Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's Time To Drive!

   Happy Easter Sunday everyone!! I hope you guys are all having a relaxing and fun filled day today. I personally don't really do much for Easter, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying Easter candy! (especially peeps!)
You guys are probably wondering what the title is all about now haha... Well seeing as I am 17 and college is   just ~ a year away, my mom thought it would be important to start teaching me how to drive! She always used to be against me learning to drive while in high school, but something must have changed her mind. She asked if I wanted to go out driving with her car yesterday and of course without hesitation, I said, "yes!" 

It was kinda scary at first since I had never even sat in the driver's seat before with the car on! I didn't even know what the foot pedals were... This is going to sound stupid, but I thought there were only 2 foot pedals, not 3. Apparently there is a brake, a "go," and a clutch. My mom was scared that I wouldn't be used to which pedal was which so she spent the first half hour teaching me how to use the brakes =0

We went driving for a good 90 minutes around a huge parking lot near our house. My mom drove there and then we switched positions. After learning how to use brakes, my mom taught me how to turn. She was still scared of me hitting the "go" pedal, but it was soon required if I was to make it around the parking lot. I went from driving 3 mph to 6mph! (lol, I think I can run faster than that)
 I was actually shocked at how fast I picked up turning skills. When I though about driving, I thought it would be hard, but in reality it wasn't that bad. I did have trouble with the steering wheel in the beginning, but I quickly got used to using it with the help of my mom! 

Being as nervous as I was, I even asked my mom what to wear to drive! My mom kinda laughed and told me to wear whatever I wanted as long as it wasn't a dress or heels. Therefore, I chose to wear this outfit that you see above. I wore my navy blue top that I picked up last fall. This top is super cute and I love wearing it. It was a lace knit shirt which means it had what looked like cut out designs on it. Under the shirt, I wore a cami in the same navy blue color. For my jeans, I wore some comfortable gray jeggings and finished my outfit off with brown boots. 

I also wore some jewelry to go driving which I kinda regret now. My necklace was okay and didn't bother me when I drove. However, my bangles made it hard for me to use the steering wheel. They were moving up and down my arm and I got distracted trying to fix them. I eventually decided to take them off. 
For any of you learning to drive, I recommend staying away from bracelets while you are learning, especially if they would distract you. 
This was quite the fun experience and I definitely can't wait to go driving again next weekend! The 90 minutes passes by really fast! In fact, we lost track of time for a while until we noticed that the sun was setting!   
Here is a photo of my mom and I after our driving lesson! We positioned ourselves perfectly so the light from the sun would hit us perfectly!

Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Forever 21
Boots- Kohls
Necklace- Charlotte Russe
Bangles- Charlotte Russe

Do you guys remember your first driving experience?
How do you feel about lace knit tops? I personally love them! They are cute and can be easily dressed up or down. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Feeling Peachy!

Hey guys! I have to say, I am feeling wonderful right now! I just finished my last day of school before my 4 day weekend and I am only 16 days away from spring break! Yes, I am keeping track, but that is only because I get to go to New York for break!! I'm not doing anything special in N.Y. besides staying at my cousin's house, but that itself is special to me! I love my cousin and her family and being able to go there always puts a smile to my face! 

To match my exuberant spirit this week, I chose to wear my rose/peach color dress with my bright pink heels! Both my dress and heels were purchased this month and shown in my mid march haul. The dress is really pretty and I love the color of it, however the fit isn't the best on my body. In the pictures, it looks nice, but in real life it is so tight around the rib/waist area. (it's suppose to be waist, but that part of the dress hits my ribs more). I think I am getting the next size up next time, but I am slightly worried that the chest area would be too big then.

The heels are amazing! The bright pink color just puts a smile to my face whenever I wear them. After walking around in them for half an hour, I think it's safe to say that I am learning to walk in heels. I still don't look that graceful, but at least, I am not walking like a penguin in them! The heels add a good 3, maybe 3.5 inches to my height. It's crazy because I feel like a giant in them since I am always used to being on the shorter side haha. 

