Friday, December 20, 2013

Jollychic Giveaway, Winner, Dahlia Wolf, And More!

The winner of my Sammydress $20 giftcard is...
Entry # 9 Melissa from ChinkyMel's Corner 
Congrats,I will be contacting you through email soon =)

 As you might have noticed, I am doing my post a bit earlier today.. This is because tomorrow I will be on my way to NY for ~2 weeks!! I am beyond excited to be going there. Unfortunately I will not be posting when I am on vacation, but don't worry, I will leave you guys with a giveaway until I am back!
 I wanted to do a bit more for today's post, but I have been so busy. My attempts to get my college stuff done before vacation, didn't happen, so I will need to bring that with me (it's only a little bit) and I also need to bring all my tax forms as well so I can fill out the fafsa when Jan. 1st hits since I won't be back till the 2nd. I haven't actually packed yet either which is not a good thing to say, but I am multitasking right now between blogging, packing, and eating! I find packing to be super tiring, so blogging helps me relax!

Amazon Christmas PackageI recently ordered some items off of Amazon for my hamster and camera! When I came home from school yesterday, I saw two packages on my door! One from Amazon and one from Dahlia wolf!!! (they have fast shipping because I just got an email from them 2 days ago about the item!) Gosh, you could not believe how excited I was too see the packages. I took them both upstairs and ripped them open!
The first package that I opened was the one from Amazon.

Hazel Hamster Supreme Review

In the amazon box, I had ordered 3 things. I got 2 bags of Hazel hamster food (the other bag is already open and with my hamster!) I needed 2 2lb bags because that is the only way I would have gotten free shipping from Amazon! There is no way I was paying $10 to ship stuff to me when I could buy another bag of food with that money and get free shipping!
This hamster food is the best hamster food on the market for any hamster because of it's nutritional content. I will pair this food with the oxbow pallets and a daily treat and she is going to have the best, and healthiest food possible.It has lots of protein, just the right amount of fat and low sugar content. The only thing that I have to do is pick out the sunflower seeds since I like to hand feed it to her. (That is what I spent a good chunk of my night doing yesterday!)

Canon Wireless Remote Control T3i

The other item in my box is the canon Rc-6 Wireless Remote Controller.This remote is suppose to make taking pictures much easier since it allows you to take pictures without being behind the camera. This is perfect for my when I take my pictures because often times, I don't have someone helping me out and it's hard to get my camera to focus without me standing there! With this remote, hopefully my issue will be solved!
This remote is sold on the canon website for $30 and only ~19-20 on amazon! I was very fortunate because right before checkout, Amazon gave me a promotion (which I am still not clear why) and made the remote 8 something instead of 19!!  Could it be because I recently brought a camera from them?

Dahlia Wolf Review
Don't mind the stickers.. they are for privacy reasons =)
My second package that I received was from Dahlia Wolf. Remember how in my last post , I mentioned being contacted by Dahlia Wolf and finding out that they had chosen to design a clothing piece inspired by one of my post! They contacted me on Tuesday this week asking for my address and by Thursday afternoon, they had already sent the item to me! I was beyond ecstatic to receive it. I did not expect to get it so quickly!

Dahlia Wolf Box
This box is beautiful!
Dahlia Wolf Box

Inside the package, I found a very fancy looking black box with the words Dahlia Wolf on it. I opened the box and inside, I found my top! It was packaged so nicely and everything just felt so professionally done. I could not believe that it was mine! The top is even called "The Mindy Top!"
Here is a quick look at it-

Dahlia Wolf the Mindy Top

Dahlia Wolf the Mindy Top

The top is adorable!!!! I love the pattern on it a lot. It reminds me of tribal print and the bright colors are going to be perfect in the spring/summer! I might even try to winterize it a bit because this would be awesome to wear now! The material of the top is a lot better than I had thought it would be. It's thick and pretty nice quality. The top is even lined which is something I worried about because I had no idea what kind of bra I should wear under this... but now I realized, you don't need one!
On the side of the top is the zipper. It goes all the way down. The zipper is quite smooth and pretty easy to get on! I am in love with my top and I can't wait to do an outfit post for it! (it'll probably be the first post I do when I come back from my vacation!)

