Thursday, August 16, 2012

Birthday Gift Haul

This is what I got my friend Vanessa for her birthday! She is a huge lover of makeup and beauty products so I chose to get her a bunch of makeup! She also mentioned to me that blue was her favorite color so as you can tell, I chose to stick within that color range as much as I could. Here is what I got her-

And now for close ups of each item because you probably can't see much from this top photo. I  love giving gifts for other people. I don't know why, but I think I like it more than receiving gifts, well sometimes. I just love seeing their faces when they open their present up! 

The first thing that I got my friend is this covergirl eye shadow palette. The color is called ice princess and it features shadows in several shades of purple. I know she likes blue more, but I think that purple suits her well! (I have blue stuff, don't worry)

The second item I got her was another eye shadow but in blue this time. This shadow is from Maybelline's eyestudio collection. It is called blue blowout and features shadows in shades of blue including many sparkly shades as well. I know personally I love sparkles once in a while and so does any other girl! 

The third item I got her was also eye shadow... am I overdoing the shadow here guys? I think not! A girl can never have enough eye shadow! This one is called crystal waters and is from covergirl like my first one. These colors are much calmer than the Maybelline colors and they are matte instead of shimmery.

To complement her colorful eyes, I decided to go and get her some mascara too! I wasn't sure what kind of mascara she liked, but I do know that she has stick straight asian lashes like mine! It sucks! I personally haven't found a mascara I love yet, so I decided to take a risk and buy this one for her. It's called Lash Out and it is from Loreal. I like Loreal when it comes to mascaras since I find them to lengthen and keep my curls tight. I haven't personally tried this one, but I bet it works well!

To complete her face makeup, I finished the makeup products off with Dream Bouncy blush from Maybelline in number 15. The shade is a light pink which would look great on my friend since she has pale/fair skin. I have this blush myself and I am in love with it! I love her it feels when you put your fingers on it. The blush literally bounces like a cloud!

At the very last minute, I added in 2 nail polishes into her birthday bag. I was out shopping and picked them up. I only took a picture of one of them. This one is from Essie and it is called turquoise and caicos. This color is a turquoise color with slight green undertones.
Essie is my favorite nail polish brand and I know she will love this one. The other nail polish that I got her (not pictured) was just a simple clear polish from Maybelline's 50 sec. line. This clear coat dries in just 50 sec and it is pretty amazing! 

The bag that held everything!

What do you think of my birthday gift for my friend? 
What is your favorite product here?

*I am going to be on vacation for the next week and I won't be back till Monday or Tuesday.
 Sadly, I don't know if I will be able to keep up with my blog while I am gone seeing as internet access is limited. Don't worry though, when I get back, my blog will be back up in full swing and I will reply to all your comments! Until then, comment and follow away if you like please =)*

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flashback Time!

I was actually looking to do a post about my new jewelry today, but I ended up choosing to do an outfit of the day... a very old outfit of the day to be exact. I was looking through my photos on Facebook and I came across these little babies! 

This photo was snapped from my best friend's sweet 16 birthday party! Her birthday is June 4th which is the same as my Mommy's! For her party, she reserved an entire section for us at Olive Garden! How sweet! That was the first time I had ever gone to Olive Garden and let me tell you, it is delicious. (especially the fried eggplant!) 
For her party,  we were suppose to dress formal. It just so happened that around that time, I had picked up this dress from Kohl's on the clearance rack. It wasn't exactly my size, but it was only 7 dollars so I had to get it. I didn't even have an event to wear it to, but it turns out I do now! haha. 

The dress is split into two patterns. The top of the dress is a beautiful sea blue color. The dress on top is actually a one shoulder which means it hooks onto only one of my shoulders. I love these kinds of clothes, but the only problem is that the top was slightly too big on me. The side without the strap was constantly slipping down throughout the night which sucked. I tried to counterbalance this slipping top with a cardigan hoping it would keep the dress up. It sort of worked!

The bottom of dress is probably the best part! The bottom was an A-line skirt and I love these because they always look flattering on me. The lower part of the dress was white and had a splattered paint design on it in the colors of yellow, blue and pink! It is so cute and I love the pop of color it adds. The dress itself also had a black elastic band near the waist which I was thankful for. Belts/bands on the waist always look amazing on anyone. 
To finish my outfit off, I wore a pair of simple black flats and a set of stud earrings. 

DRESS- from Kohls
CARDIGAN- from Wetseal
SHOES- from Kohls
EARRINGS- from Wetseal

What do you think of my outfit?
What do you do when something doesn't fit you perfectly?
 I would love to get something tailored to me, but sadly I don't have that kind of cash hanging around!  Next best thing, duck tape and pins! lol

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away~

Well, the good news is that I was able to go to 6 Flags on Friday. The bad news is that I didn't get to go on any rides =( *cries* It was raining so everything was shut down, but at least we got free food and met other people? haha
Anyways here is what I chose to wear to the amusement park.
Sorry for the "mirror" pics. I was the only photographer and the mirror was the only way to do it!

