Sunday, September 29, 2013

It Smells Like Fall

   We're only 2 days away from October which means we are getting closer and closer to Christmas Time.. A.K.A., my favorite time of the year! I always find the last few months of the year to fly by due to all the holidays there are. October is time for Halloween while November is Thanksgiving Time and Black Friday shopping. It has been a while since I last talked about getting a camera, but I think I am going to be getting a new camera during Cyber Monday. Maybe I'll catch a good deal?? I still have school that day , so I'll just have to wake up early because I have been eyeing the Canon Rebel T3i for a while. =)
   To celebrate Autumn , I have been enjoying lots of apple cider and apple donuts at pasta parties hehe. I also have been slowly against my outfits to fit this amazing weather. It's chilly in the mornings, but warm in the afternoons. I picked up this top a while back in the summer, but the colors of it remind me a lot of fall.

Sugarlips Windows Flower Top

Sugarlips Windows Flower Top

Sugarlips Windows Flower Top

For my outfit today, I chose to wear my "fall" top with a pair of dark gray shorts. I took these photos around noon time so the sun was in full blast. I must say that the sun really makes a difference in temperatures. When I go to school in the morning, it is barely 50 degrees out, but by the afternoon, we are in the high 60's/low 70's. This does make it difficult to decide what to wear, but I always go with an outfit like this paired with a sweater. That way I can take my sweater off when it gets hot enough! 

Sugarlips Windows Flower Top


Essie Tart Deco Nail Polish

For accessories, I kept thing simple with a gold colored bracelet. I made this bracelet last year. I also repainted my toes this weekend with my Essie polish, tart deco! I used to have the color "grapevine" from covergirl on my toes, but they were chipping. I had chosen that color because one of toes is a bit injured from my running. The toe has literally turned completely black and I was hoping that it would blend in with the purple polish. I was going to paint my toes a dark purple this week, but I opted against it since I really love this coral color. =)

Autumn Outfit Of The Day

I have been really loving my hair color at the moment. I know it looks really odd without my roots grown out, but it reminds me a lot of ombred hair. I am mentioning this because I have senior portraits coming up soon! They were suppose to be the 26th of this month which was last Thursday, but the times I was given did not work with me since I had practice. I was going to schedule it for a later time that day, but apparently I had accidentally locked myself out of the website. I guess when you cancel an appointment, you no longer have access to the side.. oops. It'll be okay though because I have another opportunity for my pictures next month and I'll do it then. I was just curious about how to handle my hair for the senior pics... should I dye it again or leave it? 
Autumn Outfit Of The Day
Looks like I'm missing an arm.. . 
Top- Sugarlips
Shorts- Forever 21

Who loves this time of the year like me? I cannot wait for the holidays to start happening. 
Are you a fan of my top?
What should I do with my hair for senior portraits?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Buddy Box + Senior Night

     A few weeks ago, my cross country team headed up to New Hampshire to race. Along with racing, we also exchanged "buddy boxes," which are basically decorated boxes stuffed with goodies. The person I got wanted a monkey theme and if you wanted to see how I decorated her box, click here. It turns out that the person who I made a box for also made a box for me! What a coincidence! The theme I chose for my box was Hello Kitty or Fahrenheit. Most of you know who Hello Kitty was, but you might not know who Fahrenheit is. Well, Fahrenheit was a Chinese band. (was since they are broken up now) All the members are super cute and they're music is amazing!
 Here is what my buddy box looked like =) 

Fahrenheit Wu Chun
The guys there are from Fahrenheit! 
Hello Kitty Themed Box

I did not expect anyone to know who Fahrenheit was and therefore only expected a Hello Kitty Box. When I took my box out of it's bag, I nearly screamed because I saw them on it! I love Fahrenheit (especially Wu Chun) and I couldn't believe that she took the time to look them up and place it on my box for me! Everyone on the team is just so sweet! Not only was the outside of the box amazing, the inside of it was quite creative! For the mini candies, she came up with the idea of taping it to the lid. 

Candy Mini Fun Size

There were a few more pieces of candy attached, but I got hungry so I ate some of it before taking a photo. I was anticipating taking photos of my box the day after I got home, but that didn't quite happen. The first thing I did when I got home was sleep... zzzz .  Then I procrastinated and these photos were taken about 5 days after I got back. Sadly, some of the candy did not last till then, so I might be showing some candy wrappers instead hehe. 