Jollychic $100 bonus Giveaway

I have one more thing to tell you guys about!! While I am away on vacation, I decided to leave you guys with an $100 GIVEAWAY to I was contacted by them asking me to host this giveaway on my blog and I thought why not? I could run the giveaway while I am on vacation and choose the winner when I get back! How perfect is that! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you gotten anything from Amazon lately?
Who's used a remote controller for a camera before?
How would you style "The Mindy Top"?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brrr It's Cold + Dahlia\Wolf

  One more week (7 days!) until Christmas! 

It's hard to believe it, but the holidays are creeping up on us! In 7 days, it will be Christmas and in just 3 day, I will be in New York! I cannot wait, but until then, I need to get things finished with school and life. (packing for my trip is a huge stresser right now as well as getting gifts ready and having to leave my hamster for 2 weeks =( !) With that being said, I want to remind you guys that I have a giveaway going on here that will be ending Friday night! If you want a $20 credit to Sammydress, make sure to enter =) 
Now onto my outfit for today-

Winter Outfit 2013

Cute Outfit For Winter

For my outfit, I am wearing this super comfy cardigan that I brought in my Aeropostale haul. This cardigan is super thick and keeps me warm through frigid weather. The cardigan is an off white color and has a baggy fit. It's something different than what I usually like, but I have grown to love this cardigan because of how comfortable it is to wear. It's just so perfect for lounging around in! 

Cute Outfit For Winter

For my pants, I also ended up wearing a pair of jeggings that I got in my aero haul. They are my first pair of wine/purple colored jeans and I loved them as well! I've worn them a few times and I love how easily you could put a look together with them. A black top with colored jeans actually looks pretty good and is super easy to put on in the morning! The only negative thing I have to say about the jeans though is that they are becoming loose on me. I have heard that aero's pants lose their stretchyness quickly and I have to say that I am beginning to feel that with these jeans! It's sad, but I don't think that this applies to all of their jeans. The other pair of jeans (the knit leggings) that I got are still very stretchy though and I wear those even more than these! 

Cute snow boots

For shoes, I chose to wear a pair of boots! We had just received our 2nd round of snow this Tuesday and even though it's a pain to clean, I love it. I honestly feel like the holidays are not complete without some snow and here it is! These boots aren't waterproof, but they are pretty thick so it takes a while before water sinks in and I love the fur inside. It keeps my feet very warm. I didn't have much time to accessorize so I ended up tossing on an infinity shaped ring before running out. =)

Winter Outfit
Enjoying the snow!
I'm trying to decide what to do with my blog when I am gone. I will probably leave it dormant for the 2 weeks I am gone like I usually do, but I also have a giveaway going on now. I will probably post the giveaway winner late Friday night/Saturday morning before I leave and contact them! =) Till then I have to get my presents ready for my cousins! (and I am getting slightly creative this year with them hehe, I'll show you guys when I am done with them!) 

Dahlia Wolf The Mindy Top

In other news, I got my first ever colaboration done with It's a site where people can post images of what they find inspirational and others can "love" it. From there, Dahliawolf will choose a few images and use them to create a look for that person. The person who inspired the clothing piece will also receive commission of each one sold! I have been a member of the site since their launch and have been semi active on it. A day or two ago, I received an email from someone who works there telling me that they liked one of my images and have created a piece for me!!!! I was super excited to hear this news because I have never had a clothing piece created just for me. 
The top that was created is called The Mindy (Me!) Top. This top is a cute and casual crop top perfect for the summer. Even though it is winter here, I will still be rocking this crop top! It features a red piping around the bodice for a pop of color and is fully lined with a zipper on the side! As soon as I get this top, I will be proudly styling it! 