I was anticipating it to be a hot day so I had to find an outfit that was cute, but also would keep me cool in the hot temperatures. I always seem to have bad luck because our bus was air conditioned and I was freezing, but once we got to the park, it was fine. I got this top just recently when I went to the mall with my friend and I love it!

The shirt is of chiffon material and is see through as you can tell. I chose to wear a simple navy blue bandeau underneath it for coverage. The shirt has a pattern of flowers on it and the top is made of a lace design.
The shirt also has buttons down the center. The shape of the top makes it perfect if you want to tuck it into your shorts which is what I did!

The shorts that I wore were just simple white khaki shorts. They are a bit of an off white color and I love them! They are super stretchy up top which also makes it perfect for tucking shirts in!!
The shoes I wore were just flip flops. I figured since I was going to walk around a lot and I was going to get wet so flip flops it was. I also sported a waterproof watch on my hand. That way, I could keep track of the time!

When we got to the park, it was slightly sprinkling and the water park was shut down. We chose to get food first and during our meal, it started down pouring. Luckily, we were under a hut so we wouldn't get wet. We literally were under the huts the entire time. We only ran out to either use the bathroom or go to other huts. 
It wasn't all a bad experience though because to make up for the bad weather, we got free balloon animals and face painting! (I must secretly be a little kid inside) 

it's a swan!

ohh gosh, excuse the odd smile here...
And at the end of the day when we were going home, the rain stopped and we saw this little baby up in the sky....


So I guess my trip wasn't a totally bust. I got out of the house and got to hang with my mom!

SHIRT- from forever 21
SHORTS- from Tj Maxx
SHOES- from Kohls
WATCH- from Kohls

What do you think of my outfit?
Have you ever been to Six Flags?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Simple Elegance

Guess what? I might be going to Six Flags tomorrow!! I'm throwing in the might because we do have FREE tickets with free food to go, but the weather is looking like it might change all that. I was originally going to invite one of my friends to come with me, but she sadly couldn't make it. So it looks like me and my mom! I just hope it doesn't rain because if it does, I probably won't be going. I mean no water rides or big roller coasters? 
Anyways, here is one of my outfits of the day. It is actually the outfit I wore when I went to the mall with my friend!

I knew I was going to do a lot of shopping and trying out clothes at the mall so I tried to pick clothes that would allow me to do all that easily. I stuck with some shorts, a tank top, and a bandeau underneath. The shorts were easy to take off and so was the tank top. I chose to wear a bandeau because a lot of clothes are sheer now and I would like to see what they would look like on me with the proper undergarments haha.

One thing that I love about this tank top is the integrate design it has on the back. The backing to this tank top was what made me want to buy it instead of all the others. It's hard to tell for from the picture, but the back has designs similar to a flower. It has little holes in it and it is surprisingly made with good quality. I have worn this several times and it is still in one piece with no loose strings!

In addition to going to the mall, I have also been running a lot more. I am up to pretty much ~40 miles per week! Can you believe it? Just a few months ago, I was out cold with a stress fracture and here I am running such distances. I have to be honest though, it is very tiring and time consuming. I am  finding myself super tired (and sweaty) each day, but for some reason, I still love running. Call it a runners high if you will!

*crosses fingers for no rain tomorrow and an injury free XC season*

SHIRT- from Tj Maxx
SHORTS- from Kohls

BANDEAU- from Wetseal

SHOES- from kohls

                                                    What Do You Think Of My Outfit?
                                                   Are You Doing Anything Fun Anytime?
                                                   Anyone On My Blog A Runner Too?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Forever 21 Haul! (picture heavy)

 I went shopping with my friend yesterday and I am absolutely in love with forever 21. If I wasn't on a limited budget, I could possibly buy up that whole store! We were doing our back to school shopping together that day and even though I don't want to think about school, I do enjoy new clothes! We spent a total of 5 hours at the mall (would have been longer, but they closed at 6!!) and visted every store, but I only brought stuff from the food court and Forever 21!

This post is pretty much going to be pictures with descriptions of what I brought. I will be styling these clothes later, but I really want to show off what I got! ohh and the total for all these items was just a little bit under 50 dollars thanks to the BOGO they were having in the back!
 ~I am always between sizes S and M in most stores and for all my clothes here, I chose to go up to M. I know forever 21 runs big (and short) most of the time, but I like my clothes baggier I guess~

This shirt that I got that I didn't like that much at first, but my friend convinced me to get it. I am happy she did since I am in love with it now although I should have opted for a small, but ohh well! This shirt has pink bow-ties on top of a white background. The part that sold this outfit for my friend was the puffy sleeves since she loved the way it looked on me. I wasn't a fan of it at first, but I like it now since I am a bit bottom heavy and puffy shoulders balance me out nicely! 