Box Of Candy
I love gummy bears as you can tell from the empty bag hehe. 
Aside from all the candy I got (and sugar high that night), I also received some super cute items. In real life, I am quite an indecisive person. When it comes it decisions, I cannot make them to save my life. When I had to write down what I wanted in my box,  I literally wrote down "cute things." I didn't have anything I really wanted and I just couldn't come up with anything so I wrote down cute things. I was hoping that the person who got me would know me "better than myself," and she did! I loved everything I got in my box! 
My box came with so much jewelry and hair accessories which I love.  

Forever 21 Jewelry Haul

Hello Kitty Hair Bands/ Bobby Pins

The jewelry pieces are all so pretty! She knows me so well because I love forever 21 and I love bracelets/necklaces. I really love that set of bangles in the pink bag and the heart shaped necklace in the purple bag. They are so pretty. I also received a set of hair ties. Apparently these are the new hair ties that don't leave a crease in your hair. . interesting =)  Along with the hair ties, I got a set of bobby pins, Hello Kitty themed of course! 

I have to say that the best thing I got in my buddy box though was this scarf!! As soon as I saw this scarf, I immediately stopped looking through the box and put it on. It is the cutest thing ever. In fact, I wore this scarf to school the next Monday because I loved it so much! 
Last week was extrememly tiring for me cross country/running wise because I had a meet last Tuesday, then a race in New Hampshire on Sat., and another meet that following Tuesday. I felt like I spent more time with the team between running and pasta parties then I did with anybody else! Any extra time I had was dedicated to HW and sleep! On the last Tuesday meet, it was the last home meet for the seniors =( It was extremely sad and exciting for me. I am going to miss everybody. I know I saw this all the time, but it's because it's true.

Senior Night Cross Country Roses

Senior Night Cross Country Roses

As a senior, I was presented with a rose at the end of our meet by our Juniors. This was followed by a mini celebration for us with a huge cake! Thar day was even better since we found out we had won that meet!! So far we are 4-0, meaning we have won 4 meets and have not lost once! I hope we can keep this up! 

Senior Night Cross Country Roses
This is what I look like after a super busy week! 
What do you think of my buddy box? Have any of you heard of Fahrenheit before?
Have any of you tried the ceaseless hair ties before?    

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Touch Of Lace

     Last month, I made a wishlist type post and on that list, I had wanted to get a pair of lace shorts. Well after a few weeks, I finally purchased a pair for myself and I just had to wear it right away. Besides the lace shorts, I have been able to get myself a new backpack, as you can see here, and new spandex! I thought I would be really excited to get my new spandex since I could wear them under my uniform, but it turns out, I feel uncomfortable running in them... oops. Well at least they are nice under dresses. hehe

Lace Sleeve Top

Lace Sleeve Top

I got this shirt in May during my forever 21 haul. It's actually my sister's shirt, but she let me borrow it for this post. The shirt is a coral/pink color and super lightweight. My favorite part about this shirt are the sleeves. The sides of the sleeve are embellished with a beautiful lace pattern. I absolutely love lace because of how girly and romantic it feels when I have it on. 

Sugarlips Floral Lace Shorts

Sugarlips Floral Lace Shorts

Along with this top, I also wore a pair of floral lace shorts!! I finally got these shorts! They are so cute and comfy. The lace design on these pair of shorts is so elaborate. I really love how intricate it is in comparison to other shorts I have seen. The pattern on the lace is features lovely flowers! There is one thing about these shorts though that kinda of irritate me. I didn't catch it earlier as I purchased these online, but it turns out that the button on the top of these shorts are on the right side. On all the shorts I own, the button is always on the left side. The fact that it is on the right side makes it hard for me to button up sometimes. Other then the location of the button, I am very satisfied with these shorts! 

Floral Lace Shorts

Floral Lace Shorts
Loving all this lace
For my accessories, I wore a lovely peach colored ring shaped as a bow. I thought that the color of this ring matched nicely with my top. I got this ring a while back in my jewelry haul  and I barely have worn it out. I really love it, but it has always been in the back of my jewelry case so I never take notice of it. For my shoes, I chose to keep it simple with a pair of flip flops! 

Lace Shorts

In other news, I have been looking into some more colleges. Uconn is definitely on the top of my list just because of it's location and cost though, my dream is to go to the city. I think I have solidified the colleges I am applying to with NYU being my #1! My guidance counselor told me it was a perfect match/reach school for me, but honestly, I doubt I will be accepted because so many people apply there! I need to find something that makes me stand out.... It's really hard! 

