Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm Back!!! Quick Update + Wishlist

    Wow! All I can say right now is time flies! I can’t believe it has already been two weeks since my last entry! If you know from my last post, I had the opportunity to go on a  “vacation,” in New  York for a week before school started. The vacation went by so fast and here I am back in school again for my SENIOR YEAR. I literally got back from New York yesterday at 10!!
  My first day has been pretty easy going, but tomorrow is going to be much harder because I have all my Ap Classes tomorrow. I’m also feeling a bit sleepy right now because I never can sleep before the night of my first school day. Does this happen to any of you or is it just me?

 I actually was expecting to come home Sunday instead of this Tuesday. (but I’m not complaining about two extra vacation days!”) However, I did not prepare a post/pictures for today so this is going to be kinda of in impromptu back to school wishlist post!  

 Before vacation, I spent a lot of time online doing some back to school shopping. For my actual school supplies such as binders and notebooks, I tend to wait until the start of school to purchase. That way I can see what my teachers want and not waste money buying useless binders. (lesson learned the hard way!) I also do tend to reuse my binders if possible because I would much rather save my money for other things. One thing I am in dire need of is a new backpack! My current backpack is antique looking and almost to the point of ripping. I really am looking into getting a backpack like these from either Asos or F21.

Asos Mi Pac Spot Print Backpack
From Asos
Metallic Paint Splatter Backpack
From Forever 21 (I love this one!) 
   As far as clothes go, I don't plan on going crazy with shopping. In fact, I just recently done a whole cleaning of my closet and I'm actually attempting to get rid of some clothes. Usually I give them to my little sister, but as she is getting older and older now, her personal style seems to be evolving and she is beginning to dislike the clothes I wear hehe. For my back to school, I do personally want a few clothing pieces. 

From Nike

   Since I am running cross country this year (also one of the captains whoot whoot!), I need some new running clothes! I have plenty of shorts and shirts, but I could do with a new pair of spandex. I have been eyeing a few, but the prices are a bit high, so I am hoping to go to Tj Maxx sometime soon to find some there. If you are looking for sports clothes, Tj Maxx has really good deals! I found some $8 shorts there!

  I really want a pair of these!! I just got a pair in white from Sugarlips, but the size was wrong. It was a bit too baggy on me, but I really loved them. I plan on getting the same pair in a smaller size and either using the larger pair as pajamas or giving it to someone else. 

Mineral Wash Denim Bustier
From Forever 21
Tie-Front Arrow Print Romper
From Forever 21

 These two items aren't a huge must, but I would like to try both of them. I had tried on numerous rompers before when I go shopping, but I haven't found a flattering pair. I feel like rompers look best on tall people and since I am only 5"4 ish, it is hard to find a nice pair. I do like this one though. Bustiers are another item I want to own and wear. They just look so cute and I love all the ways you can style them!

I really wish I could write more for this post, but I want to save my vacation recap and back to school experience for a separate post coming up soon. I just feel like I have so much to say that it would be best for me to write about it in another post. Plus, I'll have the weekend to organize my photos and plan out what to write!

What were your feelings about your first days of school?
Did any of you go on any cool vacations?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yesstyle Dress Review

    About a month ago I was scrolling down my facebook feed when I noticed that Yesstyle was holding a dress giveaway. I was a bit curious so I clicked through the link and found it very easy to sign up. All my information was already plugged in thanks to fb and all I needed to do was pick a dress that I liked. The dress I chose was this Two-Tone Belted Sleeveless Dress from Tokyo Fashion. Little did I know, I received an e-mail about a week later stating that I had won! Shocking right? I was beyond excited since now I could try an item out from Yesstyle without any risk!
   I had always wanted to try out yesstyle, but have always been hesitant because I have heard many varying stories about these online asian stores. Yesstyle seemed to have quite a lot of positive reviews, but there were some scary negative stories out there and I did not want to deal with that. Plus the shipping fees were high and in order to get free shipping I needed to spend over $150!! (Not going to happen with my high school budget hehe!)  The dress I got reminded me a lot of a dress I got from Dailylook, but just in a different color. Here is what the I got looked like vs. the model photos -

Yesstyle  Two-Tone Belted Sleeveless Dress
1st photo is actual. Top right is the model. Bottom left is me!

