Everyone is so sweet and I love everyone on the team! 

After coming home from the meet, I had to shower as fast as I can and rush to my friend's home to prepare for homecoming. I have gone to homecoming freshman and sophomore year and each of those years, I got ready for homecoming at the same friend's home. I went over her house this year for my last dance. I think it is crazy how we have remained friends since middle school and throughout high school. Even though we don't see each other that often at all, we still have so much to talk about when we see one another. Here are some pictures from homecoming-

Homecoming 2013 Senior

Homecoming 2013 Senior

Homecoming 2013 Senior

Homecoming 2013 Senior
We are so strange!...
For homecoming, I got ready with my friend and two other friends. One of my friend's (the one with blond hair) is actually an exchange student from Europe and this was going to be her first ever homecoming!!  I'm so jealous of her because I want to go to Europe so badly. For my freshman year, I wore a poofy dress, my sophomore year, I wore a less fluffy, and finally my senior year, I chose to go for a tight bodycon dress! I got this dress over the summer and I have yet to wear it so I decided to wear it for homecoming! Why waste money on another dress I would only wear once? (plus our school isn't as fancy when it comes to dances. 1/2 of the people dress up nicely (usually the freshman/sophomore) while the other half dress like they are going clubbing. lol)
Overall, homecoming was a huge hit for me. It was awkward in the beginning, but once people started dancing, things got a lot better. I got more comfortable and it was just lots of fun. The exchange student loved homecoming and in fact, she was the one to push me all the way to the front to dance as well as pushing me into a guy. It was pretty awesome. Apparently, they don't dance like this in Europe so she was nervous at first though I know she does love dancing and music.  I really wonder what Europe is like?? I need to study abroad when I am in college! 

Homecoming Dinner

After homecoming was over at 11, we all decided to go out for a late night dinner since we didn't eat much beforehand. I wasn't all for a "late night dinner" because I really wanted to go home and just rest, but I'm glad my friends dragged me into it. After dancing for 3+ hours, I was not only tired, but a bit hungry. We went to a local restaurant that was open 24/7. I got a simple 1/2 meal and some melon. It was a lot of fun and a great way to end an amazing day! 
Homecoming Dinner
Notice how two of us are out of our heels and into flats/flip-flops hehe... those heels hurt!
Which quote is your favorite? Do you know any other running quotes?
Are you a fan of school dances?
How is your week so far?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Floral Peplum!

Yesterday went by so fast! I was barely at home on Saturday. I was running from my cross country meet, to my friend's house, to homecoming, (which I will have pictures of later after I upload them!) and finally dinner/snack at a local restaurant. We just had our state meet yesterday and came in 6th for our division!! Yay! We needed to be in the top 2 to move on though which means our season is over =( I'm feeling such mixed feelings because while I do need some time of for my tired legs, I also want to stay with my team! They are the sweetest girls ever!! We are planning some after season optional "fun" practices though which I am getting excited about! I have to say that joining cross country was one of the best decisions of my high school career! 
Homecoming last night was also quite enjoyable! Since I am a senior, I am making it my goal to do as many things as I can with everyone before college. This might be my last chance before we all split up!
It was an amazing night and I loved being  able to spend it with everyone. I think ever since the start of senior year, our class has been a lot tighter and all the cliques have been overlapping. I mean I've been hanging out with people I've never spoken with and vice versa. It's so interesting how this happens.

I will be posting more about my homecoming in my next post after I get all my photos organized (there are quite a bit hehe!)
Anyways for my outfit today, I wore a cute floral peplum top.

Floral Peplum Top

Floral Peplum Top

This is a super cute top and fits really comfortably. The fabric is soft and the lace parts of the shirt are comfy as well. The top has an array of flowers in the front in many colors including blue, yellow, and pink. The floral print extends to the bottom half of the shirt in the back. The top of the shirt in the back us quite unique. The top is sculpted completely of an elegant lace design. This design actually even extends to the front as well. It's really pretty and gives me a chance to show of my back! Another positive about this top is that I can wear my bandeau underneath it without it looking weird like my other peplum top!  There are some clothes that have the weirdest cut outs and while the cut outs are cute, I never know what to wear underneath! The zipper for this top is also nicely made. I love the placement of it and it zips up smoothly. 