Bottoms- Sugarlips
Shoes- Macy's

Are you a fan of lace on clothing?
How would you style these shorts? 
This might be a random question, but have any of you ever been accepted to NYU? I'm just curious at what they want. =) 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Monkeying Around In New Hampshire!

    From Boston two weeks ago to New Hampshire this week! It is super tiring, but so much fun and so worth it! I was in Boston to visit the new baby in our family while last week I went to New Hampshire for a Cross Country race! This race was our famous "overnight" trip. Basically the boys and girls on the team get to leave school early on Friday and we all drive up to New Hampshire. From there we check into our hotel, go for a pre-meet jog and prepare to head out to dinner!
  The fun comes after dinner where we practically are free to do whatever we want! It was honestly so much fun and you can imagine how much pranks the boys played on us... ! We also have this tradition as a team to give a "buddy box." A buddy box is a box decorated to a certain theme and filled with fun stuff. We pick names randomly and from there, we make a box for that person! The girl I was doing a box for chose a monkey theme-

Monkey Themed Buddy Box
The monkeys pop up!!
See what I did here!!??
Monkey Themed Buddy Box

Since it was my senior year, I wanted to make the best box possible! I always love making these boxes! I first chose a dark green box and painted over any words.  For the top of my box, I basically drew (traced) two monkeys, colored them, and them to the top of the box in a pop up fashion.
On the sides of the box, I drew trees in the forest and glued it onto the side of the box. The pictures took so long to drew. I really wanted to hang plastic monkeys from the side of the box, but failed at finding any plastic monkeys. You know, monkey themed items are much harder to find that you would expect! Therefore, I had to print out my own monkeys from the computer to attach instead!
On the bottom of the box, I taped this adorable wrapping paper to it and on the inside of the lid, I made a mini collage of monkeys!! It was super cute!

Makeup Haul
From Top Left- Nail Polish Stickers, Fuzzy Nail Polish!!, Revlon Galaxy Polish, Magnetic Nail Polish, Sparkly Nail Polish
Candy, chocolate
Can I just eat it all??
Monkey Themed Box

   Inside, I filled the box with cosmetics, candy, and food. I usually collect a crazy amount of makeup so I had a lot of extra makeup to give to her. I just have so much, but I never use it or even open it! One thing in particular I found that was cool was FUZZY nail polish! It totally fit in with her theme, but I thought it was crazy that they invented fuzzy polish! How is that even possible?
  I also filled the box with candy! So much candy!! I was even able to find a chocolate bar called "endangered species." The picture on the bar was a monkey and this company would donate 10% of it's sales to saving these endangered animals!! How sweet is that? I support this company 100% and I personally plan to be getting more of my chocolate from them. It doesn't hurt that their chocolate is all organic also! hehe!

Hampton Hotel Room

Hampton Hotel Room

  We stayed at the Hampton Inn and our room was very nice. We had 4 girls to a room and when I got there, I kinda clammed my bed right away. It wasn't on purpose, but I really needed a place to put my stuff! I lugged two buddy boxes (mine and a friend's) up, my backpack, my books, my clothes, racing & training shoes... etc... basically more stuff than I needed from CT. to NH. My arms were dying hehe. That is what happens when you are a girl. You need to pack clothes for EVERY possible occasion!
  Right when we got to the room, we were expected to change and go for our run. We were planning on a 20 min. jog, but that got caught in half thanks to the rain! (no complaining here!) After our run, we had an hour to get ready and go to dinner! I chose to wear my colbalt jet dress for dinner.

 colbalt jet dress

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Mama D's.. It was really pretty inside, but the food was not so impressive. The pasta sauce was lacking, but the salad was delicious!!  (this is coming from someone who hates raw vegetables!)
Mama D's Pasta
Had to blur out people . sorry~
After dinner, we headed back to the hotel where it was time to open out buddy boxes!! We changed into out pajamas and began exchanging boxes one at a time! The coolest thing happened when I leaned that the person I had for a box also had me! She made my box amazing!! My theme was hello kitty and Farenheit (the chinese band.. google it , they are all so cute!=) . I didn't expect her to follow my Farenheit theme, but she did!! I absolutely lover her and my box!! I will show you some detailed pictures of it in my next post! The pictures are still in my camera as of now =) 

Forever 21 Pajamas
I love these sparkly pj's!!  I just had to take a picture! 
   We had our "bedtime" of 11, since we have to wake up at 5:30-5:45, but of course no one listens to that. I thought I was being a rebel by going to bed at 11:30, but it turns out that the freshman were running around the hotel at 1 in the morning!! Thank gosh our coach did not catch them!! 
We awoke at the crack of dawn and believe me it was hard to get up!! We all had out breakfast and walked out to the sight of this beauty.

