Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Denim Hearts

 Check out the pattern of these jeans!

  They are a simple gray pair denim jeans with adorable black hearts over it! Not only are they something different from your average pair of jeans, but they are also perfect for Valentines Day! (which is coming up in ~ 2 weeks)
For my outfit today, I chose to wear a white short sleeved over a light blue cami. 
I paired this with my lovely heart patterned jeans and a pair of beige boots. As far as accessories went, I wore a beautiful blue necklace that I purchased a while back at forever 21. I am in love with forever 21's jewelry. They are so cute and affordable! 

When it comes to wearing patterned or even colored jeans, there are a few rules to follow to make sure you are rocking your outfit. 

1. Try and pair your patterned pants with a simple top. You don't want too much going on between your top and your bottoms.
2. Bolder isn't always better. For people who aren't use to wearing patterned jeans, try and ease yourself into color and bold patterns with simple designs such as the pair I am wearing. For me, I get nervous wearing patterns so I decided to start of with something kinda neutral. 
3. Be cautious of animal print.. Some people can pull it off while others just end up looking trashy!

 Patterned pants are perfect to add some fun into your wardrobe and as long as you follow some simple rules, can be easily styled so you look chic and fab!

Haha, I don't know if you noticed this in the photo, but there are 2 stop signs behind me. That was because a day before I took these photos, the wind was super strong. It knocked down our old stop sign and in attempt to keep our street safe, police came by and placed a mini stop sign up next to the old one.... Kinda strange though seeing that they have yet to remove the fallen sign? =0

Jeans- Kohls
Boots- Payless
Necklace- Forever 21

Are you a fan of patterned denim?
How do you pair your colored jeans up?

Sunday, January 27, 2013 And Blogilates!

   I know this isn't the kind of post I usually do since my blog is centered around beauty/fashion, but I am really excited with what I won and want to share it with you guys! A lot of you might not know this about me, but I am kinda a sports/exercise lover. (Especially running!)  Back in 2011, I discovered Pop Pilates and  since then, I have been hooked to her videos!

    Late last summer, I competed in a challenge presented by Cassey Ho ( from Pop Pilates ) on the website is an amazing website that allows users to track their daily workouts. It is kinda of like a community of people working towards their own personal fitness goals. You can give people "high fives" as encouragement as well as participate in challenges.  The challenge I competed in was one where you had to do Pilates burpees. There was 1 winner randomly chosen each day and then a grand prize winner for the person who got the most likes on their page! And guess who won that....  ME!!

As the winner of the grand prize, I was able to receive some really awesome prizes including a pro memebership on the weighttraining website!  Here is a look at everything I got-

A t-shirt and wristband from

A Blogilates tank top

And an Ogorgeous gym bag!! 

I have had my eye on this bag for the longest time and when I saw that I finally had the chance to win one, I busted myself to try and get it! I am in love with it!! 

The t-shirt I received is really cool and I have actually worn it to my weight training class in school! (where I have gotten many complements!)

.... In sort of a body builders pose....

For some reason, upper body strength is impossible for me to build, but I do have quite the leg muscle due to running. 

Tank Top- Ogorgeous
Gym Bag- Ogorgeous

Are you guys into Pilates or weight lifting?
What is your favorite form of exercise?  I love both Pilates and weight lifting, but running has to be my favorite! Call me crazy, but I love getting that Runners "High!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Burrrr.... man was it cold today! A high of  only 17 degrees! Can you believe it? Well tomorrow is going to be a heat wave for us since we are reaching 22 degrees!  =0
Don't worry though, these photos were taken on the weekend when the temperatures were much warmer! 


For my outfit that day, I wanted to showcase my favorite color, pink. For the longest time, I remember loving pink. There was a time where red was my favorite color, but that didn't last. There is just something about pink that I love. Maybe it's a girl thing? haha. 
Even though pink is my favorite color, I actually don't own much pink in my closet. In fact, I think blue is the most popular color as far as clothes go. 