Floral Peplum Top Ailee

Floral Peplum Top Ailee

Floral Peplum Top Ailee
For this outfit, I chose to pair it with my black shorts. These shorts, like the top are comfortable too because they are made from a stretchy material. These are actually high waisted shorts, but I tend to wear them on my hips instead because they end up really short on my when I wear them higher. hehe, I am taking photos inside my home  For my shoes, I wore a pair of heels. I was going to wear flats at first, but I felt that heels looked much more formal for this outfit. 

For my accessories, I chose to keep it simple by wearing this gorgeous ring I received last week from Modern Design.  I have slowly been growing to love this ring. Its made from strong material and I love the fact that it can last a long time. The braided design in the center is really nice too. This ring is originally suppose to be a wedding band, but I find it to be nice for everyday wearing as well.

Floral Peplum Top

Heels- Macy's

Did your class begin to "bond together" Senior year? 
How do you style peplum? (peplum is becoming quite popular... several girls were wearing peplum dresses at homecoming last night!)
This is a random question, but I am running out of poses for my pictures, so I was wondering if you guys had any ideas as far as posing goes?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Week So Far - Twins, Rings, Cake, & Pump Up Cards!

   It's been quite the spirit full week so far for me because it's Spirit Week at my school!! It's quite exciting since this year we have a lot of people participating! It starts with Sports Monday, Twining Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and finally our school colors on Friday with a Pep Rally! We also have a competition going on between all the grades. Whatever grade gets the most "participation points" during spirit week will also earn a chunk of money from the basket raffle on Friday! So far the seniors are in the lead which is great because we desperately need the money. (emphasizes on desperately) I'm not sure what to do for Throwback Thursday, but I'll be sure to participate. For Twining Tuesday. I teamed up with one of my friends and we attempted to look like twins. It was actually really hard to twin up. I didn't expect such a challenge, but we eventually agreed on a black top, black tights/leggings, a skirt, and boots. We both had all these items, but not in matching colors... We kinda got the twin look going hehe.

Spirit Week Twining Tuesdays

Spirit Week Twining Tuesdays

Spirit Week Twining Tuesdays

I would say we kind of have the twin look... maybe without my scarf. I got a lot of complements on my boots though =) They remind me a lot of the boots worn in Sailor Moon And Tokyo Mew Mew hehe. If I ever need to dress up as someone from those shows, I know what shoes I will be wearing!! 

Art Supplies For A Poster

Art Supplies For A Poster

Pump It Up Cards Cross Country

These photos were from last week, but they are off all the pump up cards I made for my teammates before our big race. Pump Up Cards are basically decorated note cards with encouragement on the back. I remember getting these cards from the Captains as a freshman so it was crazy for me to be the one making them last week. As much as I love being a senior, I miss being a freshman!! 
For the cards, I used puffy paint, glitter and stickers to decorate. I got some glittery cupcake stickers and puffy fruit ones! It was a lot of fun to decorate because I was trying to figure out who got which stickers. Writing the encouragement on the back was a lot of fun too. It's crazy how much I got to know everyone in the spam of 2 months! I feel like I've known them forever! 

Panettone Cake
The best cake/bread in the world!! 
On another note, I was able to pick up some of this cake last week!! Can I tell you how delicious these cakes are?? They are only sold during this time of the year and it makes me super excited to be able to eat it! I don't know what it is about this cake, but it taste so much better than anything else. This cake isn't that sweet when compared to other cakes. It almost resembles bread to me. In the cake itself, there are raisins and orange peels. 