New Hampshire Rainbow
It was a perfect rainbow! It had down poured while we were sleeping!! 
The rain sadly led to a very muddy course! Though I got so dirty, it was kinda fun to run. Lots of hills and mud meant that I had to focus on other things beside my pain!!! Take a look at my feet after the run- (the gray stuff is dried dirt) 

Cross Country Muddy Legs

Cross Country Muddy Legs

The course I ran was one of the most challenging courses I've run. Lots of hills and the mud made it that much harder to sprint when we were going downhill. I still loved it though. Since it was an invitational race, I had no pressure do well though I did push myself multiple times. When it came to hills, I pushed myself up them and tried my best to pass people there. The one part I have to fix about my racing is my mentality. I think I feel as if I am scared to go faster. I know I can do it, but I have this fear of going too fast and then burning out at the end. It would suck to be slowly jogging or even walking right at the end when everyone is watching. I have to get over this fear soon though because it is preventing me from even speeding up at all!!

 It was honestly so much fun and I cannot believe that it is my last year to do this. I have been on this overnight trip 4x and it feels like just yesterday I was a freshman with all the seniors. Now I am a senior and the freshman are telling me that they will miss me next year!! What?? It still has not hit me that next year I won't be here with the team! I was about to cry when the freshman told me that they want me to stay and that the team won't be the same without us seniors! Why!!! I hate racing and sometimes running, but the girls on the team are the sweetest people ever!!! I want to to grasp onto the time and make the most of what I have left!!

Dress- Sugarlips
Pajamas- Forever 21

Who loves my pj's as much as I do hehe? I really love this pair of pajama's! So cute and comfy
Were you part of any sports teams when you were in high school?
Have any of you run a race before? Do you have any tips for getting over that fear of burning out at the end? I really want to speed up at times, but I am afraid too...   =)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Midnight Escape

  I have been traveling quite a bit the past few weeks considering that it isn't summer anymore! Last week, I went to Boston to visit a new member off our family and yesterday, I headed up to New Hampshire with my team to run at an invitational. Our trip was an overnight trip (soo much fun!) which I will be posting about on Wed. It's been such a crazy week! I have been so busy that it feels like time is speeding by.. I have been so excited about the overnight trip and now that it has happened, I feel like it hasn't registered in my mind yet?

 Anyways no more of my rambling and onto my outfit post for today. The weather has definitely been feeling amazing lately. Slightly chilly in the morning, but perfectly warm in the afternoon! The sun has been full blown too which is so nice. My outfit for today is a black and neon yellow blouse with a pair of shorts.

Sugarlips Midnight Escape Top

Sugarlips Midnight Escape Top

This blouse is absolutely gorgeous. I really love the design on it. It's a lightweight black button up top featuring a pattern of neon birds on it. I really love the design of the non birds on it. When you layer a black cami underneath this shirt, it really brings out the neon color. The shirt is really comfy and the only complaint I have about it is the buttons. I find the buttons to be time consuming to work with. It might just be me, but I always have that problem of matching the buttons up with it's hole. I find myself placing the buttons in the wrong hole and then I reach the top , I find myself having to unbutton everything. =0 It sucks when this happens in the morning since I am run late everyday.. One day I am going to miss my bus ... I know it hehe

Sugarlips Midnight Escape Top

Sugarlips Midnight Escape Top

Sugarlips Midnight Escape Top

To go along with this "midnight escape top," I chose to wear a dark blue bandeau underneath. For school, I replaced the bandeau with a cami. Since it is still quite warm in the afternoon, I opted to wear a pair of shorts instead of jeans. I want to get the most out of my shorts before the temperatures really drop! As far as accessories go, I had on a simple rose gold colored ring. For my shoes, I had on a pair of black flip flops! 