To complete my outfit, I wore a set of bangles. The bangles I got last month when I went to the mall with my friend. The color of these bangles were a peachy/orange color and a coral like color. When I saw these bangles on my jewelry case, I thought they would match perfectly with my outfit. All these peachy and rose colors along with my 4 day weekend are making me extremely happy right now. I can't wait. My sister is going on a retreat this long weekend which leaves me the house for a huge chunk of time. Maybe I'll finally get my closet organized this week? ( I saw this every weekend, but it never happens haha) 

Dress- Sugarlips
Heels- Dailylook
Bangles- Charlotte Russe

Do you love the colors of my outfit?
Are you celebrating Easter this week? 
  Sadly I am not doing anything although I might enjoy some eggs for breakfast that day.. Does that count haha?

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Firmoo Eyeglasses Review!

As a person who's been wearing glasses every since 1st grade, (bad vision runs in the family!) I can be quite picky when it comes to which ones I like to wear. The glasses for one, must be cute and comfortable!! I know style probably isn't on the top of the list for most, but for me it is!! I want my glasses to be more than just your typical black ones, so that is where Firmoo comes in. A few weeks ago Firmoo, the world's most popular eyeglass store, contacted me offering to send me a pair of glasses! I was of course excited to hear this since who doesn't want new glasses?

The site itself was quite easy to navigate. One thing I loved about the site was the virtual try it on program they have! You could upload a picture of your face and try the glasses on! Amazing right? There store offers a wide range of glasses and could fit anyone's style. They have non prescription and prescription lenses! I personally am a fan of bigger rectangular framed glasses since I find them to complement my face nicely. My current pair that I wear are black with pink sides, so I wanted to try something bolder which is why I chose this pair! They are red and blue and I find that the red definitely stands out!

   When you order your glasses, you not only get glasses but a cute case, a bad, and an extra screw! I didn't expect all this so I was really happy to see I got a new eyeglasses case!
The fit of the glasses was near perfect. When you order, Firmoo asks for your face measurements (strange, I know since I had to measure my eye distance?) , but that is what ensures a custom fit!

Here are some pictures of me in my new glasses-

As you can tell, I had a lot of fun taking these photos! haha. If any of you want to try Firmoo out, you are now able to! They offer a First Pair Free Program.  This program allows you guys to try out a pair of glasses for free! All you need to pay is shipping! I think this is perfect for anyone who wants new glasses, but have yet to get them! (like me) 

Since I had so much fun taking photos, I have a lot of extra photos I wanted to share with you guys. However I didn't want this blog post to be filled with photos, therefore, I made collages!!  lol, I get too excited with life sometimes! 

Now that you are probably tired of seeing my face... What do you think of my glasses?
Have you guys tried buying glasses online? 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Welcome Spring..

    Today is March 20 which marks the beginning of spring for us! While I love winter and all, it's nice not to have to shovel snow every week! My back and arm muscles need a break! It's super exciting that spring has come, however the weather doesn't quite reflect that of Spring. In fact, it was pretty chilly this morning which explains my lovely outfit here!

Here I am wearing one of my favorite jackets that I brought a few years back on Black Friday! I love how warm the jacket is and how it keeps me cozy from the harsh winds! I find the design on the jacket really chic and sophisticated as well. It's not your typical black coat, but it's still simple enough to wear out. I wore a a pink sweater under my jacket and had on some black leggings. I love the look of a long jacket over leggings! It makes me feel like a city girl haha (if that makes any sense)

Along with my outfit, I had on a gold colored ring and carried a lovely bag that I received from my friend. She brought the bag for me when she went on vacation in the Philippines!!! Yup, this bag was from the Philippines!! The bag is so cute and it matches me really well! I always feel like my friends buy amazing gifts for me, but when it comes time for me to shop for them, I am clueless!  The bag is navy blue with pops of brightly colored flowers and birds on it. It has several pockets including one in the back! This is just perfect for me since I carry a lot of items and more pockets equal better organization! 

In other news, there are only 23 days till my spring break!! I cannot wait!! I feel like my school is having spring break kinda late especially in comparison to other places who are having it next week. Well at least maybe the weather will warm up by then and it will be nice enough to walk outside in shorts! (I'm probably dreaming here especially since I live in New England haha) 

Sweater- Forever 21
Leggings- Forever 21
Boots- Payless

Who's excited for spring?? I know I am!!
Do any of you have any clothes/bags/accessories from other countries?? 

To see more jackets from Kohls, click here!
Get 10% off at until May 10th with this code-  BLOGS10 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mid-March Haul (Picture Heavy!)

     I don't think I have ever done a monthly haul kind of post, but today I really felt like doing one! I have gotten quite a few cool things this month and I wanted to share them with you guys! The best way to do that was through a haul post filled with pictures!