Modern Design Ring Review

Modern Design Ring Review

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Modern Design to do a review of one of their Tungsten Rings. I was hesistent to say yes because tungsten rings are meant to be more like wedding bands or rings for a man, but after looking through their site, I agreed to it. The reason being is because I found this little baby- it's the polished dome tungsten ring with pleated rope accent inlay. What sold me on this ring was the design in the center. It was simple yet elegant. I really love how it feels on my hand. It fits perfectly on my middle finger and has a nice weight to it. It's a bit heavier than your typical ring, but that is because of the material it is made from. It's made from tungsten which is super strong and can last a long time.   

Express Package

The only part that confused me about the ring was why it came shipped in so many boxes? I got the mail and noticed a pretty decent sized box. It was packaged and closed tightly (that is a plus) but after I opened it, I found a slightly smaller box inside. I was puzzled at why this was, but I proceeded to open the smaller box to discover and an en envelope inside the box. After opening the envelope, I found a tiny white envelope. (sorry for the lack of pictures, but it was tiny) Inside the envelope was a clear zip up bag and finally inside of that was my ring!! I'm not sure why they used so many boxes/envelopes, but I guess it keeps thing ring safe from being damaged or stolen. It's just interesting because now I have a bunch of extra boxes hehe. =)

Modern Design Ring Review
For more info on the ring- Click here   =)

Have you ever had to twin with someone? 
Have you ever worn a tungsten ring?
Who loves stickers as much as I do? (hehe, I sort of have love collecting stickers, especially the fun ones that move, sparkle, change .. I'm just strange!)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blue Elegance & We're winners!!

Before I start out with this outfit post, I would like to tell you guys some super exciting news! Remember in my last post where I mentioned our ECC race being the next day and how we had a chance at being champions.... Well, Guess what?? We WON the meet and we are the ECC champions for the girls!!!!! When our coach told us we had won, it was the best moment of my cross country career! This was the first time that I had been on the team where we were the only ECC champions! My freshman and junior year, we shared the championship title with our rival school, but this year, we have the title all to ourselves. Our rival school is humongous and they always have a lot of runners. With more runners, they have a much better chance of having a better "top" group of runners which makes it really hard for us to beat them. We finally did it this year!!!
The way cross country races are calculated is that they take the places of the first 5 finishers of each team and add the totals up. The runners in the back (#6 and 7 can displace which means that they get in front of the other team's 5th runner and make their score higher.) The lowest score wins! We won 97-100!! I'm still ecstatic over this!! I have woken up every morning since Thursday with sore muscles and a big smile on my face. That moment where we were announced as winners felt so surreal! We got to stand together as a team in front of everyone at the meet and have our photos taken! =)!

Now onto my outfit today! 

Lacey Blue Dress

Lacey Blue Dress

I got this dress last month and like everything else I own, I haven't had the chance to wear it yet! I plan on wearing this to my cross country banquet in Nov/Dec. though. The dress is made up of a much thicker material than your average dresses and I really do like that about the dress. The thicker material means it will last me longer and the thicker material is actually pretty comfortable. The only thing that bothers me about this dress is that it is a bit tighter at the bottom. I tend to take long strides when I walk, but this dress prevents me from doing that. It's not a big deal, but it is a bit bothersome at first.
I think a nice beige cardigan would look very nice with this outfit and make it appropriate for a cooler day! (even though it has been shockingly warm again where I live!)

Blue Lace Dress

Blue Lace Dress

Blue Lace Dress

One thing that makes me really love this dress is the intricate pattern on it. The dress is a beautiful blue color and on the dress, there is an detailed and unique pattern. On the back of there dress there is a cut out which I love as well as it gives me a chance to show of my back =) The top of the dress is similar to a lace design and like the pattern on the dress, the design is intricate and adds a touch of elegance to the dress. Another positive thing I like about this dress is the fact that it isn't uncomfortable at all. I expected the top of the dress to cause some itching (since I tend to have sensitive skin), but I wasn't bothered by it at all!
I feel very formal wearing this dress!

Blue Lace Dress

Blue Lace Dress OOTD

Blue Lace Dress OOTD

For my accessories, I chose to wear my alex and ani bracelet and my "love you" ring. Originally my sister was the one who loved alex and ani bracelets, but I think they are starting to grow on me. I love the simplicity of them and how they match pretty much anything I wear! 
For my shoes, I chose to wear my Anne Klein heels. Like my alex and ani bracelets, these heels are starting to grow on me!