Right now you can preorder my top for $28 here- It's 30% off though I don't know when that will end so if you guys like the top, you should check it out =)  

Winter In Connecticut
A cute little picture I created! It looks perfect for a Christmas gift.

Boots- Zappos

Do you like my outfit?

Are you a fan of cozy boots in the winter?

What do you think of The Mindy Top? I am so excited to receive mine in the mail! 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

NBC Studios and Chelsea Market

I don't think I have mentioned this on my blog before, but on Friday, December 13th, (we had some good luck and very bad luck on the trip..) we had a field trip to visit NBC studios and Chelsea Market for my oral communications class! (ohhh how I hate public speaking.. but I must take that class to get better!) I was super excited for this trip because I just love NYC!! I even get to go there next week for Christmas break with my cousins!
For this trip, we were set to leave school at 6:30 and return back around 6:30 at night depending on traffic! Ohhh gosh, for me, to be at the school before 6:30 was a challenge! That meant I needed to leave the house around 6:00 am. That morning, I literally rolled out of bed, threw on warm clothes and left. There was no time for makeup! I was planning to sleep on the bus hehe! We were taking a coach bus and I knew I could sleep on those!

We left the school around 6:35 am as stated and started driving. We drove for abut 10 minutes before we hit an Open weighing station! (like when are these ever opened??)  According to our bus driver, the last time he was at one of those, it took him about 2 hours to get checked! Immediately our bus groaned, but after about 5 minutes, they let us go without even checking us! Talk about good and back luck! We watched a few movies on the way there, including ELF, and finally hit the city a bit before 10 am. Our bus driver was nice enough to drop us right near the tree so we didn't have to walk that much!

Sights Of NYC
Michael Kors!!
After getting off, our teacher showed us the meeting place, which was under the huge tree and sent us off for an hour. Our first tour of the studios began at 11:15 and we had to meet under the tree at 11. It was pretty amazing to be set free like that. We were allowed to go wherever we wanted as long as we could make it by foot. We were even allowed to wander outside which I think most of did not choose to do because it was so cold!
For most of the trip, I chose to stick close to my friend because I didn't want to get lost. (If you know me, I get lost anywhere... even during a cross country race!) The first place I ran when I was set free was the bathroom lol. Sitting on a bus for 3+ hours can cause this!

rockefeller center

 It was so pretty inside!! I don't know exactly what the building was called, but it's the one right next to NBC studios and Rockefeller center. It was basically a huge building full of shops and places to dine at. It was literally huge inside. There were several floors and I'm very thankful I had someone with me or else I would have gotten lost! We basically explored a whole floor and went into many cute shops including one that sold soaps and one that sold pastries! I wanted to get something to eat but chose not to because I knew we were going to Chelsea Market later. Plus sitting on a bus for so long kinda suppressed my hunger so I just chose to take in the amazing sights.

NYC chandelier
Before Auto Awesome Photos
Twinkle Auto Awesome Photos
After Auto Awesome Photos
On a side note, as I was editing this post, I got a notification from google plus saying I had 2 photos that were "Auto Awesome." I clicked them and one of the photos was this chandelier photo. Google made the lights sparkle! How cool is that? Then I proceeded to look around google+ more and I realized that all my photos from my blog are on my google+ and they were all "Auto edited." Google+ itself looks very neat and I think I might try being more active there because it looks a lot better/funner than FB! 

Tree at Rockefeller Center 2013
This tree was HUGE!!! I bet it looks beautiful at night!
 Rockefeller Center 2013

After exploring the stores we went outside a bit earlier to check things out. We walked around the center and took quite a bit of pictures! I wanted to share all my photos with you guys, but I didn't want my post to have 40+ photos, so I made collages!
We saw so many amazing sights outside! It was cold, but totally worth it! I feel like in NYC, they have so much holiday spirit. Everywhere I turned, something was always decorated for the holidays. Trees in the streets were adorned with lights and the streets were dressed up with statues and sculptures. My favorite statues were the line of nutcrackers!
In the center of the square, there were also people ice skating! I wanted to go ice skating so badly, but the line was too long! Maybe next time..!