To showcase pink, I wore a darker colored top with darker jeans. The pink comes from this beautiful scarf I got a few years back and a rhinestone covered bracelet. This bracelet is one that I love and probably the one that I wear the most often. I love how sparkly it is and the unique shapes of the stones are stunning. The scarf I received as a gift from my cousin. I was visiting her in New York one year for Christmas and we came across this scarf at old navy. I don't remember the exact price, but I do remember it being a really good deal! 

I don't know if you guys noticed, but I finally got my own domain! Instead of my blog being, it is now!  Of course, if you type in my old URL, you will still be able to find me since it automatically redirects it! 

Top- Tj Maxx
Bottoms- Kohls
Boots- Payless
Scarf- Old Navy
Bracelet- Forever 21

How cold has it been where you live?
What color do you find yourself wearing the most often?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flower Power

 Remember when I brought this gorgeous sweater back in "12 during Black Friday? Well, today was finally the time to wear it for a photoshoot! I love the mint color of this sweater and how it matches perfectly with the bright pink floral print.

Sweaters I find are perfect to wear on a cool day. They keep you looking cute and are simple to style. I find sweaters to be a fashion staple for me just because of how easy they are to pull off. You can pair a plain sweater up with some printed jeans for stylish look or you can pair a more colorful sweater (like the one I am wearing) with some jeans or leggings for a chic look. 

For today's outfit, I decided to wear this pretty sweater with some dark wash jeans. I love the way the mint contrasts with the dark denim. On my wrist, I had on a light blue beaded bracelet. I found the bracelet to match nicely with my sweater. For my shoes, I wore a pair of gray boots seeing how it was still quite chilly outside. I thought that it would have been warm today seeing how there was an abundant amount of sun, but I didn't notice the 20 mph winds going on as well! 

This week is mid-terms week for me in school! I am quite nervous and have spent a great deal of my weekend studying for it. I feel prepared for most my classes except Ap history and physics. I have to memorize over 100 years of history including names, wars and dates!! (not possible) As far as physics, I never understood anything from week two of class so I have a lot of work to do. Good thing my physics exam isn't until next Monday. 

Sweater- Kohls
Jeans- Kohls
Boots- Kohls

How do you guys style sweaters?
Are you a fan of sweaters?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vested Up

Despite the fact that it is getting cold very fast (in fact, I awoke to snow on the ground this morning!), I might still be in denial that a winter coat is needed for my daily commute to school. Personally, I dislike the bulk of a huge coat even though it keeps me warm. A great way I solve my problem here is by wearing a vest!

Vests are perfect for those days where it is slightly chilly outside, but not cold enough for a real heavy duty jacket. Vests offer you protection from the cold and wind while keeping you looking chic and put together.
They are such a versatile and vauluable piece to anyone's closet!

For my outfit here, I chose to layer my blue best on top of a plain long sleeved black t-shirt. I paired this with a pair of jeans and some gray boots. As far as accessories, I wore a set of 3 bangles that I made in my jewelry class. (super proud of them!)
As I mentioned before, I woke up to snow this morning which I was not expecting. The weather forecast predicted snow, but not for our city. We were expected to get a few flurries at most. Like always most of the time, they were wrong and we got more like 2-3 inches of snow. This led to a 90 min. delay for me for school! You don't know how excited I was to learn that I could sleep for another hour and a half! Boy, do I need more sleep in my life! 

Shirt- Forever 21
Vest- Maxx
Jeans- Forever 21
Boots- Kohls
Bracelets- Made by me!

Are you a fan of wearing vest?
Did you receive any snow this past week?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gifts Galore!

I know Christmas has long gone and past, but I wanted to share with you guys some things that I got. 
One thing I got was from of my friends. He is a guy so I was shocked when he got me such nice things! I didn't expect him to get me such a perfect gift!
He wrapped his gift in this cute box-

Inside the box were many cute accessories/cosmetics that I loved! 

A pink and gold hairband with a sparking bow.

A cute hair bow with gray and black hearts! 

A lovely light pink beaded bracelet.