........Let's Start..........

The first item I got was the rose chambray dress from Sugarlips. This was my first time ordering from them and I was nervous since I have never gotten anything from the site. I must say, I am quite pleased with the item itself. the only thing that bothered me was their sizing, but that's probably not their faults. For dresses, I was between an XS and a S. I chose the XS and it is pretty tight around the waist/rib area, but I know that a S would be way to big for my chest. I do love the dress though and I can't wait to model it once the temperature warms up!

The second item I got were a pair of heels from Dailylook. Like sugarlips, this was my first time getting something off the site. The items on the site are all oh so cute, but they are kinda pricey for me. I mean $60 dollars for a dress is too much for me. However, the sales they have are really nice. I got these pairs for just $12.95 plus ~8.00 for shipping. It was a pretty good deal in my opinion! I absolutely love the color of the shoes and the material it is made from! All I have to do now is learn to walk in them! 

My third set of items was from a giveaway I had won a while back by Lisa. The packaging of the prize was so cute and I love the card she gave me! Inside the package were nail products from Juliep, a sample of BB cream and a card to her jewelry store.
Polish in colors Evangeline and Rose! (I can't wait to give rose a try!)
Essential Cuticle Oil which smells A-m-a-z-i-n-g.
REAL BB cream!! I can't wait to give this a try!!

My fourth set of items was also from a giveaway by Rebecca! I don't enter giveaways that often so I was shocked to see that I had won two in less than two months! Maybe I'm lucky this year?? haha. I really want to do a giveaway myself, but shipping can get expensive! I'm thinking giftcards maybe? The products I got from this giveaway are all really nice! The Estee Lauder eye makeup remover was what I really wanted since I have heard so many positive reviews of it. 

A Cucumber face mask! I bet this is quite refreshing! 
Sumptuous mascara and the Estee Lauder makeup remover!! 
Eye Gel and Body Scrub from The Body Shop
EOS in summerberry and mint! I am going to visit my little cousin next month and I am giving these to her along with the stick on nails you see below this! She is only 6 years old and is the biggest fan of princesses. Her favorite princess is Cinderella so I made sure Cinderella was in this set!

The final item for my haul are two magazines given to me by my friend. They both feature Demi Lovato!!! She was cleaning out her stash of magazines and gave these two to me since I am such a huge fan of Demi's!! I can't wait to read these! 

Links for products/blogs-
Sugarlips dress
DailyLook Heels
Lisa's blog + Store
Rebecca's Blog

If your still reading, or if you just skimmed through my pictures (haha no offense taken since this is so long), what do you think of the items I got?
Have you tried any of these products before?
What did you guys purchase/receive this month?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Loving My Crop Jacket!

I was super excited to take these photos today! I usually snap pics around my house/yard, but these were taken a local playground/park! I have been trying to take photos in different places because I mean who doesn't get tired of seeing me in the same scenery every week? Plus it's a lot of fun to go somewhere new! 

 Seeing how it's still chilly outside, I opted to wear my blue cropped jacket. Cropped jackets are nice usually in the fall, but the temperature was almost fall like today so I chose to wear it! I love this particular jacket due to the fact that the material it is made from is super nice! The jacket is super thick and warm, but it doesn't add any bulk. It also fits perfectly when I zip it up! There are ruffles on the front of the jacket which I love since it adds an element of cuteness to it.

Underneath my jacket, I had on a long sleeved black top. I love layering especially in the winter time! For my legs, I wore a pair of grey skinny jeans and some brown boots to finish the look off.  
 haha I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that cropped clothes make me look taller! (This is a good thing seeing how I am only 5"4) I think the cut-of of the jacket helps make your torso look longer therefore resulting in you looking taller!

This outfit reminds me a lot of something SNSD would wear. I always see them in cropped clothing, shorts, and boots! ohh how I wish I could rock that look!  
This past week, I have fallen in love again with the song Bubble Pop by Hyuna. I have been listening to it non stop and I think I have now made it my goal to learn the dance for the song! Now I'm not much of a dancer so I don't know if I can actually accomplish the dance. Whenever I try learning a dance, I give up halfway, so let's hope I am determined enough to make it through Bubble Pop! 


Jeans- Forever 21
Boots- Kohls

How do you feel about cropped jackets?
Have any of you been successful in learning a dance?

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