Yesstyle  Two-Tone Belted Sleeveless Dress

  I would say that that overall the dress looks a lot like the stock photos. The only thing that I found to be off was the color. The black was correct, but I expected a beige/yellow tinted dress where instead the dress was more of a light gray/beige color. I think the stock photo was a bit tinted yellow, but I honestly did not mind. The measurements of this dress also matched up correctly which is good because it only came in 1 size! I was a bit afraid when ordering this dress because a lot of stuff on Yesstyle are made for smaller bodies which I don't quite fit the mold of.
 The measurements of this dress were-

Total Length: 78cm / 30.7", Bust: 87cm / 34.3", 
Waist: 72cm / 28.3", Hem Width: 42cm / 16.5", 

My waist is smaller than the measurement given and it was a near perfect fit so I am not sure if a 28 inch waist would fit in this dress to be honest. The material is stretchy though so it might work. One thing about this dress that was a bit off on my body in comparison to the model was the length!!! (Don't worry, I had my racing shorts on while taking these photos) The dress was 30 inches, long but on my body, it felt shorter. I think maybe it had something to do with my hips/butt/lower body. There wasn't any measurement given for hips, but I knew beforehand that my lower body was most likely bigger than your average model. The dress still fits, but I need to be careful when walking in it. I would prefer though for the bottom half to be a bit looser and longer.

Yesstyle Tokyo Fashion Review

Yesstyle Tokyo Fashion Review

The material to this dress was actually amazing! It was stretchy and thick which makes it durable. Trust me, this dress was not your typical forever 21 bodycon dress material. With this material, I knew that I could put this dress through my washing machine numerous times without worrying about whether or not the it would be ruined. If you own any clothing from f21, you probably know what I am talking about. I've had a shirt from there that looked like it was eaten alive by my washing machine! 

Yesstyle Tokyo Fashion Review

Yesstyle Tokyo Fashion Review

The price of this dress isn't the best in my opinion. This dress cost $79.20 which is way to high in my opinion. Although the quality is way better than many stores here, the price shouldn't be this high. However, I did notice the sales/clearance section on the site and there the prices seem a lot more reasonable and affordable. If I were to order again from them, I think the sales is where I am going to get most of my items! 

Yesstyle Tokyo Fashion Review

To style this dress, I chose to wear a set of bangles and a pair of my lovely heels. The heels are a beige/black/gold color so I thought it would work perfectly with the outfit! I also went ahead and redid my purple manicure! 

Yesstyle Tokyo Fashion Review

My Tips If You Plan On Shopping From Yesstyle -
- Measure yourself before shopping. A lot (most) items have measurements listed and it seems that the clothing is true to sizing. Measuring yourself beforehand saves time looking through clothes that would not fit.
- Keep in mind your body type. For me, I realize that dresses might end up tighter/shorter on me than the model because of my hips. 
- Also remember that the photo's might be edited so colors might not come as you expected. 
-Shop in the Sales section. The sale section is priced much reasonably and they still contain many cute items!
-Try to get free shipping, maybe buy with a group of friends?... this tip explains itself! 
- Don't stress out if you can't find what you like or fits because they're a lot of other stores out there with adorable clothes!

Dress- Yesstyle
Heels- Macy
Bangles- Forever 21

Have you ever ordered from Yesstyle? 
What was your experience?
Any other Asian fashion sites you guys trust? 

***This might be my last post for a while. (Don't worry I will be back hehe) My cousin has invited me to come to her house this Sat. for a mini vacation till school starts on the 28th so I might not have access/time to update my blog till first week of Sept.
 Until Sat., I have to finish start AND hopefully finish my summer assignments (I don't think finishing is possible... 700+ pages to read & 30+ pages. to write.... It's my fault for not starting earlier hehe.) as well as pack for VACATION!!! ***
High School Summer Assignments
Think I can finish this work in the next 2-3 days... hehe? =)
Enjoy the rest of August everyone!! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

U & I

   Recently I have found myself to be quite obsessed with a few kpop idols/groups. I have always been aware of kpop and some singers, but this summer might have been the first time where I began following a few kpop idols. One singer I have found myself to have fallen for is Ailee. She entered the kpop scene last year after not being taken seriously in America because of her race. (which I agree... don't take this the wrong way, but I think there needs to be more asians in the media) She is from New Jersey and has one of the most powerful voices in Kpop! I always find her live performances to be the best! I discovered Ailee after hearing her sing Halo. Her voice was just amazing in that song!
  Last month Ailee came out with a new song called U&I. For her performances of this song, she is always seen wearing a peplum type top and shorts which is what inspired me to create this outfit today.