NBC Studio Tour

There were 51 students on this trip, plus my teacher and her husband, and an english teacher. I think the NBC tour only allows a certain amount of people per tour so we had to split into two groups: one at 11:15 and the other at 11:30. I was in the 11:15 group! The tour itself was about an hour long and we had two fantastic tour guides. We went around the studios and saw how things worked behind the scenes. Unfortunately cameras were not allowed on this tour, so I don't have any, but believe me that it was interesting. There are so many lights that have to be used for each show! I walked into a set and saw 300 lights above my head. It was crazy! We even saw the SNL set as well and apparently they were just about to rehearse when we got there so we couldn't go inside. It was still cool to see everything.

NBC Studio Tour
So much candy in the store!
The voice NBC Studios
I want YOU! 
After the tour concluded, we waited downstairs in the shops till the other group was finished so we could head to our next destination... CHELSEA MARKET.
We had some more bad luck on this trip as out bus driver was late and left us outside waiting for him for 30 minutes. It was very cold, but not that bad though because I had some awesome bonding time with my classmates and teacher!

Chelsea Market Christmas
Look at those Lights by the clock!
Chelsea Market Christmas

I have been to Chelsea Market before (I think it was this summer or maybe during spring break this year?) so I thought I knew what to expect, but I was wrong! I walked in and saw that a lot of things have changed! A lot of the stores were the same, but there were also new stores and new decorations! The scriptures and paintings have changed and they decorated for Christmas. Right in the center of the market where the clock is, there were thousands of lights hanging. My photos's don't do it justice because it was jaw dropping to see in real life! Everyone was walking by it like it was nothing while I just stood there in awe... I must have looked very strange hehe.

Chelsea Market Gelato

One place I really wanted to go to eat was this gelato shop. I had eaten here before and it was delicious though very expensive. A cup/ scoop was 6 dollars! I had already gotten ice cream earlier at store called the "milk bar," but I really wanted some gelato so I got some to share with my friend! ohh gosh was it delicious. I don't know what they do, but the ice cream here tastes so much better than what we get in the stores. They taste richer and there is something special about them.
* I just looked this up and it states that gelato has less air and fat than ice cream which is why it taste so delicious and dense!*
I roamed around the market a bit more till it was time to go. We met outside the market and onto our bus!

Peter Pan Bus Accident

Okay so I was deciding whether or not to post about this, but int he end I chose to because it made up a big part of the trip and it was quite memorable... plus it fit in with the Friday the 13th theme.
Luckily NO ONE got hurt in this accident that you see. We were driving home and right before we crossed the state line to get into Connecticut, a car had stopped in the middle of the highway! Our bus was going too fast at the time so stopping was not an option. We had to swerve to the side and in that process, we ended up hitting another car against the side of the highway.
I was asleep when this happened and all I remembered was waking up to my teacher screaming at the top of her lungs to "stop!" Then I felt a mini earthquake and heard noise and we stopped. At that moment, I don't even know what I was thinking. I thought that I would have to jump out of the bus, but by the time that thought came to me, we had already stopped moving!
My teacher was freaking out for a second and I was pretty scared. It was my first ever car accident, but we're very lucky that no one was injured, just shaken up. We had to wait for the police to come and he took down all 51 of our names and birthdays. We were stuck there for about 2 hours as the police did his report then we were let go. On a good note though, we hit almost no traffic on the way home! woooh!

Rockerfeller Christmas Tree
My friend and I under the tree
To end on a positive note, our trip to New York was so much fun! It's probably going to go down as my best high school field trip! Plus our teacher will always remember our trip that we went on!