Bracelet- Nordstrom
Heels- Macy's

What was the best moment of your high school/college years?
What do you think of my blue "lace" dress?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

School, Scholarships, Sports, Style - My Mid Week Update

  I just got back from my pasta party which was so much fun even though I couldn't stay for too long. Tomorrow is the day of ECC's (Eastern Connecticut Conference) for cross country and it is also my last race. It's really sad and exciting at the same time. We are going to be running on a golf course and while I would like to be positive and say I like the course..., I have to admit that this course is my least favorite. It is the toughest course because of all the hills and grass that cover it. I really want to do well tomorrow and it would be awesome if we won for our division. *crosses fingers*

Cross Country Jacket

Cross Country Jacket
 For cross country, we recently received our jackets and they are the best things ever! These new jackets are fitted and super cozy. It is waterproof on the outside and on the inside, it is made from fleece! The fleece part keeps us really warm especially for those meets in the morning. I wish I could keep this jacket, but sadly we have to give them back at the end of the season =(. I'm going to attempt to buy this from my coach though because I love it a lot. I literally have worn it everyday since getting it. 

Ips Egg White Chips Review

Vega Sport Performance Protein Review

I haven't tried either of these foods yet, but I do plan on trying them this week! The egg white chips sound very tempting since I love cinnamon! I hope they taste yummy!! I've never heard of the brand, but from online reviews, they do have a good reputation. I discovered vega drinks a while back and actually sampled one of their drinks before. I must that it was very delicious and nutritious so I bet this "performance protein" would taste good too. I think I will be drinking this after my race tomorrow. My muscles need to recover from running all those hills =)
Charlotte Russe White Boots
These are so cute!
I also have a pair of boots from Charlotte Russe that I am dying to wear! I got these from a friend who brought them, but couldn't fit into them comfortably. They were a size too big, so she gave them to me. (she has really tiny feet b/c these are a size 6!) I really want to wear them soon, but I just don't have an occasion. I also don't look the most balanced in heels, but I have been walking around in these and they are surprisingly pretty comfortable!
Nail Polish HaulLustre Shine Polish Glit

Covergirl Mint Mojio

I don't know why, but I keep picking up new nail polishes each week! They are not for me, but rather for another friend's birthday gift!! I really wish I could use some of this polish! I just never know what to get my friend's so I always pick up makeup products or nail polishes for them. =) I mean I would like to receive beauty products for my birthday present and I kinda assume my friend's would too and I find them better gifts than gift cards.. I am literally the worst when it comes to gifts! 

Heart Of Darkness Review

As far as school goes, I have been super busy with all my classes. It's quite difficult balancing school and college applications. The book we are currently reading in english class is The Heart Of Darkness. I'm halfway through the book right now and I don't know what to think of it. I feel like I am reading someone just talking about their life while on a boat?? ... This is why I hate english class hehe. 
Aside from my schoolwork, I found out today that I have been nominated for a scholarship at Uconn. The scholarship is called the "Day Of Pride" scholarship and is awarded to only 15 people in Connecticut. If I get the scholarship, it is basically a full ride to college!! It's an honor to be nominated, but I don't think I will get it. The application form literally highlights how hard it is to actually receive the scholarship. =0 To apply, I must get all my common app and supplement essays done before November 1st! This is crazy and I'm far from being done, but I do plan on spending this weekend finishing that up and getting my things together! 