Burnout Knit Peplum Top

Burnout Knit Peplum Top

Burnout Knit Peplum Top

I have never worn peplum before because I didn't know how it would look on me. I just didn't know how I felt about the idea of a poof at the end of my top hehe. I am happy to say that after trying this outfit on, I find peplum to be quite cute if worn the right way! The color of this top is so pretty! I find myself to be loving color mint nowadays. One thing I like about this particular top is the intricate design it has on it and the back. There is a triangle cut out in the back which I think is super cute and unique. 

Burnout Knit Peplum Top

Burnout Knit Peplum Top

Ailee Inspired Outfit

Along with this top, I wore a pair of shorts I got in May during my forever 21 haul. To be honest, I haven't really worn the shorts much until now. The shorts are super comfy (so why did I not wear them earlier hehe?) and have gold buttons down the front as well as a zipper in the back.  For my shoes, I wore my Ugg Luciannas. Compared to my pink/red heels, these Ugg heels are SO much comfier. Although I still felt like I was falling forward when I walked, these heels were much softer and didn't hurt my toes. I even did a little sprint up the stairs in them without injuring myself.

Ailee U&I Outfit

Ailee U&I Outfit

For accessories, I chose to wear a bracelet in the same color as my top. I got this bracelet a long time ago when I was a child. My mom's sister ( I think) sent it to us from China. The ring I am wearing says love you and is from Charlotte Russe

Ailee U&I Outfit

Burnout Knit Peplum Top

Since my outfit today is inspired by Ailee, it would only be appropriate to link a video of her in the outfit that inspired me. I am choosing a live version here rather than the music video because as I said before, her live singing is so much more powerful than her voice in the music video!

Top- Sugarlips
Shorts- Forever 21
Wedges- Uggs

Are you a fan of peplum?
Have you ever heard of Ailee/are you a fan of Ailee? 
What do you think of this style?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stalactite Fine Top

     It's already August!! Oh why??? School ended over a month ago and on August 28, I have to go back!! I am not looking forward to having all that school work and having to wake up at 5:30 everyday! Well, the positives of going back to school are that I get to see my friends and back to school shopping! I am excited that it is my senior year (made it through 3 years of high school!) and as a senior, I get some lovely perks.
   I think the perk I am looking forward to the most is having an off block everyday. Off blocks are basically periods where I don't have a class so I can either go to the media center to study/do homework or I can go home!! Now I don't have my license, so I am hoping that one of my friend's has the same off block as me so they could hopefully drive me home hehe.
  As far as back to school shopping, I think I am going to go during tax free week and pick up a few items.Nothing big since I feel like I seem to have been buying clothes here and there throughout summer so I should be set! I do need a new backpack though and I was thinking of picking one up from Victoria's Secret since I have heard rave reviews about their bags! One top I recently picked up is this one-

Sugarlips Stalactite Fine Top

Sugarlips Stalactite Fine Top

This top is called the Stalactite Fine Top because of the stalactite design up top! The shirt is a black color, but on top, it features an intricate design that resembles stalactites. It is so pretty and for some reason, reminds me a lot of winter time. I got this shirt on sale and I really love it. The fabric is on the thinner side and a bit see through, but that is okay because I can just wear something underneath it.

Sugarlips Stalactite Fine Top

Sugarlips Stalactite Fine Top

The back of this shirt is quite unique. The color of it resembles a light lavender and like the front, it is also see through. The back side of the shirt is also a bit longer than the front creating sort of a high low effect. This shirt also has stalactite strings on the sides that can be tied in the back. I think it is very cool how the shirt has a set of strings like this because I can tie it to fit the tightness I desire haha. 

Sugarlips Stalactite Fine Top

Sugarlips Stalactite Fine Top

I chose to pair this top with a pair of my denim blue shorts. I really wanted to add a pop of color to this outfit since the top is a bit dark so a pair of colored shorts worked really nicely. For accessories, I had on a set of rings and for my feet, I wore a pair of flip flops. I think this outfit is quite cute and simple. It's something that would be quick and easy to slip into for school. (which I will need because I wake up late ~3 out of 5 days a week)

Sugarlips Stalactite Fine Top

Shorts- Forever 21
Rings- Forever 21

What do you think my Stalactite top? =)
Do you have any store recommendations for backpacks/school bags? I'm thinking to check out Victoria's Secret or maybe F21.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Six Flags Adventures!