Another bracelet with beautiful red beads.

A sparkly red nail polish! 

 All these gifts were exactly what I love! I can't believe how perfect they were especially seeing how he was a guy! After receiving these gifts, I had to give him something back so I brought him a package of fancy cookies and candy. I wanted to get him something besides foods such as clothes, but nothing stood out to me and I had no more ideas besides food sadly. Lucky for me though because he loved the cookies I got him!

Besides this gift, my cousin also got me two gifts that I just adore! She got me a cute cosmetics bag and a pair of socks with little dogs on them!

I adore these! 
Are you guys sad now that the holidays are over?
What would you buy as a gift for a male? I need some more ideas here especially for next year!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Warm Scarf

     A few days ago, I received a beautiful blue scarf in the mail from Amy's company, One Warm Scarf. 

Amy is just starting her own business selling homemade scarves which you can check out here. Amy started making scarves at age 10 and has been improving her technique ever since! The idea behind her company is to make her scarf that one scarf you will ever need!

Her scarves come in an array of colors ranging from your simple grays, to your bold blues, and even bright pinks. The yarn that I chose for my scarf is Montana Sky. This color is a gorgeous mix of deep and medium blues. Just like it's name, the color reminds me of a sky.

When I got my scarf in the mail, I opened it and immediately fell in love! The first thing that stood out was the color. Montana Sky is a wonderful color and does not disappoint for anyone looking for a rich blue. Upon picking up the scarf, I noticed how soft and warm it was. The softness blew me away and when I wrapped it around my neck, I noticed how comfortable and cozy it was. Right away, I could see this scarf as my stylish weapon against the winter winds we have been having lately! 
One thing that shocked me was how long the scarf was and the great quality it was in. Most of the scarves I own are quite short and easily rip with a few wears. Honestly, they last me only a season or two due to the thinness of the fabric. One Warm Scarf provided a scarf that was not only twice the length of your typical scarf, but also with quality that you don't find in an average scarf. 

Scarves, in my opinion, are the best accessories winter. They not only serve as a fashion piece, but also a way to stay warm. They add a pop of color to any outfit. For my scarf that I received, I chose to style it this way.

I wanted to keep the focus on the scarf (which wasn't hard to do since the color is so bright) I paired the scarf with a pair of jeans, a cami, and a black cardigan. I chose to use a blue and white stripped cami to keep the theme of blue going on here. To top things off, I wore a pair of light brown boots.

Scarf- One Warm Scarf
Cardigan- Kohls
Cami- Forever 21
Jeans- Kohls
Shoes- Payless

Are you guys a fan of scarves?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Years!

Can you guys believe that a whole year has gone by already? I feel like it was just yesterday was the beginning of 2012 and now it is 2013! Well the positive thing is that we all survived 12/21/12 aka. the end of the world. 
I spent my Christmas/New Year's break in New York with my lovely cousin who happens to have two adorable kids that I love! 

 Here is a better picture of the little boy. He is so cute and sweet! The best thing about him is his cheeks. They are super puffy and wherever he goes, people always go up to pinch his cheeks. I mean who can blame them when he has cheeks like those!

We did so much together in New York. We went to see the biggest Christmas Tree in Rockefeller center, went on the subways (yup, that is exciting for me), went to grand central station, went skiing, and spent the day at a water park! Everything we did was so much fun and I would relive it if I could! I love my cousins and New York so much and I can't wait to go back!

 I wanted to give you guys a quick look at my outfit in these pictures here. I wore this outfit to my cousin's "bring you kids" to work day / Christmas Party. Technically, I'm not his child, but I'm family so I tagged along to check out his office and enjoy the party!
For this event, I chose to wear an elegant sweater. To dress the sweater up, I wore a candy apple colored scarf and a little butterfly necklace. (thanks to my little cousin who gave it to me!) I topped everything off with a pair of dark skinny jeans and some boots. (not shown here)

Shirt- Forever 21
Scarf- Shabby Apply
Jeans- Kohls

What did you guys do over the holidays?

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