Sunset in the fall
The sunset this week as taken by my younger sister =) 
 I'm sorry if the writing in this post seems sporadic. I didn't expect to be so busy today, but I was able to get some things done this morning since I didn't go into school till 10:30 =) (Thank you PSAT's!)
My mind is currently focused on my meet tomorrow. It's my last meet and I want to run it well and enjoy it. It's scary and sad but also a relief to know I will never be racing a cross country race ever again. I really and going to miss it! 
That is about it for today's post. I am going to be a bit earlier tonight so I can be well rested tomorrow. Good night everyone! =)

Do you love getting new sports gear as much as me?
Do you have any tips for walking in heels? so far I have found that walking on my toes helps a lot!
Who has read Heart Of Darkness?
What nail color is your favorite?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Floral Fall

I spent the majority of my morning outside today and I enjoyed it so much! The air feels so crisp and there is just an overall feeling of relaxation and fall. I love it. I could spend pratically all day outside if I had the time! In fact I did spend quite a long time outside today when I took these photos. Not only was I snapping photos, but I also did some exploring in my backyard. When I was taking photos, I heard a strange noise and after a minute of trying to figure out what it was, I realized the noise was coming from a woodpecker! I might be a bit dumb by saying this, but I didn't know there were woodpeckers in CT.? ( I also didn't think we had hummingbirds, but I saw one this summer!! I'm 99% sure it was a hummingbird, too bad I couldn't snap a photo in time.)  I did manage to get a photo of the woodpecker though. It's a bit blurry and out of focus since I had a bit of trouble seeing the bird myself.
I promise that the bird is in all 3 of those pictures even though it is hard to see. I can find him in the bottom two photos, but I can't see him in the top one. hehe. He blended in with the tree so well! If it wasn't for the pecking noise, I would have never noticed him.
In celebration of fall, for my outfit today, I am out of shorts and into a cute floral top.

Autumn OOTD

Autumn OOTD

For my outfit I am wearing a cute floral top. The shirt is made more for summer as it is sleeveless, but I made the top more fall appropriate by wearing a dark denim jacket over it. The jacket keeps more warm in the cooler weather and is very cute with the top. Instead of shorts or jeans, I chose to wear a pair of thick leggings. These leggings are super comfy and I actually think they keep my legs warmer than jeans! I also decided to pull out some warmer shoes today and wore my tan boots! 

Floral Fall

Floral Fall

Forever 21 Bracelet OOTD

I  have been loving the set on bangles I received in my buddy box when I went to New Hampshire. I really love the gold color of it and how shiny it is. Plus the intricate design of the owl is so pretty. I can envision myself wearing them everyday hehe. 
I am noticing as I go through my photos, that my hair is beginning to resemble the fall leaves. My hair is little black and dark brown by the roots, then blond, followed by an array of shades of red, and orange. I actually like it a lot and I think I will be keeping this hair for my senior pictures. It's super unique and cute.

Autumn/Fall Outfit

Autumn/Fall Outfit

Leggings- Macy
Bracelets- Forever 21

So yesterday I spent the whole day at Wickem Park for the cross country invitational. Wickem Park has a really nice running course. It's very hilly, but at the same time scenic. There is also one huge hill in the middle of the race called "the green monster," but everybody stands there to cheer on the runners so it isn't that bad. My time for the race wasn't the best (in fact, I find myself slowing down this year/not improving). It sucks, but I think I have already hit my peak sophomore year so this Thurs. will be my last race. There isn't pressure on me since I'm not varsity, so I am going to just give it my best and enjoy it!  

Wickem Invitational  2013
(I'm the one with glasses with the scrunched up face..... )
So yesterday, as I was cheering my teammates on the "green monster," there was surprisingly a photographer for the newspaper there. He wasn't for our local newspaper, but rather the Hartford Courant. Funny story, but I actually noticed him in the beginning since he had a huge camera with the longest lenses ever. I was originally standing next to him, but when I saw his camera, I though it was creepy. I felt like he was taking photos of me so I moved to the other side of my friends. Turns out he was taking photos of me! I realized that when he introduced himself and asked for our names. I'm really excited to be in the paper, but can I say that they put the ugliest photo of me in there?? lol. everyone else looks good.... oh well... I'm in the paper!!

What do you like to wear in the fall?
What is your favorite thing about fall?
Have you ever tried the thicker type leggings before? they are very comfy and surprisingly look really chic.

If you would like to see more photos of the meet, here is the link-  =) 
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