Have you ever been to NYC? What did you do there?
Did anything happen to you guys on the 13th?
Gelato vs. Ice cream? =) 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Influenster Violet Voxbox Unboxing

  Before I get started on my post today, I wanted to share with you some pictures of the snowfall I received yesterday! It's kinda like the first real snowfall because earlier this year, we had snow, but it didn't really stick. On Monday, it snowed a bit in the morning and I got a 90 min delay from school! (Yay for sleeping in) Then yesterday (Tuesday), school was cancelled because it was snowing and the snow was sticking!! It was super exciting to see because I honestly LOVE snow. I hate the color, but love seeing the snow! As of today, there is still some snow that remains on the ground!

Snow In Connecticut
This pictures reminds me of a scene from Frozen! (That movie was awesome!!)
Last week, I received my 2nd ever voxbox from influenster! My first voxbox was the something blue box that I got in June. As I mentioned before, I am pretty inactive on the site so getting chosen for a box always surprises me quite a bit! I was originally emailed about the Varsity Voxbox, but after answering the questions, I was paired up with this box instead. I do think that this box is a better fit for me because I really liked all the items that I got! This box was a bit more emptier than my previous one, but it's okay because it's what's inside that matters. I think I will be putting all these items to good use!

Influenster Violet Voxbox

Influenster Violet Voxbox

The voxbox that I received this time is called the Violet Voxbox and was inspired by "this season's dark, moody florals and is for the beauty queens of Influenster nation." (How cute is that?!) This box was a bit more emptier than my previous one, but all the products are useful to me so that is okay!

Influenster Violet Voxbox

In my box, I got 4 items-
1. Goody Athletique Headband- this headband provides hold and comfort when you workout. This is perfect for me since I love running.
2. Sally Hansen New Triple Shine Nail Color- This nailpolish is strong against water and wear and can shine for a long time! This is perfect for me because I love painting my nails!
3. Soyjoy- is an all natural gluten free snack made with non-GMO soybeans and real fruit pieces. I am always on the go and a granola bar makes snacking easy!
4.Goody Quikstyle- this hairbrush lets you go from wet hair to beautifully styled hair faster than ever! The bristles on the brush remove water as you style.... This product just sounds awesome!

Goody Athletique Headband

The first item that I tried was the Goody Athletique Headband. I am a runner and I love to work out so this headband is a perfect fit for me. I usually don't put my hair up because it never stays up so I just got use to having it bob around in my face while I run hehe. After testing this out, I would say that this product doesn't disappoint. It is ouchless and keeps my hair out of my face. I do love it a lot, but I think I might be too used to having my hair in my face when running! I feel naked without it, but this product does do what it claims! I think I'll try using this when I dance! =)

Sally Hansen New Triple Shine Nail Color

The second item that I received in my box is from sally hansen's new line. It's the triple shine nail polish. I got the polish in the color flame on. It's a super bright color and upon testing it on my nails, I realized that they were not lying about it being shiny! With just two coats, this polish looks as if it had a shiny top coat on! I'm not sure about how good this polish is against chips, but the shine lasts for a long time. So if you are someone  who uses their hands a lot during the day, then this polish is for you! I am one of those types of people because I find my nail polish to chip after the 2nd or 3rd day even with a good top coat!

Soyjoy Banana Review

The next item I got is a bar from soyjoy in the flavor banana. I have tried soyjoy before and too be honest, they weren't my favorite granola bars. I tried to be open minded with this bar, but I sadly still don't like it that much. I think the thing about this bar that I hate is the dryness of it. It's made from soybeans and it doesn't have much moisture to it. It's quite dense and somewhat hard. I think it might have tasted better if I had tried microwaving it for a while before eating. The smell of this granola bar is great however, it's just not for me.

Goody Quikstyle Review

Goody Quikstyle Review

This brush is definitely the most interesting thing that I received. It's a hairbrush that promises to remove water from you hair as you brush with it so that your hair dries 30% faster. At first, I was under the impression that this hairbrush actually dries your hair!! How cool would that be? hehe, but it doesn't. It just speeds the process up. The bristles of this brush are made with microfibers that absorb the water in your hair. This brush does work in making your hair dry faster, but it is not a miracle worker. I would also not recommend this product to anyone who has thicker, curly type hair because your hair will easily become a tangled mess with this brush! I liked it and it does help hair dry faster, I just wouldn't expect your hair to be dried with just this brush!