This is a sweater and it is made more for the fall/winter, but I got it since it was part of BOGO. It's a cream color and it is much warmer than it looks! I was sweating when I wore it in the dressing room. I got this in a medium and it is still a bit short on me, but if I had gone up a size, it would have been too wide. I love the design on this sweater. It's so simple yet chic!

Please excuse the bad photo of this shirt. I couldn't work the lighting here well. This is probably my favorite shirt that I picked up. It is made of a super light fabric and I love the contrasting colors. On top, it is a hot pink and the bottom is black. It fits loosely on me and there are cute little bottoms on the back! I know it looks off in my pictures, but this really is my favorite purchase!

This purple top was given to me by my friend actually. She was also utilizing the BOGO, but couldn't find something to pair with her dress. The store was closing in less than 10 minutes so she grabbed this and gave it to me. It's really nice, but it's humongous on me. The size is an M, but it is huge on me! I am thinking of giving this one to me mom =)

 This top is really cute too! It is made of a chiffon fabric I think and it is really cool on the body so it is perfect for summer. The color is a light beige and it has a pattern of flowers. Near the top, there is a white lace design. The top is super sheer so I must wear a cami or tube top under it!

I got 2 shorts at the store too. The first one are blue shorts and they are adorable. I want to venture out and get colored denim, but I get scared of bright colors, so this is a nice color until I get braver.
 These pair of shorts are gray and they have pockets on the side. I love how comfy these pair are. They are made of a felt like material and they remind me of jeggings but a shorts version. I can see myself wearing these a lot during the school year!

And here are all my clothes neatly folded! Hopefully they stay neat throughout the year! I still can't believe I got everything here for less than 50 dollars!

Do you shop at Forever 21? Love it or hate it?
If you are between sizes, do you go up or down?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Black And White

I haven't done an outfit post for a while now which is why I am doing one now! I was kinda tired when taking these pictures since I had just woke up and took a shower. (please exchange the stingy wet hair and the fact that I forgot to wear shoes for these pictures... I don't know what I was thinking)

For my outfit today, I chose to wear a short sleve black top with a low neckline.
  This shirt is actually from my younger sister's closet. She is a fan of plain basic tops which is a good thing since I don't own any. I should really invest in some, but for an odd reason, my cash seems to go towards all those fancy tops instead!  

For my shorts, I wore some white ones since I thought that the black and white contrasted each other nicely! If I were to have wore shoes, my black and white flip flops would have matched perfectly with this outfit! Since my outfit was so plain, I wanted to add some sort of pop of color. To do that, I got out my super bright belt that came with these shorts actually.
The belt is a mix of orange, yellow, pink and a touch of tan colors. It looks so good, but sadly it's a bit uncomfortable on. I don't know why, but I would really prefer not to wear it, but my outfit needed some color todahy! Well.. beauty = pain sometimes? (wink wink, waxing hurts!! lol)
This photo that you see here was taken in the beginning when my camera was still trying to get used to the light. I don't know why it looks so orange in this photo, but my walls are slightly a orange/yellow color so maybe that is why? It is also super bright, but I just found this photo to look kinda awesome photography wise!
SHIRT- from Kohls
SHORTS- from TJ Maxx                                What do you think of my outfit?
BELT- from TJ Maxx                      Do you find belts to be uncomfortable too sometimes?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Too Much Soul~

A few weeks ago, was hosting a giveaway for a pair of earrings from Too Much Soul Company. I chose to enter and guess what.....?
I WON!!.. and here are the earrings (and their cute packaging) -

It came in a cute pink baggy ~

And here are the adorable earrings!

These earrings are the cutest things ever! On the site, they are called "light as feather," and it is so true. The earrings were slightly bigger than what I had originally imagined, but that is even better since I love big earrings! I usually don't wear earrings that often since I am not used to having stuff hanging or even in my ear for that matter, but I really would like to start wearing them for this upcoming school year. 

The hook of the earrings are gold colored and the hook for your ear is quite long. It has a unique diamond shape to it and in the diamond is a more teardrop shape as well. In the center of the teardrops, there is a little pink bead!

Each earring comes with so many feathers! They each hold 5 feathers! And since they are feathers, they are super light when you put them in your ears which I like. These feathers are a light peachy nude color and they remind me a lot of the sand on the beach. The feathers are also soft to the touch and don't seem to break easily.

I got these earrings in the mail and I was so excited that I had to try them on... that is after running and playing tennis lol. Don't worry though, these pics were taken after I showered which is why I don't look like a sweaty disaster.

Check out Mingiwoo's blog -

 And if you use this code TMSLOVESMINDY, you get 15 % of any order!!!
Go check it out! =) 

What do you think of these earrings?
Are you into feathers or are you over them? (I am still liking them!) 

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