Sugarlips Midnight Escape Top

Sugarlips Midnight Escape Top

It felt amazing to be outside taking these photos. The weather was just perfect and it was so nice to be able to go outside and just relax. Being stuck inside at school all day isn't fun and the only time I can go outside is to run.. Now that I don't enjoy running, but when I'm being yelled at to go faster... yeah not that much fun. hehe. What I really miss is just going out to go out, sitting in the grass, and going for a nice long walk. I cannot wait till I have time to do this.  
Sugarlips Midnight Escape Top
Relaxing in the grass = Best feeling in the world
Top- Sugarlips
Flip Flops- AE
Ring- Forever 21

What do you think of my top? 
Does anybody have the same issue with buttons as me? =) 
Have you been doing a lot of traveling lately?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Going To Boston Baby!!

 It has been quite the week already and we are only have way through.
This week, I have already -
  • Been to Boston
  •  Read 150+ pages in a book
  • Written an essay plus started my common app
  • Ran my first Cross country race this season!!! 
  • brought all my supplies for my buddy box (a decorated box of gifts that we give anonymous to a teammate!)
  • And ate a moon cake =)  *nom nom*
 I am trying my best to post twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays. It is definitely starting to become a bit difficult due to cross country, homework (sooo much of it), and just overall exhaustion. I am determined to keep my post up through this busy time though. Looking back on my blog is sort of like a mini diary to me now and I would love to be able to continue it. I think I am going to try doing outfit post a little bit less just for now because taking, uploading, editing, and linking the photos can take up a huge chunk of time that I sadly don't have! With that being sad, I do plan on blogging more about my life whether that be a a new product I got, a race I've run, a trip I took, or just my thoughts for the day! =)

Now onto my fun in Boston this weekend!
    On of my family members recently had a baby in August and it is always tradition to visit someone when they have baby. I love kids of all ages so I was super excited to go. My mom, sister and I all went with our cousins. My mom isn't the best driver so we chose to carpool with our cousins instead. All my cousins have kids as well. One of them is 14 while her sister is only 6. The little one is so cute!
Here are a few photos of my outfit choice for that day. =)

Floral Skirt And Black Top

Floral Skirt And Black Top

Floral Skirt And Black Top

Floral Skirt And Black Top
I had to do hw in the car b/c I had a 100+ pg to read and I could not finish on sat. =( 
It was surprisingly warm in the afternoon on this day so I planned ahead and wore a skirt! (I honestly just like dresses + skirts more than pants! hehe) I chose a casual look with my floral skirt from Hollister and a black top. I remember getting this skirt freshman year from my best friend. She's in collage now, but next year, I might be at the same collage as her. It's a state collage (Uconn) and most of our school applies there. My grades are fairly good, but Uconn is becoming a more competitve school so I don't know if I can get in ekkk. 

Boston Road Trip

Boston Road Trip

Boston Road Trip

   The trip to Boston actually went by pretty fast. The first half hour was a bit rough, but I felt like things went quickly after that. My cousin who was driving also is kinda of a speeder which helped get us there faster hehe. The kids in the car were the cutest things ever. I absolutely adore kids so the thought of being in a car with them actually sounds enjoyable to me. (unless I want to sleep!... or do hw!)  The little girl was really shy at first, but towards the end of the trip, she started warming up to me. We shared snacks!!

Asian Candy
Never had either of these before, but they were delicious! 
Boston Scenery
The interesting scenery... 
Once we got to their house, we were all really anxious to get out of the car and into their home to see the baby!!  The family members we were visiting lived on the 7th floor and they had such a beautiful view from their balcony! Below them was a little pond and everything just looked so clean. Although it was hot, I could tell how pure the air was! It was quite different from New York! 

Boston Scenery

.....and now for the pictures of the baby!! The little baby's name is Ian and as of now, he is barely a month old! I never knew how tiny a baby could be. It was almost surreal. Ian was smaller than the length of my arm and only about 11 lbs!  When we got to their home, Ian was sleeping. According to his parents, he doesn't sleep during the day at all, but when lots of people come over to their house, he falls asleep! How adorable! I think he was "fake sleeping" the entire time honestly. He is so cute! Here are two pictures! Take in the adorableness! 

1 month Baby

1 month Baby

Skirt- Hollister
Shoes- Forever 21

Pants & shorts vs dresses & skirts? dresses and skirts all the way for me! 
Who else is a baby/children lover? I feel like I always gravitate towards them, but my friends think I am crazy for wanting to play with kids!  
Have you tried any fun Asian snacks?

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