Influenster Violet Voxbox

This is the end of my Influenster Violet Voxbox review. This box was a lot emptier than my previous ones,but I do feel  like the items inside this box matched me more. Overall, I would say that the box was okay. I would give it a 7 out of 10! The items that I really liked from the box was the headband and the nail polish! The hairbrush was okay and I couldn't care too much for soyjoy personally. =)

*I received these product complimentay from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are mine. If you would like to try out the site for yourself, I can give you guys an invite! =)*

Is it snowing where you live? Are you a fan of snow like me?
Have you ever gotten an influenster box?
Have your tried any of the products that I showed?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Black Friday Haul (Fashion, Beauty, Food And Hamsters!)

As promised in my Thanksgiving and Black Friday post, I am going to be posting my Black Friday haul!! I am so excited to show my purchases. It's nothing too crazy, but it always feels nice to treat myself. I really want to do an outfit post before the month is over, but I feel like I have too many things to post about and not enough time! I have been to so many places this month (with crazy Christmas decorations) and gotten so much items that I want to review! (including an influenster box!)
Most of the items I purchased here were brought on Thanksgiving day after my dinner. I went to the mall and saw just so much cute things. I really wanted it all, but I had to limit myself. I also took some time to get gifts for some of my friends and family! =)

Rings Haul
I don't remember the exact stores I got each of these at. I'm sorry, but these are all under $10 each I am pretty sure!
   I didn't even notice all the rings I brought until the end of my shopping. I guess I just kept on buying and buying.
The first ring I got was at Kohls I think and it came in a set of two. It is a band with diamonds. I don't know why I chose to get it but it was really cute and inexpensive. I have been trying to find an "everyday" type ring forever now and I thought this one might be it.
The 2nd ring I got is a silver colored ring with 6 crystals in the center.
My 3rd ring came in a set with the 4th ring and I think that it was purchased at forever 21. I really like the 4th ring more than the 3rd ring and I personally do not thing that they look that good together. When my little cousin came over my house last weekend, she saw my rings set out on the table and I decided to give her the cute little flower one!
The 5h ring is an infinity ring that has gems that match my birthstone, aquamarine!
My 6th and final ring is this adorable fox shaped ring! I really love this ring and I think it might be my favorite. It's quite big on my finger and is a nice piece to add to a simple outfit!

Pink Pandora Beads

  This item I got at Kohls. I don't think it is a pandora bracelet but it is a very nice dupe of it. Initially I didn't notice this item in the middle of the store, but what I did notice was these adorable charms. The pink sparkles on the beads caught my eye and then I realized that they belonged to the bracelet! I really wanted the beads so I ended up picking them up along with the bracelet. It's so cute.. a big childish, but I am kinda of a child at heart even though I'm only 3 months away from turning 18!

Rose Gold Watch

I also picked up this really fancy looking watch in rose gold. Rose gold is really in right now and I love the color a lot. I think the color with a watch is very nice and I found one that I love a lot.  The face of the watch itself is metal while the band is more of a rubbery material. I saw a metal type band in the store as well, but I noticed the color on the metal peeling off quite easily which is why i opted for rubber instead.

Aeropostale Earphones

This purchase was something I have been needing for a while now!... new earphones!! I misplaced my earphones a long time ago (this summer I think) and have been earphoneless since! I got these at Aeropostale and I really love the way they look. I brought 3, but only the pink.. and maybe the blue one is for me. I plan on giving the yellow one away to my secret santa and the blue to my sister if she wants it.
 In our group of friends, we always decide to do a secret santa exchange instead of buying a gift for everyone. There is a lot of people and to have to buy gifts for everyone is a bit costly. So instead, we just spend money on one person and we can get each other better gifts!