   My trip to Six Flags last Sunday was successful unlike last year where we got a flash flood haha. I don't know why, but I literally thought I was going to Lake Compounce till the night before when my mom and I looked over the trip information. My mom noticed the little six flags symbol on the top of the paper and told me. It was quite surprising and while I didn't mind that much, I had told my friend that I bringing her to Lake Compounce tomorrow so... I needed to tell her where we were really going!!
  Our bus to Six Flags left at 10:45 and since we were half an hour away from the bus we had to leave around 10 in order to pick up my friend and make it in time. Before that though, I had to push myself through a 7 mile run (whoot whoot)!! The run went by pretty quickly as I was eager to get home, shower, and leave! The ride took ~1 hour and before I knew it, we were at the park!

Six Flags Connecticut

It was a beautiful day to be at the park! The sun was peaking out from the clouds and it wasn't scorching hot. Another thing I missed on my trip information sheet was that food was only provided from 12-3. Last year it was provided from 12-6 so I just assumed it was the same this year! Since it was ~12 when we got there already, we all agreed to get lunch first so we could take advantage of the free food! 

six flags food

The food selection this year wasn't the best although I feel like being a vegetarian makes it much harder to create a meal from burgers and hot dogs. My lunch consisted mainly of a mini salad and lots of delicious potato salad and a handful of chips! They also offered us ice cream which I took full advantage of because I as you know, ice cream/froyo is one my favorite foods! There is no picture of my meal, because a plateful of potato salad is not what you would call attractive.

Six Flags Scooby And Shabby
My friend and I  =)
Six Flags Water Fountain
Mommy And me
    After lunch, I got changed into my bathing suit and walked around a bit to let our stomachs settle. Going on any ride with a full stomach is a recipe for disaster. The bikini I chose to wear for this trip is my absolute favorite! I got it last year from a company called Sheridyn Swim on amazon. I basically went onto amazon and typed in "push up swimsuit" and several bathing suits from this company popped up. I eventually chose to get a bikini top and matching bottoms from them because I fell in love with the color and style of the them.
sheridyn swim Angel

Personally I loved the bikini top from them. The color is beautiful and the design is so unique. The top also follows through on it's promise of push up!!! It's better than my push up bras and def. helped my chest looked much bigger/perkier than they really are (tmi maybe.. sorry) The matching bottoms, however, I would not purchase again. They looked so angelic and mermaid like online, but in real life they looked strange. the bottoms were your typically bottoms, but had two super long ties on the side. The sides were so thick and long that I did not know what to do with them. haha I actually disliked the bottoms so much that I lost them... They were cute, but the sides were a huge no no. I cannot express my love for their bikini top though! It is literally the best I have ever tried! 

Six Flags Typhoon

Six Flags The Joker
The circle is me and my friend!~ 

Six Flags Crime Wave

Six Flags The Joker's Jinx

After walking around, we proceeded to go on some rides! My mom is not a fan of amusement park so she held our bags and took pictures while we ran around and played. We spend hours in the water park before moving on to the thrill rides. I personally loved the water park because even the scariest water rides are not that scary to me .. (though heights make me uneasy). Other rides that aren't water rides freak me out! My friend was super adventitious and attempted to drag me on the Bizarro, the highest roller coaster in the park, but it did not work. Her determination to get me on Bizarro was nothing compared to my fear of heights!! 

Six Flags Dessert

After all out rides, it was already 8 pm aka dinner time. I wasn't feeling much of the dinners at the park (maybe the 8.99 slice of pizza suppressed my appetite), so I ended up splitting some ice cream with my mommy for dinner while my friend had a strawberry funnel cake. The food at amusement parks is expensive! A girl heading to college next year cannot afford this!!
Overall the trip was amazing and 100x better than last year! I loved the whole experience of going on roller coasters and playing at the water park! I am looking forward to going there again next year!

Strapless top- Similar @ Forever 21
Blue Cross top- Sugarlips
Shorts- Forever 21
Bathing Suit- Sheridyn Swim
Flip Flops- Macy

Do you like amusement parks? 
What are your favorite type of swimsuit bottoms? I have yet to find one that I love, but then again, I don't have a need to wear bathing suits that often.. =)
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