L'oreal dare to Layer
(from left to right)- The Reign of Studs, The Holographic, Pop the Bubbles
This was brought by me. This collection by L'oreal called dare to layer (I think) was being featured. The purple color caught my eye at first and I saw the sample pictures and it looked amazing. After looking through their like, I ended up picking up the purple, the holographic clear coat and the blue. I have tried a swipe of the purple and I really love the way it looks and feels on my nails. It's not a smooth feeling finish but rather a bumpy one because of the glitter. The clear coat is very pretty as well. I love how my camera is able to capture the specks of glitter inside. When I put the clear coat on my nails, it catches the light so beautifully.
As for the blue polish, I love it a lot, but I do plan on giving it away as a present for someone. I bet they will really love it!

Nivea Hand Creme

This is a cute item I picked up. I love nivea a lot and this is a mini tin of their lotion. It's perfect for travel and I am going to be traveling to NY twice this month + I am also going on a vacation while I am in NY. I'm too excited for this vacation, but I have so much work that needs to be completed before then so I cannot let myself go into vacation mode just yet!


So this purchase wasn't my idea, but rather my mom's. She saw this pack of 10 socks at the store and told me to pick some up. I guess this makes sense because I run a lot and I often end up ruining my socks whether that is from holes or dirt. Running in mud really destroys shoes/and socks hehe.

Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat
The whole reason my mom wanted to go Black Friday Shopping
  This purchase was all my mom's idea and basically the whole reason we decided to go out on Thanksgiving night to go shopping. It's a good massager from brookstone! This one is perfect for anyone who is in need of a nice food massage. My mom's job entitles her to stand 7+ hours a day and she always is scared of injuries later on in life. She things a foot massager like this will help her and I agree!! She really needs something for her feet and this is perfect! It comes with heat which is so nice! My personal favorite setting is pulse on high with heat. My mom thinks it hurts, but I like it!

Godiva Christmas Chocolate

Panera Christmas

Because of out busy shopping, we needed to refuel. We did this with some complementary Godiva chocolate and Panera bread. After our spree on Friday, we stopped by panera for a sandwich and smoothie to split and some delicious chocolate. I could eat Godiva everyday!

Hamster Great Choice Bedding

I don't know if this part of the haul pertains too much to you guys, but I needed to pick up some more hamster supplies. They actually had a sale at the pet store for black friday!! I got some more bedding for my hamster. I need a lot more now since I recently upgraded her cage. It's no longer one of those mini cages, but rather a huge bin! I plan to show you guys some pictures later! Like I said before, I have so many things I want to share with you guys, but not enough time!

Oxbow Hamster Food

Hamster Supplies

Along with the bedding, I also picked up some more oxbow hamster food! I learned that Oxbow and hazel hamster are the best types of food for you hamster so I wanted to pick them both up. Unfortunately the two pet stores I went to don't carry hazel hamster!!!! It actually makes me a bit angry so not I am deciding if it is worth it to order online. The shipping is ridiculous though because of how heavy the food is!
Along with her food, I got her many treats. (not all are shown) I got her some "pretzels," sticks to chew on, a salt lick, a dish w/ walnuts, yogurt drops, an apple chew (now shown), some trail mix, and a ladybug cookie. (also nut shown) She likes everything except the ladybug cookie and trail mix! She is too cute!

This is pretty much the end of my haul! I was very satisfied with what I got on Black Friday. I got a few items for myself and the majority of my Christmas shopping completed! I love that feeling of being able to say that you are done with Christmas gifts. I'm not all done yet, but a lot closer than I have been in the past years. I typically end up buying all my gifts 2-3 days before I have to give them... It's very stressful! I also am happy with the hamster supplies I picked up and so is my hamster!

How was your Black Friday?
Which is your favorite ring from my purchases?
How close are you guys to getting all your Christmas gifts?
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